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The Wrestling World (And Yours Truly) Memorializes Bobby Heenan

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Bobby Heenan

As you all know, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan passed away earlier today at the age of 72. The wrestling world reacted to the news with as much sadness as I'm sure many of you all did - here's a look at some of their reactions:

Of course there are many, many more but that is just a sampling of the people he touched with his presence on earth.

For me, personally, I've never met the man but he was a major part of my childhood watching old WWF Coliseum Home Video tapes listening to Gorilla and the Brain trade insults and witty barbs while putting over the importance of the match they were calling was a skill no one has ever matched. Bobby was one of the greatest managers, wrestlers and announcers of all-time. It is indeed a very sad day in the world of professional wrestling.

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