WWE Announces More European Tour Dates; Nikki Bella Working On A Book

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WWE Announces More European Tour Dates

WWE will be returning to Europe in November for another tour and have just released the full lineup of dates:

November 1st – Glasgow
November 2nd – Brighton
November 3rd – London
November 4th – Barcelona
November 4th – Minehead
November 5th – Madrid
November 5th – Cardiff
November 6th – Manchester (RAW taping)
November 7th – Manchester (Smackdown! Live taping)
November 8th – Dortmund
November 8th – Leeds
November 9th – Leipzig
November 10th – Hamburg
November 10th – Milan
November 11th – Mannheim
November 12th – Florence

Nikki Bella Working On A Book

It seems that Nikki Bella will be writing a book and possibly collaborating on it with her sister Brie Bella as Nikki confirmed the news via her official YouTube channel. Nikki said the following:

Brie and I have forever wanted to come out with a book, and we were offered a book deal a long time ago but I was kind of like what... my life, my career is just starting. I just kind of felt like “hmmm, I feel like I want to write a book when I’m 60, not now, there’s so much more to accomplish. There always will be. So we had said “no” a long - gosh, what was that, like two years ago. But I’m excited because I’ve been writing because I’m like, I don’t have to just do a memoir book. I can definitely share stories, but I really want to do something that empowers and inspires people.

You can watch the entire video above.


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