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On October 9 on Friday Night SmackDown the first night of the 2020 WWE Draft begins and it will continue after the weekend on Monday Night RAW on October 12. It's hard to predict what will happen with a pool of 80 superstars but the format will most likely be the same or very similar to the draft from last year. Some rules from last year were two different pools for each night, factions and teams count as one unless FOX or USA networks want only one from a team or faction, and five picks a round with RAW getting three picks per round and SmackDown two. The picks worked this way because of RAW taking up thee hour television and SmackDown two hours. Night two or RAW will have the larger pool of stars because of length as well. 

Draft Rules from the 2019 Draft

Draft Rules from the 2019 Draft

Now there was some talk of NXT being involved in the draft this year because of a tweet sent out by WWE asking the fans who they think the picks will be and NXT was included in the tweet (see below). WWE quickly deleted the tweet and made a new one without NXT and Triple H commented saying he doesn't know if NXT will be involved. NXT being involved definitely could still happen but the draft would have to go into next Wednesday because it would have to be longer and nothing has been announced about the draft going into Wednesday October 15. For now I am going to proceed as if NXT won't be involved, but honestly I hope they are because it would make things a lot more unpredictable. One big difference I think will happen though is SmackDown gets the first pick. I and many others think this because of RAW having the first pick in the last two drafts which were the 2016 and 2019 drafts. Four rounds will most likely occur on SmackDown and six on RAW. 


The pick order for each round will most likely be; 

  1. SmackDown
  2. RAW
  3. SmackDown
  4. RAW
  5. RAW

I'm not going to predict the whole draft or try to guess pools but I do think Bayley will be the first overall pick. It would work perfectly with her character and a woman going first just make sense in how crucial the women's divisions are in the WWE and all the talk of Evolution returning. Also I think Roman Reigns and Heyman will land on RAW and AJ Styles will stay on SmackDown. This is because Heyman and Styles will most likely be put on different shows. Also RAW tends to be treated as the main show despite SmackDown being the superior show quality wise right now so Reigns the guy who seems to be the face of the company right now would be the perfect fit for RAW. Reigns landing on RAW implies Drew McIntyre the WWE Champion will switch to SmackDown so each of the brands have one world champion. These are just a few predictions and none of the information in this article is confirmed.

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