WWE Asks Ronda Rousey If Wrestlemania 31 Will Be The Last Time She's In A WWE Ring


WWE.com has an exclusive interview online with Ronda Rousey to promote her “My Fight / Your Fight” memoir she co-wrote with her sister, Maria Burns Ortiz. In it, they ask her if her appearance at Wrestlemania 31 will be the last time we see her in a WWE ring.

Below is her response:

You know, I was backstage and I got to talk several wrestling legends, so many. It's such an over-stimulating day that I forgot who told me this, but he said, "You never really retire from wrestling; you can't. You just step away for awhile." Life is pulling me in a bunch of different directions and I'm forced to step away for awhile. But there's no way, after getting a taste like that, I could never go back in for seconds.

CLICK HERE to read the interview in its entirety.

The comments are worth noting as UFC president Dana White said in April that Rousey was a ”one and done.”

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