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WWE Clash of Champions 2020 Betting Odds

WWE Clash of Champions is set for Sunday, Sept. 27 with plenty of betting odds available from 888sport. A total of nine matches have odds to bet on, along with props that surround the show. Many matches have lopsided odds however, which makes betting Sunday's event both difficult and lacking in opportunities. 

Let's go through all the betting odds for Clash of Champions to determine good bets, ones to avoid and overall predictions for the show. Also as a friendly reminder, pro wrestling betting is not legal in the United States but perfectly legal in the U.K. 

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs The Riott Squad Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Baszler & Jax (-345)
  • Underdog: Riott Squad (+225)
  • Time: ⬇️ 9 minutes (-230)
  • Method: Pinfall (-118) / Submission (-118)
  • First Tag: Baszler & Jax (-230)
  • Favorite Involved in Result: Baszler (-155)
  • Underdog Involved in Result: Morgan (-190)

It seems safe to say that Baszler and Jax will walk out of Sunday's event still WWE Women's Tag Team Championship title holders. There is always the possibility of Baszler and Jax splitting at any given moment, so always feel free to throw some loose change on any underdog that faces these two.

For those playing it safer, lets dissect these odds further. The odds tell us that Baszler will once again be responsible for winning the match, as she was when she and Jax won the titles. If this is true, then taking the match result to end in a submission at -118 is a little bit cheaper than taking Baszler to be involved in the match result. 

However, the -118 pinfall odds also tell us that Jax has a good chance to win the match instead. It would seem ideal that Jax be the one to get the win on Sunday, allowing her to gloat and 'shove it' in Baszler's face. This friction would be fun to play with from a writing stand point, and fun to follow for the audience. 

The match going UNDER nine minutes is also a pretty good bet here, but expensive with odds over -200. The cheapest and safest way to bet this match is to focus on the end result. There is a hedging opportunity to take the submission at -118, which will cover Baszler winning the match, along with Jax being involved in the result at +110. 

Betting Tip: Hedge the favorites in the end result market & winning method market

Bobby Lashley vs Apollo Crews Betting Odds 

  • Favorite: Lashley (-1000)
  • Underdog: Crews (+500)
  • Time: ⬆️ 8 minutes (-134)

This might be a match to stay away from, as that has become a consistent trend with Hurt Business matches. With the encounter Retribution and Hurt Business saw a few weeks ago, it seems safe to say that they might cause a 'no finish' result here.

How this impacts betting isn't much, as a no finish would result in a push and the bettor getting the wager returned. There is also the possibility of Apollo Crews and/or Ricochet joining the Hurt Business. This can occur in a few different ways, but most likely a formed alliance (mid-match) to defend themselves from a Retribution attack. The other path this can go is similar to Kevin Nash-Hulk Hogan, where Crews lays down for Lashley and joins the faction. 

Crews winning is unlikely, while Lashley is far too expensive to consider. Add that with the strong case of a no finish occurring, this is a match to avoid while betting. The time market is quite interesting, and cheap enough for bettors to go OVER or UNDER on.

Betting Tip: Avoid match 

Asuka vs Zelina Vega Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Asuka (-2000)
  • Underdog: Vega (+700)
  • Time: ⬇️ 8 minutes (-139)

Despite the high odds, there is a good opportunity to make money there. Value lies with Zelina Vega, and although she won't win, odds at +700 are worth throwing less than $2 on to possibly win back $10. 

The time market is worth a look however, as the UNDER eight minute mark is cheap enough to consider. Keep in mind that this match is on the pre-show, so it's unlikely the match will eclipse eight minutes.

However, if you think Vega will hold her own and Asuka won't 'squash' her then taking the match to go OVER eight minutes at +100 is also worth a look. Of the two, it seems going UNDER the time market is cheap enough to take, and likely to occur. 

Betting Tip: Time market - UNDER 8 minutes 

Raw Tag Team Championship Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Andrade & Angel Garza (-125)
  • Underdog: Street Profits (-112)
  • Time: Split at 9 minutes (-118)
  • First Tag: Andrade/Garza (-190)
  • Favorite Involved in Result: Garza (-139)

This match is probably the most difficult to bet on for Sunday. The oddsmakers believe this is a toss-up match, which quite frankly it is. Andrade and Garza were the favorites in their last championship match on a network event against Street Profits, and lost. 

In fact, Andrade and Garza had better odds to win their last match than they do Sunday. This makes the Street Profits a bet worth monitoring, although I personally have an issue betting on underdogs with minus-value. 

The time market doesn't offer much help either, as oddsmakers have no idea if the match will be short or long. Since this is the second time these teams are fighting in the same amount of events, it seems the match will likely go longer than their previous encounter - therefore going OVER. 

However, the close odds and unclear direction of their current story it's tough to pick either team in this match. Go with your heart here or skip all together because this is the most difficult match to pick of the evening. 

Betting Tip: Avoid match 

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Cesaro & Nakamura (-295)
  • Underdog: Lucha House Party (+200)
  • Time: ⬇️ 9 minutes (-134)
  • First Tag: Cesaro/Nakamura (-150)
  • Favorite Involved in Result: Cesaro (-139)

Cesaro and Nakamura should win, but are very expensive. They present a great parlay opportunity however, and should be considered matching with another expensive bet (perhaps Baszler and Jax?). For those that want to keep it simple, let's see what this match offers alone. 

The first tag market looks appealing, as Cesaro and Nakamura making the first tag is likely and cheap at -150. Also cheap and likely is that Cesaro wins (or loses) the match for his team, given odds at -139. 

Lucha House Party is not an underdog worth taking, although they can win their odds are not valuable enough for the likelihood of them actually winning. Lucha House Party should only be considered if given odds around +350 or higher. Throwing a dollar on Lucha House Party only to win back $2 is not worth considering at all, even if they pull off the upset. 

Betting Tip: Parlay Cesaro & Nakamura to win with another bet & consider the first tag/favorite involved in result markets

Intercontinental Championship Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Jeff Hardy (-139)
  • Underdog(s): Sami Zayn (+175) / A.J. Styles (+334)
  • Time: ⬆️ 14 minutes (-177)

This ladder match is tough to predict, as both Zayn and Styles are tempting to take with the odds given. Anytime A.J. Styles is the underdog it's always worth a risk, and for +334 you may find it hard to come across Styles' having that valuable of odds any time in the foreseeable future. 

Although Hardy is the favorite, it's not worth taking him to win. If you truly believe Hardy is going to win this match then avoid betting it, because his value is a bit expensive in a match against two other competitors who can easily win. 

The time market actually seems to be the safest bet here, as the -177 odds reflect that. Feel free to take the slightly more expensive time odds, as a ladder match rarely finishes quickly. Add that with the three talents in this match, it's hard to see WWE 'speed book' this match, as it's more likely WWE will want these three to eat up time and showcase their abilities. 

Betting Tip: Consider Zayn or Styles to win for the value or play it safe and bet OVER in the time market

Bayley vs Nikki Cross Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Bayley (-770)
  • Underdog: Cross (+400)
  • Time: Split at 12 minutes (-118)

This is an avoidable match all together. There is a case to be made that Sasha Banks runs it to cost Bayley the belt. If that occurs then Nikki Cross at +400 is the best bet on the night. However, that's an unlikely booking for Sunday as WWE seems to be heading in another direction.

Sasha Banks has odds to win the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble at +300, which is the favorite and actually very high odds for an event months away. It seems plausible to think that based off the odds and current story given, Sasha will return to win the Royal Rumble and challenge Bayley for the belt. 

Quite frankly, that sequence occurring is the best bet to make surrounding this match on Sunday. Bayley winning will cost a bettor $700 just to win back $100 if she wins, while Cross winning will more than likely take bettor's money. Avoid this match all together and think long-term here. Banks' Royal Rumble odds will only get more expensive as the months progress, so feel free to take a flier on the future match between Bayley and Banks.

Betting Tip: Avoid match and take Sasha Banks to win the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble at +300

Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Reigns (-3335)
  • Underdog: Uso (+800)
  • Time: ⬆️ 10 minutes (-139)
  • Spear Total: ⬇️ 1.5 (-125)

There is absolutely no way anyone should bet on Roman Reigns here. Rule number one in WWE betting is to always take Roman Reigns to win, but that's not the case here. It will cost a bettor nearly $4K to win back $100. Not appealing at all. 

Jey Uso will not win, but it's worth a dollar to throw on him to win back $10. The match is surprisingly favored to go OVER 10 minutes, as the UNDER presents value at +100 for which should be (on paper) a squash match.

Of the two though, it seems WWE will let Uso run wild in this match and so going OVER 10 minutes seems quite possible. The spear total market is interesting, as Roman going full-fledged heel might result in the spear total going OVER 1.5. Keep in mind that spears for this market only count from bell-to-bell. So if Roman wins the match, then spears Uso after the bell has rung then the spear will not count.

The time limit and spear total are complete toss ups, while Roman is an avoidable favorite. Stay clear of this match unless you want to have some fun in the spear total market. The OVER and the UNDER present cheap betting odds and the wager itself is one of the most fun you'll have betting on Sunday.

Betting Tip: Avoid match or take either OVER or UNDER in the spear total market 

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Orton (-200)
  • Underdog: McIntyre (+140)
  • Time: ⬇️ 18 minutes (-125)
  • Claymore Total: ⬆️ 1.5 (-150)
  • RKO Total: ⬇️ 1.5 (-182)
  • First Signature to Land: Glasgow Kiss (-150)
  • First Finisher to Land: RKO (-177)

Odds are all over the place for this match, which may be the case for the added stipulation of it being an Ambulance Match. The winner of the match must put his opponent in the back of an ambulance, which doesn't scream a 'new champion' ending. Switching the WWE Championship in an Ambulance Match is one of the most anti-climatic endings to a title match and a show. 

Orton as champion now doesn't really do anything either, as the ship has sailed for Orton having an intriguing title run. Also keep in mind that Orton was a heavy favorite in their last match, in which McIntyre won with a rollup. It seems the oddsmakers are overvaluing Orton for the second straight time. At -200, Orton is far too expensive to consider as McIntyre actually presents a better case to be the favorite. 

Take Drew now as he presents great value and will most likely win. WWE seems to be setting up a possible triple threat between the two and Keith Lee, so a title change wouldn't make much sense in that regard either. Also, the RKO landing first AND the Claymore total going OVER 1.5 actually favors McIntyre to win.

It's unlikely the first RKO will keep Drew down, while more than one Claymore landed on Orton will see McIntyre win the match. It's worth noting Lee's involvement though, as Drew could miss Orton on the Claymore and hit Lee by mistake. There are various possibilities this match can go, but the best value on the board is Drew winning at +140.

This match is full of toss ups in terms of betting it, and none of the odds present substantial value for taking a risk. The only bet that does provide value for risk is backing the champion to retain, which seems likely to occur given the match stipulations and where the story seems to be heading. 

Betting Tip: McIntyre to win at +140 

WWE Clash of Champions Prop Bets

  • Total Title Changes: ⬇️ 2.5 (+120)
  • First Match: Any Tag Team Match (-134)
  • Main Event: McIntyre vs Orton (-590)

There are a few prop bets surrounding Sunday's event, which has some pretty good value to consider. The first market is the total of titles that will change hands, not including the 24/7 Championship. UNDER 2.5 and OVER 3.5 are tied with the highest odds at +120, which makes hedging the market possible. Exactly three bets switching hands has odds at +134, so there is value in any of the three options you might wager on.

Any tag team match going on first is also worth taking for the cheap odds at -134. As a bettor you get the possibility of three different matches as opposed to just one. Getting three matches for a cheap line at -134 is worth the risk. Avoid the main event market as Orton vs McIntyre is far too expensive. 

However, Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso going on last is +140 while any other match is +1500. Bettors should be taking advantage and betting that any other match will main event. Although it's unlikely, +1500 is far too valuable to pass up on with Money in the Bank still looming. It will only cost a bettor $1 to win back $15 if any match airs last outside of the WWE or Universal Championship matches. 

No other matches should air last, but for +1500 it's worth wagering to find out if Otis will actually cash-in the contract to end Clash of Champions on Sunday night. Unlikely? Yes. Worth the risk? Absolutely. 

Betting Tip: Take value - any bet in the title changes market or any other match to main event. You can also play it safe with any tag team match to air first at -134.

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