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WWE 205 Live Results (1/10/17) From Baton Rouge

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WWE 205 Live Results

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
From the Raising Cane's River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Report by Bradley Bell of

Welcome to this week's WWE 205 Live 'Open Thread' featuring streaming live results and discussion from the episode emanating from the Raising Cane's River Center in Baton Rounge, Louisiana. Here, you'll find results, media and of course your ongoing discussion about tonight's live broadcast.

The show starts by showing a video recap of Noam Dar coming onto Alicia Fox over the past several weeks and the growing tension between Dar, Fox and Fox's boyfriend Cedric Alexander.

1) Noam Dar def. Cedric Alexander in 12 minutes with a shinning wizard.
Alexander dominated the first part of the match focusing on Dar's face, his "lips" to be exact. Dar eventually got the upper hand by reversing a handspring assault. Dar attacked the left arm of Alexander with a series of submissions. Dar pinned Alexander's injured arm between the steps and the apron, but Fox was able to intervene before Dar continued his attack. Alexander got the upper hand because of Fox's distraction. Alexander then hit a springboard clothesline and a handspring round house kick but failed to get the three count. Alexander continued the series of big moves until he missed a moonsault because Fox pulled Dar out of the way. Fox seemed confused almost like it was an accident, when it clearly wasn't. Dar ultimately got the win. After the match Dar went to kiss Fox but she denied his offer with a slap to the face.

The commentators announce Rich Swann's return to action tonight against Tony Nese.

They showed a vignette of Tozawa hyping his debut.

A replay was shown of Tajiri's return last week and his green mist to Brian Kendrick. Kendrick cut a promo on how he thought Tajiri and himself were friends but apparently not anymore. He then went on to bash his opponent, Sean Maluta, saying he wont even last 30 seconds in the ring with him.

2) Brian Kendrick def. Sean Maluta in 5 minutes via Submission with the Captain's Hook.
This match was pretty back and forth. It started out with Maluta nearly upsetting Kendrick with a series of rollups. They eventually made their way to the outside where Maluta hit a diving senton from the apron. They made it back into the ring where the rest of the match continued. Maluta paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero with what we thought was going to be a three amigos, but instead of the third suplex he hit a facebuster. Maluta followed up with a frog splash attempt which Kendrick reversed into a rollup pin for a two count, then he rolled the other way and locked in the captain's hook where he got the submission victory. This match was obviously longer than 30 seconds.

A backstage promo was shown of Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox. Alexander broke up with Fox because she purposely cost him his match with Noam Dar. After Alexander left the room Fox threw a screaming fit.

A replay was shown from last night's Raw where Gallagher invited Ariya Daivari to a parlay, or in other words a contract signing. Daivari and Gallagher make it to the ring where Gallagher stated that their rivalry needs to come to an end. Daivari says he didn't come to WWE to be a gentleman and says the reason Gallagher wants this parlay is because he wants to surrender. Gallagher said this was suppose to be a resolution and then challenged Daivari to an "I Surrender" match which, from the sound of it, will just be an "I Quit" match Gallagher style. Daivari accepts the challenge, signs the contract and slaps "William" the umbrella out of Gallagher's hand. A fight then breaks out and is eventually broken up by referees.

A replay from last nights Raw was shown of Neville's match and Rich Swann's post match attack.

3) Rich Swann def. Tony Nese in 7 minutes with a spinning superkick.
This match was pretty back and forth with some pretty cool sequences. They really wanted to show how, even though he's a cruiserweight, Tony Nese is still a big strong guy. Both wrestlers hit some signature moves but ultimately a spinning super kick (I really didn't know what else to call it) is what ended Nese.

Swann grabbed a mic post match and started in on Neville and how he calls himself the "king of the cruiserweights". Neville says after the beatings he's been dishing out, he really doesn't know what else to call himself. Swann invites Neville to the ring but Neville refuses to fight Swann unless its a title match. Swann told Neville to pick a time and a place so Neville chose to challenge Swann to a title match at the Royal Rumble.

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