WWE Backstage Review ft Bella Twins


Hello to another episode of WWE Backstage! Tonight The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan will be in the studio. 

Tonight's panel includes Renee Young, Booker T, Christian, and Mark Henry.

 First up they cover Randy Orton, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins crossing Paths on RAW. Christian mentions how Randy Orton on cruise control is better than the roster but now, when he is interested in the storyline, he is one of the best ever. To Booker T, Orton is painting his best Picasso and has hit a new stride in his career. 

The second topic tonight is the fact that Bayley is defending the Smackdown Women's Title vs Naomi at Super Showdown. Mark Henry says that Naomi has and will continue to prove that she belongs and deserves to be one of the best women on Smackdown.  Booker T wonders if Naomi is winning the title during Black History Month. Christian loves Naomi but would want the title change to be at Wrestlemania. This will be the first women's championship match in Saudi, Arabia. 

Before the commercial break, we get to see a funny clip of Drake being Drake Two Belts. 

As we come back from commercial break, we see a great package highlighting The Bella Twins career both in and out of the ring. The Bella Twins join Renee Young to talk about the call informing them about being inducted to the Hall of Fame. They were called by Vince himself. At first, when they saw the missed call they thought they might be in trouble due to something Nikki might have said on the press. Brie mentions how she loves the fact that they went into Diva Search wanting to fight and being denied to now this. They mention how at first the women might have been fighting for themselves but towards the end, they started to fight for the women's division. Nikki mentions how it meant a lot to go into the ring with the icon that is Ronda Rousey. She reveals that her and Rousey only trained/ only touched for twenty minutes before the Evolution match.  When asked about The Bella Empire, they say they are focused on their podcast which is released every Wednesday and their second wine which is launching soon. 

The Street Profits are featured on Wrestling with Your Feelings. Rachel Bonetta, asks why Montez Ford is so full of himself because he calls himself King Tez. She schedules them for one therapy session every week for the next year. 

The next segment is a brand new one called Pay It Off. The panel debates whether the Street Profits should beat Seth Rollin and Murphy for the RAW Tag Team Championship at Super Shockdown. Christian mentions how the Profits are reminiscent of Edge and Christian but agrees with Booker T that it is not their time yet but that it's coming soon. Mark Henry prefers the Profits because they have been a long time tag team vs Rollins and Murphy who have just recently been teamed together. 

Mark Henry believes that the Fiend has too much steam to lose against Goldberg at Super Showdown. Christian mentions how beating Goldberg will elevate The Fiend. 

Booker T says that Ricochet will go down in flames against Brock Lesnar. The panel agrees that they can't wait to see what phenomenal moves Ricochet will bring to the match up. 

As we come back from break we honor the fact that today is Ric Flair's 71st Birthday! The Bella Twins, Mark Henry and Renee Young share their best RicFlair stories.  Brie shares that the greatest match you will be in is becoming a parent. 

Next up we see a highlight reel of Tyson's Fury match last Saturday night. Booker T and Christian debate what the future of Fury could be in WWE. They wonder if perhaps he would face Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins, Murphy, and the AOP or form a tag team with Braun Strowman. 

Booker T and Mark Henry honor the great African American talent that came before and after them. Mark Henry mentions how the creme of the crop of all the NXT talent is Bianca Belair. Both Henry and Booker mention how they want to use their exposure to bring in new African American talent. 

In the final segment, Mark Henry and Nikki Bella go up against Christian and Brie Bella. In an assisting a baby doll speed round Mark Henry edges out Christian. We end the show with the Backstage crew giving two baskets filled with items to the Bellas and Mark Henry rocking his baby doll to sleep. 

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