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WWE '12 Makers Release Patch & Free Masked Kane DLC In Response To Problematic Online Features

Amid criticisms of problematic online features, the makers of the WWE '12 video game have released a patch and a free download of Masked Kane for the first two weeks it is available. The following was posted on their official website:

Hello WWE Games Universe,

I wanted to first start off by thanking you for your purchase of WWE ’12, and I hope you’ve been having as much fun playing the game as our team had making the game. Your passion and devotion to WWE games pushes us each and every day to make the best games possible. These are not just games we want to make but games you want us to make: they are The People’s Games. Please continue to voice your feedback, and we’ll continue listening to you each and every year.

I also want to apologize on behalf of our THQ team for the early technical problems experienced with our popular Online Community Creations feature. The transition to a new server can sometimes generate unforeseen issues, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. We truly appreciate your patience and support! As a token of our appreciation, we’ve included a free Superstar in our upcoming Legends & Superstars DLC Pack release to thank you for your patience. The free Superstar is a retro masked Kane from the Attitude Era. With the recent debut of the new masked Kane, we felt it would be fitting to include some Kane nostalgia for your enjoyment. This special addition to the DLC pack will be available free of charge for the first two weeks of release. Although we would love to include the latest masked Kane, the date of his debut and our model creation timelines made it impossible to include him in this pack. Please enjoy the latest addition to your roster, courtesy of THQ, and make sure Attitude Era Kane gives the rest of your roster hell!

Last but certainly not least, in addition to the launch of our Legends & Superstars DLC Pack on January 31, we are also deploying a new patch on January 30 that will address a number of issues and improve your overall gaming experience. We’ve included a high level list of the patch notes below so you can see what’s coming soon. For folks who are in Europe and play on the PS3, your DLC release date will be February 1. This falls in line with the normal PS3 territorial DLC release schedule.

Thanks again for all of your support!

Cory Ledesma

Creative Director, WWE Games

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