WWE Airs Apology From Vince McMahon Prior To Live Event In London


WWE posted a video of Vince McMahon apologizing to fans in the United Kingdom for the delay in the WWE Network launch here on dot com. I am currently unable to get the video to load but I’m told it was played on Wednesday before the company’s live event in London, England.

The company put a self-imposed deadline for the WWE Network to launch in the UK in time for this November’s tour but obviously didn’t make it. As we reported on Tuesday, Sky is denying anything to do with the delays despite reports (outside of Wrestling News World) indicating the contrary.

At this point the delays for the WWE Network in the U.K. are being seen internally as the latest “disastrous” step in the rocky launch of the service. The United Kingdom is very valuable to WWE and is one of their top international markets.

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