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WWE/AEW Weekly Ratings Wars Odds

For those interested in the ratings war between WWE and AEW, this week's odds are out. WWE NXT has been competing nicely with AEW on Wednesday nights, as oddsmakers are starting to lean towards the black and yellow brand.

Will WWE Raw Have More Viewers Than Last Week?

Currently, oddsmakers are split on the ratings WWE will earn Monday night. 'No - WWE won't see more viewers tonight compared to last week' is favored at -125. Despite being the underdog, 'Yes - WWE will see more Monday viewers than a week ago' has an implied percentage over 50% at -112.

This week's edition of Raw will feature a 'Champion vs Champion' match between Asuka and Bayley, in which Asuka is the favorite (-250). Will this match be enough to boost the Monday ratings? Time will tell, but this might be a bet you stay away from.

Will WWE Raw Have More Viewers Than AEW & NXT Combined?

With the Wednesday shows airing 'special events', it will be tough to see Raw beat out a combined viewing effort from AEW and NXT. Oddsmakers from 888sport don't feel the same way however, as 'Yes - Raw beats out AEW and NXT' is favored at -250.'No - Raw doesn't beat out AEW and NXT' is currently the underdog at +175.

If you're wanting to wager on this bet, it helps to know the odds for how many viewers both AEW and NXT will receive this week. Again, both shows are running 'special events' in order to gain viewers in their head-to-head battle. So what are the Wednesday night ratings odds currently?

AEW Over/Under 0.75 Million Viewers?

This has been a bit of a toss up as of late. Usually, 'Over' is a safe bet but that may not be the case this week. NXT took viewers away from AEW last week, and it's safe to say that may be the case again this week.

NXT's main event seems to have more intrigue, along with AEW moving their main event back another week. After looking at last week's ratings for Fyter Fest, it's hard to argue the oddsmakers favoring the 'Under'  at -150. 'Over' is the underdog at +108, which could honestly be lower.

WWE NXT Over/Under 0.85 Million Viewers?

The fact that oddsmakers are giving NXT and extra 0.10 million viewers in the betting odds should indicate who they're leaning towards to win the ratings war on Wednesday. What makes this bet tricky is the fact that it is evenly split.

Oddsmakers are giving both the 'Over' and the 'Under' odds at -118. This implies there is a 54.1% chance WWE NXT sees over or under 0.85 million viewers. If having to bet one of the two, take the under. 

It's very rare the Wednesday shows top 0.80 million viewers. Add that with the return of Major League Soccer's (MLS) much anticipated tournament, pro wrestling will be competing with its first American sport in quite a few months. 

NXT/AEW Combine Over/Under 1.6 Million Viewers?

This seems more likely to hit for any over bettors wanting to wager the ratings war this week. Oddsmakers aren't overly convinced, with 'Under' favored at -134 but 'Over' given kind odds at -106. Again, this may come down to the return of MLS but both shows will need over 0.70 million viewers for the over to hit.

A tall order, but definitely possible. Looking at last week's ratings and the return of an American sport, its seems justified that both shows won't eclipse the 1.6 million views mark.

Other Viewership Rating Odds

WWE NXT 0.125 Million More Viewers Than AEW? Yes (+110) No (-155)

SmackDown Over/Under 2 Million Viewers? Over (-106) Under (-134)

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