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WWE 2K Reveals Creation Suite, MyCareer & New Road To Glory Mode

WWE 2K18 Seth Rollins

Brand-new details have just been released on regarding some pretty interesting new modes on the upcoming WWE 2K18 game. You can check the description out here:

It’s finally time for us to start sharing our plans for WWE 2K18 with everyone! Similar to recent years, we won’t be providing full details today, but we are ready to share some insight into several of the exciting new features and improvements we are making for WWE 2K18.

As our development progresses this summer and into the fall, there will be more to share as we approach the game’s release in October. In addition, our team is excited to announce the 2KDev Spotlight Series, starting next Thursday, July 13 on, that will provide ongoing information updates and a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a WWE 2K game.

Be Like No One

The WWE 2K franchise has enabled users to “Be Like No One” through its amazing Creation Suite for a long time, and this year is no different. The Creation Suite gets even deeper with improvements to Create-a-Superstar, Create-an-Arena and Create-a-Video. The Highlight Replay System now enables users to save game replays to make into future videos and adds a free-roaming camera for further creative and editing control. In addition, we are also bringing creativity to matches with a new Create-a-Match feature. This addition lets players create a custom set of rules for a match, save them and use them in either Play Now or WWE Universe.

WWE 2K18 also delivers a new MyPLAYER experience that introduces fighting styles and a brand new upgrade and progression system. Players can choose from eight fighting styles to help define their MyPLAYER experience. Each fighting style comes with its strengths and weaknesses, so the choice of style matters. No one style can be a master of all! Are you going to be a High Flyer, a Brawler or maybe a Technician? The choice is yours.

With a compelling new MyPLAYER system, we also wanted something unique and different for your MyPLAYER to do in WWE 2K18. Thus, a brand new MyCAREER experience awaits, incorporating a new story and a free-roaming backstage area that allow your MyPLAYER to interact with other WWE Superstars and help direct the narrative. Did you take offense to someone? Are you going to go it alone? Are you going to align with the General Managers or are you going to let your in-ring prowess speak for itself? The new MyPLAYER experience provides many choices in for how players experience their unfolding stories.

Finally,WWE 2K18 is delivering an all-new Road to Glory Mode that lets players compete against others, using their MyPLAYER characters, in a quest to qualify for WWE pay-per-view events. There is a lot more to share about the new Road to Glory Mode in the coming months, but we are really excited to see everyone bring their MyPLAYER creations to this new level of competition.

As you can see above, further details will be provided later on down the road but this provides a pretty good look at what to expect when the game hits shelves in October.


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