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WWE Under Armour Merchandise, CM Punk Is Really In Chicago

WWE Under Armour

WWE has entered into an agreement with Under Armour to offer "alter ego" compressions shirts. Shirts featured include Randy Savage, CM Punk, Steve Austin, John Cena, Hulk Hogan and Daniel Bryan. Click here to buy your shirt now.

CM Punk Really in Chicago

It's 100% confirmed that CM Punk was at Sunday's Chicago Blackhawks/St. Louis Blues NHL game at United Center in Chicago, Illinois. If you don't believe the photo proof, go here to and pause the video at 1:43. Look for the guy wearing the green hat and you'll see Punk to his right.

">@CMPunk in Chi go to 1:43 here & look for the guy in the green hat. Look to his right

— Richard Gray (@wnwdotcom) April 6, 2014

Again, it's possible for CM Punk to make it to NOLA but not likely. We have the latest on his status with WWE at this link.

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