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Wrestling News World Reader Report From #RawChicago

Wrestling News World reader Jake Monhaut attended this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Chicago, Illinois and sent in ht following report:

I just got home from Chicago Raw. Great show. My sixth Raw I've attended live. Just some notes.

Daniel Bryan/HHH segment was insane live.

Couldn't hear a word Stephanie said every time she spoke. Chants drowned it out.

Huge pop for Uso win.

It seemed no-one cared for Sheamus/Christian match. Different chants throughout.

Of course the Punk chants were crazy all night. You could tell the crowd got tired by the end of the night.

EVERYONE thought Punk was going to come out at the end, and the place completely died when we realized he wouldn't.

Lesnar threw that monitor and it went in the stands. A huge gasp fell over my entire section. Thankfully everyone seemed ok.

Great show, but huge letdown with no Punk.

CM Punk all night
Daniel Bryan (is it possible to be more over?)
Uso win
Ziggler entrance

Heyman entrance (no Punk)
Michael Cole

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