WWE.com Article Calls For A Redesign Of The WWE Title; CM Punk & The Miz Give Their Thoughts


The official WWE website has posted an article which calls for a redesign of the "spinner" WWE Championship belt. The article, which explores possibilities of replacements for the championship belt, also features the opinions of CM Punk, John Cena, and The Miz. Punk had the following to say on whether he is in favor of changing the belt:

“YES! [The current title] is old and passé. It’s gaudy and ugly. It says 'Champ' instead of Champion! That’s ridiculous. I need a dignified title, not a blinged out rapper accessory.”

John Cena's comments have been previously posted, and The Miz had the following to say on the subject:

“Well, you saw my effort to redesign the current title. But, I'd agree it needs to look less like a toy and more like a title. I mean, think about it. When football players win the Super Bowl or basketball players win the NBA finals, you'll usually see one of the players sporting a championship from WWE. But, it’s always the World Heavyweight Title. It doesn’t take that much to figure out why that is.”

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