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We are less than 24 hours from the end of WWE Extreme Rules, and odds are out for this week's ratings war. Will the advantage of airing a big event on Sunday help WWE earn more viewers this week? Let's see what the oddsmakers at 888sport think.

WWE Monday Night Raw Viewership Betting Odds

Monday Night Raw will air first, of the four shows. Much like most of the viewership odds this week, bookmakers aren't quite sure how Extreme Rules will impact WWE's flagship show.

Monday Night Raw to see OVER 1.7 million viewers is favored to fail at -134. Although the underdog, Monday Night Raw to see OVER 1.7 million viewers has an implied odds of over 50% (51.5%). Sasha Banks winning the Raw Women's Championship might help get more eyeballs on the screen, along with the aftermath of Seth Rollins taking out a legend's eyeball.

What's going on with MVP-Apollo Crews along with the pending decision of Murphy's role with Rollins' moving forward, there are actually a lot of decent reasons to check out Monday Night Raw outside of Drew McIntyre's next opponent. The low ratings and number of open-ended questions after Sunday is probably why oddsmakers refuse to overcommit going over or under here. Keep in mind there are no pro sports in America that WWE will have to compete with outside MLS, which will change on Thursday. 

WWE SmackDown Viewership Betting Odds

The Friday night WWE show, SmackDown, appears on pace to see more viewers than Monday Night Raw. Oddsmakers have given the show implied odds of 55.6% that the show will indeed see OVER 1.8 million viewers. Besides being on FOX and not USA Network, the main reason for this is because of the end result during Extreme Rules.

The show ended with Bray Wyatt seemingly drowning Braun Strowman, only to reemerge from the water as The Fiend. Spooky stuff for sure, and will probably intrigue people to see where the story moves from here. 

SmackDown also has odds at -134 to see at least 0.125 million more viewers than Monday Night Raw. Oddsmakers feel safe to favor WWE's Friday night show over Monday's because of the network it airs on, and the closing of Sunday night's show.

NXT vs AEW Viewership Betting Odds

Before diving into the versus odds, let's look at each show individually. Oddsmakers have given NXT a 60% chance to see OVER 0.625 million viewers, which is a bit surprising. What's interesting here is that AEW Dynamite has been given odds at -125 to see UNDER 0.72 million viewers.

This indicates that the viewership total will be close. Outside of Cody's open challenge, neither show has pushed a 'you can't miss this' match or moment to watch on Wednesday. The battle should be close, which is what oddsmakers see happening. 

With that said, AEW Dynamite is favored with a 57.3% chance of seeing 0.075 million more viewers than NXT. So despite the close odds for Wednesday's viewership battle, oddsmakers are giving AEW the slight edge. This also deems true when exploring other odds.

Chris Jericho is favored to beat NXT in the P18-49 demographic head-to-head ratings, given overwhelming odds at -1000. However, AEW is the underdog at +100 to be 20 spots higher than NXT in the P18-49 demographic ratings. 

All the Wednesday night viewership odds are consistent in one thing - AEW wins a tight one. Will oddsmakers predictions pan out, or will WWE be able to push past AEW this Wednesday? 

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