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WWE Backstage with Edge and CM Punk

Tonight  WWE's Backstage on FS1 will have Renee Young, Booker T, and Christian with the returning CM Punk and special guest Edge. Stay tuned because at 11 PM EST when the show starts I will be back here with Live Coverage!


The first topic Seth Rollins attacks Drew McIntyre to end Raw. Booker T likes this and says that both can work at a very high level and he can't wait to see the magic that they can both create. Christian thinks this is the best arrangement and he says that Seth seems more in control now after his feud with Kevin Owens. CM Punk says that this is the best possible spot for both men to be in. He says Seth puts unnecessary pressure when he is the guy and now that he is not the guy that in itself puts a chip on his shoulder.

Second top Zelina Vega's new faction makes a statement. Christian loves it and says that every time she gets on the mic she gets more confidence. CM Punk says that she is focusing on being a valet and she is the one to bring back the women to have that role.

The third topic is Bray Wyatt's challenges Braun Strowman for Universal Title. CM Punk says that he doesn't like this and this feud is rushed and should be bigger and puts both men in a tough spot. Booker T says that it is a main event marquee match and he now has a chip on his shoulder because this spot was thought of for Roman. Christian agrees with CM Punk and says that we have seen the title flip flop and wants to see Braun run with it before he starts to feud with Wyatt. CM Punk is wondering how you get sympathy for both men.

The fourth topic before the break is Lana and Bobby Lashley's impending break-up. We see footage of CM Punk predicting this a few weeks ago. 

Edge joins Renee Young and Christian. Edge mentions how Wrestlemania was odd this year but that did not make his comeback at mania any less special. The Rumble was a special moment but the Last Man Standing Match is proof that he can do this at full capacity. Beth Phoenix was uncomfortable for a couple of spots but he will continue to adapt and take smarter risks. Christian mentions how many think Edge has done the best promos of his career in his return. Edge is the one who decided to do his promo straight to the camera. He says it's natural to go straight to the camera in the current environment. Christian mentions how Edge and Randy have an undeniable chemistry as Christian and Randy had. Edge is the one who picked Randy to be his first opponent. He says that we saw top-notch Randy Orton in this feud. The reaction after the first attack is what confirmed to Edge that this was the best decision. 

We take a look back at the promo for Edge's 24 that is available on the WWE Network. Renee mentions how she started Wrestlemania day crying after watching the documentary. Edge highlights how it did not start as a return but this doc is lighting in a bottle because of what it turned out to be. Edge says that it was humbling to see the effect that his return had on people. Beth Phoenix was not pleased to see the DDT on the bed of a truck but overall she is happy and proud to see his comeback. He shouts out all of his support team - Beth, nutritionist, trainers, gear makers, coat makers. It was important for him to protect his return. Renee congratulates him on Edge's abs. After the break, the panel will talk about Ronda Rousey's recent comments.  

We see Becky Lynch join Rachel Bonetta in a segment. Becky does not want to talk about Charlotte Flair. She calls Ronda a little weirdo and it says being the man makes her feel powerful and is the best thing in the wrestling business. She then goes on to break a Ronda Rousey figure. The panel discusses Ronda's comments on the Steve O Podcast and her recent Twitter comments. As well as Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax's comments replying to Rousey. CM Punk says Ronda Rousey is doing her job and this will not end well if it's real or scripted. She says that the real comments are what will get them in trouble. Booker T says the ungrateful fans are something that he knows all about. He says that she has disqualified herself from coming back to WWE because of the real comments. Christian says that she is a lightning rod and Ronda thrives when she is being booed. As a wrestler, he says the word fake strikes a cord. Punk mentions how you can debate the start of MMA and he says that we are leading to a Horsewoman battle. CM Punk and Christian say that overall it is all the entertainment business. There will be another WWE takeover next week on FS1 showcasing Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair prior to Backstage. 

CM Punk and Renee Young talk about the future of cinematic matches in WWE. CM Punk prefers the boneyard match because of the Undertaker. He asks WWE to not beat it to the ground and save it for special moments. 

On this day in WWE history, Booker T won a match and attacked his partner Shawn Michaels. The panel discusses Money In The Bank Ladder Match Memories. Punk is still the only one to win two money in the banks and he was always available to do what they wanted him to do. Booker T was only one and he says it's because he was the worst in them. Christian was in 7 and he says and Punk and Booker agree that he was the ring general of them. Christian says that the biggest thing is to be aware and keep track of yourself and your opponents. Punk mentions how in Money In The Bank matches there are many things that cannot be called on the fly. 

We see a promo of Renee Young oN Netflix's Main Event. CM Punk says that acting is an extension of yourself. They highlight Booker T's acting chops.

 See yall next week!

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