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WWE Conducts Investigation Of NXT, Finds No Wrongdoing

NXT Wrestling

WWE is in the process of contacting websites with statements that they recently conducted an investigation of their developmental system following accusations made by Chase Donovan (Drew Donaldson), Chad Baxter (Derek Foore) and Kevin Matthews (Kevin McDonald) in a podcast called "Two And A Half Wrestlers." Most of the accusations had to do with head NXT trainer Bill DeMott.

The company makes it clear "no sexual harassment complaints" have been filed against any employee at WWE's training facility in Orlando. They say the allegations are "baseless" and were made by "disgruntled talent recently released." WWE continued by saying they take the issues seriously, which is why the investigation was conducted. The investigation concluded no wrongdoing.

We recently reported that the new WWE Performance Center is equipped with surveillance cameras, with one feed going to Bill DeMott and the other directly to Vince McMahon.

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