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WWE Backstage with Keith Lee - February 18, 2020

Hello, are we all ready to...

Baaassk in his gloooory

Tonight's panel includes Renee Young, Booker T, Paige and special guests, Keith Lee and Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

First, "The World's Strongest Man" Hall of Famer, Mark Henry joins the panel, The first things they discuss is the Weekly Roundup of what has happened throughout all of WWE programming.  Booker T likes the fact that the Street Profits have joined the fight against Seth Rollins and his disciples. Mark Henry believes that the Street Profits need to get tougher in the ring. Paige was impressed by the athleticism of Montez Ford. Mark Henry repeated that they, the Street Profits, need to feel the love for wrestling. Until they feel that love to him, they will not be in championship contention. Second, up is the panel reacting to Dolph Ziggler crashing Otis & Mandy's Valentine's Date. For Mark Henry, Otis relates to every big-boned man and feels for him. He does, in fact, say that "Dolph Ziggler's such a piece of trash." Renee Young brings up Mark Henry being "Sexual Chocolate" with Chyna and Mae Young. Mark Henry mentions how Otis needs to stand up for himself and carry this momentum forward. After all, fans still bring up every day to him, him being Sexual Chocolate.

 After the break, Keith Lee joins the panel. Renee mentions how Keith Lee has had a crazy 6 months. From being in the ring with Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumple to bumping hands with Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. He reveals that Roman after that moment said he is looking forward to a one on one match with him. They bring up the segment of CM Punk saying Keith Lee should win the Royal Rumble on the January 21 episode of Backstage.

 Booker T highlights that Keith Lee is "a big man who can just move." Keith mentions how in NXT he wants to lead by example to the new recruits especially those who have never touched wrestling. For him, mental fortitude, which has been passed down through his family and not knowing everything is something that he accepts. Wrestling is something that tugged at his heartstrings and just kept calling to him.  Paige asks who he wants to face in all of WWE and Keith Lee says the original dream match was Kurt Angle but now he wants to face Cesaro. The panel (and I agree that) this match would be a clinic.  

Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon from Wrestlemania 10  is brought up to highlight the importance of ladder matches. We flashback to highlight the first match that concluded with Adam Cole becoming the first NXT North American Champion. 

After a brief recess, Promo School is Back. Shawne Merriman faces off against Booker T. Mark Henry's bits of advice is to speak from your heart and chill.  He, Mark, then goes on to give him a C+ The best part of this was Keith Lee's reaction to this flashback we saw of Shawne and CM Punk.

Tonight's Main Event has Mark Henry interviewing Keith Lee. Mark mentions how Keith Lee is transcending the way that fans see "big men" and WWE portrays big men. Keith gives credit to past big men including Mark Henry and Mark mentions how his match on NXT Takeover: Portland is a special match between two big men. Yoko Zuna and Bam Bam did moonsaults and now Keith is following in their footsteps. For Mark, Keith Lee doesn't just do one thing well, he is an athlete who does everything well. Keith Lee wants to inspire anyone who thinks they can be what they have in their goals to be. 

To end the show we recollect last year's GIF of the year which was Adam Cole and Keith Lee but there was also a funny piece of adding Keith Lee to different moments with the panel. You can see that piece down below but another fun addition of Backstage wraps up tonight.

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