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WWE Alters John Cena Return Merchandise

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WWE has pulled their Pabst Blue Ribbon inspired John Cena merchandise after the company threatened legal action on Twitter and replaced it with the following shirt:

John Cena Memorial Day Return Shirt

As you can see, this just varies slightly from the shirt that upset the folks over at PBR. You can view that one again below:

PBR vs. John Cena

The shirt that was recalled is available on eBay.

The bigger story has to do with Cena making his highly anticipated return to WWE on tomorrow night's episode of Monday Night Raw. The original plan was for him to go over Rusev for the WWE United States Championship, a plan that could be changed due to the return of the brand split. Company officials will hope Cena can give them a much needed boost into the summer, although expectations for this week's Raw viewership won't be too high with it being Memorial Day.

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