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WWE 205 Live Results (1/3/17) - Tajiri Debuts

Welcome to this week's WWE 205 Live 'Open Thread' featuring streaming live results and discussion from the episode emanating from the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. Here, you'll find results, media and of course your ongoing discussion about tonight's live broadcast.

WWE 205 Live Results

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
From the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida
Report by Bradley Bell of

They open the show with a recap from last Tuesday's match between Neville and Rich Swann and the assault by Neville after the match ended.

Corey Graves announces that Rich Swann was injured due to Neville's attack and that TJ Perkins will challenge Neville tonight.

1) Tajiri def. Sean Maluta in 3 minutes with a Buzzsaw Kick.
You can definitely tell they're trying to sell Tajiri as a returning legend. He ran through Maluta pretty quickly with his vintage moves from his previous run with the company.

After the match Brian Kendrick entered the arena talking about how good it was to have "a fellow pioneer of the cruiserweight division." When Kendrick extended his hand Tajiri spit his signature mist into his eyes.

Neville was asked in a backstage interview how he felt about his match against former cruiserweight champion TJ Perkins. Neville answered by bashing Perkins because of his so called "hardships" when really it was Neville who had the hardships and he hasn't been able to become accepted by his peers. He ended by saying he frankly doesn't doesn't need the fans behind him to be successful.

They showed a vignette selling Tony Nese as the "premiere athlete".

Before the next match they showed a flashback from Daivari and Gallagher's duel from last week.

2) Jack Gallagher def. Tony Nese in 2 minutes via DQ after interference from Daivari. Gallagher had just ejected Nese from the ring before Daivari attacked him from behind. He hung Gallagher in the tree of whoa and continued stomping him until referees separated them.

Alicia Fox blames herself for Cedric Alexander's losses. He reassures her that whatever happens in the ring is not in any way her fault.

3) Mustafa Ali def. Noam Dar in 7 minutes with an Inverted 450 Splash. Dar was using some cowardly tactics using the referee to break some of Ali's Holds. Dar started attacking the left arm of Ali and it was then when the match became technical with a series of arm bars and arm wrenches. Ali eventually broke free and after a short sequence hit Dar with a huge Tornado DDT. When Dar got back on his feet, Ali was waiting on the apron. Ali dove through the ropes and hit Dar with a neck breaker getting him a two count. Dar reversed a cross body into another arm bar and once again started attacking the arm. Ali again broke free and after another sequence hit his Inverted 450 splash for the win.

Cathy Kelley to the ring to interview a defeated Noam Dar. She asked how he felt about beginning the new year with a loss. He told her not to worry about his 2017 and that Cedric Alexander isn't man enough for Alicia Fox. He then invited Alicia to start coming to the ring with him during his matches.

They showed a vignette hyping the debut of Tozawa.

Tom Phillips interviewed TJ Perkins before his match with Neville asking why he felt he needed to challenge him. Perkins replied by calling Neville a bully and someone needs to put him in his place.

4) Neville def. TJ Perkins in 12 minutes with a Superplex. The match started with Perkins outsmarting Neville at every turn. After Neville had enough he got the upper hand and dominated until Perkins dodged a Twisting 450 splash. Perkins hit a corkscrew crossbody to the outside and then a big crossbody on the inside earning a two count. Neville tricked Perkins out of and back into the ring and got the upper hand. It was back and forth during a few sequences before Perkins hit a Frankensteiner from the apron into the ring, earning another two count. After a few more sequences Neville stopped Perkins on the top rope and hit the huge Superplex for the win.

Neville stood over Perkins in the ring to end the show.


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