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WWE/AEW Weekly Ratings War Odds: Futures Market Opens

This week's ratings war odds between WWE and AEW is a bit interesting to say the least. Aside from the noticeable amount of splits oddsmakers are giving the market, there is actually a brand new market all together.

888sport is now offering a futures market within the viewership rating odds. There are five different bets in the ratings future market, most of which feature matchups against American sports leagues.

Viewership Betting Odds Split

Before diving into the new market, let's look at the current one. There are currently three different odds that are split:

  • AEW sees OVER 0.775 million viewers? Yes -118 No -118 
  • NXT sees OVER 0.7 million viewers? Yes -118 No -118
  • SmackDown sees OVER 1.85 million viewers? Yes -118 No -118

As you can see, oddsmakers are going to let bettors determine the predicted outcome for three show's viewership total. Monday Night Raw sees different odds though, and that could be in large part to it being Monday.

Typically, bettors will jump on a certain bet the day it is scheduled to occur - regardless of the sport. The odds will surely change for both NXT and AEW on Wednesday, as SmackDown will on Friday.

Monday Night Raw currently sees odds to hit OVER 1.575 million viewers at -150, while the UNDER has odds to hit at +108.

Viewership Spread Odds

The Wednesday night shows typically see more action in the betting market, as this week is no different. AEW Dynamite and NXT currently see odds to hit OVER a combined 1.475 million viewers at -106. However, those are underdog odds.

UNDER 1.475 million combined viewers is the favorite at -134. Oddsmakers see a close show between the two, as AEW has odds to see 0.075 million more viewers than NXT at -112. Once again however, these favorable odds are actually for the underdog.

NXT is favored to cover the AEW Dynamite 0.075 million viewer spread at -125. SmackDown also has odds to see 0.25 million more viewers than Monday Night Raw at -162.

WWE/AEW Viewership Ratings War 2020 Futures Market

As mentioned before, there are five different bets currently available in the futures market. Below is a list of the betting odds, all of which must occur in the year 2020 for a wager to go through:

  • Any AEW Dynamite episode sees more P2+Live+Same day viewers than any WWE weekly show, on the same week? Yes +300 No -500
  • Any Chris Jericho AEW Dynamite segment beats NXT in the P18-49 head-to-head matchup? Yes -250 No +175
  • Monday Night Raw sees 1.3 million P2+Live+Same day viewers in the first head-to-head matchup with Monday Night Football? Yes -112 No -125
  • Monday Night Raw sees UNDER 1 million P2+Live+Same day viewers while any NBA Finals, World Series game or Monday Night Football game is also airing? Yes +180 No -265
  • SmackDown sees UNDER 1 million P2+Live+Same day viewers while any NBA Finals, World Series game or Monday Night Football game is also airing? Yes +250 No -400 

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