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Disclaimer - The following news has been released by WWE to Ryan Satin. Sean Ross Sapp broke the story but didn't have it confirmed to him personally.

Via Sean Ross Sapp of

WWE have experienced a positive COVID-19 test, if several members of the roster are to be believed.

Throughout the week, Fightful were approached by nearly a dozen members of the WWE roster, and within the industry about an alleged COVID-19 positive test in WWE. Days later, Fightful was able to obtain a WWE memo that was sent out via the company's internal app on April 5. They are not including the name of the person noted to have been infected.

It read as follows:

We have just been notified that (name redacted by Fightful) was diagnosed with COVID-19. WWE doctors spoke with (redacted) this morning and reported (they) last had contact with anyone at WWE on March 26 at the Performance Center. As you know, (redacted) is not an in-ring performer and we believe this matter is low-risk to you per the following chronology:

The memo stated that the person infected did provide their consent to share their name and status, noting that they're feeling much better. However, for the privacy of said person, they have summarize the next paragraph in saying that the person tested positive for COVID-19 after they and their roommate became symptomatic.

The memo continued:

Those of you who were potentially exposed would be cleared for travel by the evening of Thursday, April 9 at the latest, since the last possible exposure to any WWE talent personnel should have been at least 14 days prior.

It closed with Paul Levesque signing off.

Fightful contacted WWE reps multiple times throughout the week, and initially did not gain a confirmation or denial on the story. Towards the end of the week, they still did not get a response for a follow up, but were told the memo would be looked in to. They've also reached out to the individual themselves, but can't verify if they've received the inquiry.

Sapp notes that he can not confirm the positive test, as we don't have official word from WWE or the person in question, only multiple reports of the memo being issued. When asking members of the roster and team, one said they "would not dispute" the findings. Fightful heard back from talent across all brands about the memo. Others were unhappy with the work environment, while another stated they didn't fear the illness and were willing to work as they need to work to justify their pay.

Just yesterday, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon deemed that WWE programming would resume live after originally planning to tape weeks of content ahead of time.

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