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WWE Backstage Review

On tonight's episode of WWE Backstage, CM Punk and Charlotte Flair are slated to appear. 

The show kicks off after a slight (15 minute) delay due to the WKC Dog show but tonight's panel includes: Renee Young, CM Punk, Booker T, Paige and special guest Charlotte Flair. 

The show opens with a good joke with Booker T saying that to be in the opening package of Backstage you have to be a Hall of Famer, and  CM Punk saying he isn't getting in/getting one. 

First Topic: Shayna Bazzler Biting Becky Lynch,CM Punk says there is no such thing as bad publicity but if Shayna biting Becky is a one time thing then she (Shayna) doesn't need it. To Paige, it references Mike Tyson and says it has been good publicity, Shayna did trend #1 worldwide on Twitter. The panel has fingers crossed that we get Shayna vs Becky at WrestleMania. CM Punk also mentions how there are way too many pay per views in between now and WrestleMania. An opinion that many in the WWE Universe share. 

Second Topic: Randy Orton and Matt Hardy, CM Punk and Booker T agree that Randy Orton is one of the best when he is invested in the storyline. They also wonder what we all wonder is Matt Hardy done in WWE.

Breaking News: John Cena returns to WWE's Friday Night Smackdown on February 28.

Next Up: Charlotte Flair joins the panel. CM Punk jokes with Paige that Becky Lynch didn't need anyone to open the ring for her. Charlotte mentions that Bianca Belair has that "it" factor that can't be teached. They mention how Charlotte was on The Herd earlier today and said that her and Becky Lynch call themselves Thelma and Louise. They never quite figured out who was Thelma and who was Louise. Charlotte Flair mentions how she could show off her athletic ability with Ronda Rousey. CM Punk mentions how Charlotte is the only person that Simone Johnson can relate to. Charlotte gives her the advice " That it is not easy. You have to block out the noise and stay true to you, You have to work twice as hard and you cannot take anything for granted." Charlotte mentions how at the beginning Simone should rely on the WWE trainers and not her Dad, because she needs to learn her own identity. They put up a photoshopped picture of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair as Thelma and Louise with Becky driving. CM Punk jokes that you should never put an Irish person behind the wheel. Charlotte Flair reveals that due to an accident had quite a while ago were Becky was behind the wheel, she can no longer rent from National. 

After the break, Stephanie McMahon makes her WWE Backstage debut to talk about Wrestlemania 38 going to SoFi Stadium. There will be a translucent ceiling which will provide an one of a kind branding opportunity. 

We also found out that Stephanie McMahon stepped in the meeting, after her dad tore both his quads at the Rumble, that would help formulate the first Money in the Bank match. These nuggets are part of the reasons why fans should tune it to backstage. 

Next up we see two packages the first one on Daniel Bryan during Wrestlemania 30 and the second one about The Rise of Kofimania at this time last year. Booker T mentions how important and how historic Kofimania was. 

Afterwards we see the Hot Tag, Booker T compares Carmella to The Miz in that they are fan favorites. Paige says that the Dirt Sheet had a better return than the VIP Lounge. CM Punks mentions how Aleister Black should be going after Andrade, even though Zelina Vega will not be a fan of him after this statement. 

On the next segment of the show, Charlotte, Paige and Renee talk about the Women's Evolution. There was a fantastic package from the day the GiveDivasAChance hashtag trended to Wrestlemania 35. Five years have passed since the hashtag trended for 3 days straight.  Charlotte mentions how AJ was the first character and characters are what fans connect to. There was and still is pressure to step up and prove that women can and will steal the show. Charlotte mentions the growth that can be seen from where Nikki Bella started to that last match with Ronda Rousey at Evolution.

The show finishes with The Queen trying her best at Social Media Smackdown. Let me know in the comments below if you liked the Queen's clapback of "I've got nothing but love for you my fan, or peasant". 

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