-For quite some time, WWE has avoided using pyro, but now the company has officially confirmed that pyro will indeed be making its return to Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown! 

WWE’s Executive Producer, Kevin Dunne, spoke with The New York Post’s, Joseph Staszewski, that pyro will return to programming along with new stage setups and logos (New Raw and Smackdown Logos) for both shows. 

Both shows will also be receiving new show opening theme songs. 

-FOX aired ‘Smackdown’s Greatest Moments’ last night from the time slot of 8pm-9pm eastern time. This show drew in an average of 1.39 million viewers. 

WWE captured great skewing demos for last night which are much younger percentage wise than their normal shows. 

-WWE star, Rusev, announced via his Instagram account that he has officially become an United States Championship after 14 years! 

Everybody here at Wrestling News World offers our congratulations to Rusev on this major accomplishment and Happy Rusev Day! 

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