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WWE Backstage with AJ Styles (3-10-2020)

Tonight's Backstage will feature Renee Young, Booker T, Xavier Woods, Ember Moon and featured guest AJ Styles. 

To start the show we see highlights of the Elimination Chamber, as well as from Monday's RAW episode. First up is them discussing the upcoming match of Shayna and Becky. Booker T is giving her the benefit of doubt and what she will bring. Woods saying that he hopes Shayna can handle the pressure so early in her main roster career. Ember says that she thinks Shayna can more than handle herself. She mentions how Shayna wrestled before she reached WWE. Ember predicts that Shayna will win at Wrestlemania. She, in fact, says “Becky will lose to Shayna Baszler and that will catapult Shayna into stardom." Up next they discuss the promo AJ Styles cut against the Undertaker on Monday, Ember says AJ can do no wrong. Woods says Undertaker is the last sacred thing we have in wrestling. Booker mentions how this match will solidify AJ's career and he is the most talented man on the roster. Ember mentions how she knows that AJ has something up his sleeve. And finally, the panel talks about Edge's return. Woods feels bad for MVP,  Ember says she did not want Edge's return advertised, Booker says that Edge doesn't need a build-up but this one has been done very well. As we go to commercial break AJ says for the mother lovers to not go anywhere especially you Michelle McCool. 

  AJ says that he didn't say anything the fans haven't said before. AJ respects The Undertaker and is excited about the possibility of this match. AJ is talking to every version of The Undertaker. AJ says that he is not done yet and can't wait to learn from The Undertaker. AJ mentions how quick his debut happened after he was first called by Triple H. AJ's advice to younger talent is that while WWE is a rollercoaster, you have to keep growing and at the end of the day it's just a job. For him, standout talents include Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Shayna Bazzler. He says that his most prized possession is his Punch-Out videogame that was seen on the tour of his home on UpUpDownDown.

There is a fun flashback to the Historic Main Event on Dec 6, 2004, of Trish Stratus vs Lita on Monday Night Raw. The Hot Tag Segment starts and Moon says that this the best match for Gulak and she says how much he deserves it. Woods says that the tag team elimination chamber match was incredible and shouts out to Dorado and Heavy Machinery. Booker says that he loves what Sami Zayn is doing and it incredible that he can now say he beat Braun Strowman. 

Triple H breaks down his entrance for Wrestlemania 30th. Just in case you didn't know part of his crew included: Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Alexa Bliss. He then breaks down his match against The Undertaker at the End of an Era match at Wrestlemania. 

We see The SatinSheet and Satin reveals that WWE is close to finalizing a deal with Rob Gronkowski. Woods wants Gronk paired with Asuka and Kairi, Booker wants him to turn on Mojo Rawley immediately, Ember wants Jinder Mahal and Gronk but first wants Lisa vs Gronk. The crew reveals that Jeff Hardy is back this Friday on Smackdown and Steve Austin will appear on #316Day on Monday Night Raw. We see a flashback of Christian wanting Stone Cold vs AJ, AJ says he would love to be back in the ring with him. Next, we see a segment where superstars debate who has the best theme star in WWE currently. Booker says Stone Cold, AJ says Samoa Joee, Ember says Shinsuke and AJ, Woods says that he has too many favorites and he reveals he knows every word of Trish Stratus's theme. 

In the last segment of the show, we find out that CM Punk and Rhea Ripley will be on nest week. We see fans towing Mick Foley and the panels share their fun stories. Booker says that his favorite is being forgiven by tickets by cops, Ember says that her favorite is that fans gave her a Dungeons and Dragon character. We once again see the special handshake that Renee and AJ share. 

See y'all next week for THIS IS MT BRUTALITY!!!!!!!!!!!

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