Skip to main content Pulls Article Comparing Kobe Bryant & Cody Rhodes Due To Plagiarism?

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Wrestling News World reader Dale Dobson reporting:

There was a "Who wore it best" article put up on Friday afternoon concerning Kobe Bryant and WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. The article went on to compare the two and they're similar protective face masks.

It has been pulled from the WWE website recently since the material wasn't exactly "WWE Exclusive," it looks to be due to a form of plagiarism.

The article was dated March 9th, on March 7th a shorter & simpler meme like comparison was made on a blog The Axis of Ego. Oddly enough, Tom Garrett, the author of The Axis of Ego, is followed on Twitter (@TheAxisOfEgo) by @UCBW. UCBW is a comedy wrestling show based out of New York's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater that lampoons the sports entertainment industry with over the top silly characters and ludicrous non-PG situations.

The show is produced & operated by Zach Linder…who is an employee of World Wrestling Entertainment and the author of the article in question.

Interesting little tidbit, on Friday when the article went live, Linder boasted on his Facebook page that he "convinced"WWE to write the article.

The article can still be read here.

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