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WWE/AEW Viewership Ratings Odds: July 27-31, 2020

It appears bookmakers are finally stumped in determining whether AEW Dynamite or WWE NXT will see more viewers on Wednesday. Looking at this week's viewership odds, it seems oddsmakers are unsure how this week will unfold.

This is justified with the return of the NBA on Thursday, and more American sports returning into the picture. This will be a very telling week for pro wrestling ratings, as the American sports floodgates will open by the beginning of next week.

Below is a list of odds provided by 888sport for this week's ratings war. How many viewers will both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown see? Will AEW beat NXT in the ratings on Wednesday?

AEW Over/Under 0.8 Million?

Oddsmakers are split at -118 which means there is a 54.1% chance that it can go either way. The 0.8 million is up a few from the normal OVER/UNDER given from oddsmakers. 

The AEW card this week seems to feature a ton of squash matches, outside of the Best Friends & Friends vs Inner Circle. The 0.8 million is a bit surprising especially with MLB in full swing. 

NXT Over/Under 0.6 Million?

Again, oddsmakers are split here at -118. From a personal perspective, the Balor vs Lumis vs Thatcher match seems to be a bit more intriguing than anything on AEW this week (outside of Indie star Warhorse making an appearance). 

0.6 million makes this bet a bit easier however, as NXT should indeed eclipse that mark. Even when NXT loses the weekly ratings to AEW, the show tends to hit at least over 0.5 or 0.6 million viewers.

Monday Night Raw Over/Under 1.6 Million?

Oddsmakers are giving the OVER a slight edge here at -139. This is a bit surprising, as the ratings for Monday Night Raw have not been stellar. Aside from Asuka vs Sasha Banks there isn't much to get excited for either.

The 1.6 million would be a better bet to go OVER for SmackDown, as the +100 for UNDER 1.6 million might be worth a look.

SmackDown Over/Under 1.85 million

The oddsmakers are going UNDER here at -139, which is a bit surprising. But then you take into consideration that the NBA begins on Thursday, it makes more sense. The question here is how many viewers will the NBA take away, and the answer is probably a good handful.

1.4 Million Combined AEW and NXT Viewers?

UNDER is the favorite at -177, which is a bit high but also understandable. As mentioned already, there isn't much to get excited over on Wednesday for either show. 

Even last week both shows combined barely touched 1.4 million, so it will be a reach to say the least. The advantage both of these shows have is that the NBA won't start until the day after they air, so the American sports market shouldn't impact viewers too much outside MLB and MLS. 

1.4 million is possible but I will have to lean towards to oddsmakers for once and agree here. UNDER 1.4 million is the smart play at -177, while the underdog at +125 doesn't really provide great value. 

Other Weekly Viewership Odds

P18-49 Spread: AEW ranked 30 spots higher than NXT? Yes (-112) No (-125)

Spread: AEW 0.225 million more viewers than NXT? Yes (+100) No (-139)

Spread: SmackDown 0.25 million more viewers then Raw? Yes (-125) No (-112)

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