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WWE Backstage ft Jeff Hardy Review

Tonight's panel for Backstage will be Renee Young, Hall of Famer Booker T, Hall of Famer Mark Henry, and Paige with Jeff Hardy also joining the crew. 

The show begins with our main panel in the ring. We see a package recapping Super Showdown, Smackdown, and Raw. The first topic is Golberg defeating the Fiend to win the Universal Championship. Booker T says that it's a smart decision because Goldberg is money. Mark Henry says that he can't wait to see the story develop between John Cena and the Fiend. He also threatens Booker T and says that this might be the last birthday he celebrates. The second topic is the Undertaker's return and attacking AJ Styles at Super Showdown.  Booker T mentions that can't wait to see how Styles regroups. The last topic is the RKO to Beth Phoenix that Randy Orton did last night. Paige starts and says that this (Randy vs Edge) is the match that she would like to see in the main event Wrestlemania. Mark Henry says that the promo was masterful and unscripted.  We also catch a glimpse of Jeff Hardy backstage and he is coming up next. 

As an opening, we see a fantastic package detailing the high flying moves of Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy reveals that he is officially cleared and is waiting for the right creative spot. He says that he is working on the ring rust after being away for 9 months. He says that while these 9 months have been long, they have been worthwhile. Jeff reveals that he went to inpatient treatment after his DUI and has enjoyed being home and spending time with his Dad. Renee asks him about Matt leaving and he says that while they haven't talked much about it, he is excited for both of their futures.  He can't wait to incorporate face masks just like he saw Sting do. He says that he is a fan of the Street Profits and he is excited to be back in the mix. He is thankful to potentially get to be in the ring with Ali and Ricochet who have said how much Jeff influenced them. More than anything he wants that big moment with Roman Reigns. 

The next inductee into the Hall of Fame is JBL. He thanks Eddie Guerrero is the special point of his career.  We also see John Cena in a special video thanking JBL for all that he has done for him. 

As we come back from commercial break we see various videos of John Cena's return. We also look back at Kevin Owens's debut on Raw in 2015 when he defeated John Cena as NXT Champion. Paige comments that she can only imagine what Owens felt as she goes back to her debut.

 We see Booker T, JBL, Jeff Hardy and Mark Henry talk about Elimination Chamber matches. Booker T mentions that he hates the pods and Mark Henry says he is still feeling the effects from the first Elimination Chamber match. JBL says that the structure is made for someone like Jeff. Mark Henry says that the Elimination Chamber is for those who haven't been in there before. The men agree that it is a grueling place to be.

We get a flashback of Wrestlemania 18 between The Rock vs Hulk Hogan. Afterward, we see a collection of all of Jeff Hardy's Wrestlemania moments. Jeff says that he will never forget the Hardys Return in Wrestlemania 33. He says that he wants a few more Wrestlemania moments. He also states that if his girls ever want to get into wrestling, they will be the only superstars that he trains. 

Tonight's last segment is a Social Media Smackdown. JBL absolutely destroys a Twitter troll. The show ends with everybody on stage laughing. 

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