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WWE Creative Update & The Latest Regarding Brian Gewirtz

Something went down on Monday with Vince McMahon and Senior Vice President of Creative Writing Brian Gewirtz. Reports surfaced earlier in the day Gewirtz had been removed as the head creative team writer for Raw but he wasn't Raw's head writer and was writing for Smackdown as well. Gewirtz held a senior position above the head writers for each brand.

I can also confirm Gewirtz was not fired and remains on the company payroll. We heard things went "kaboom" and Brian is seen as Vince McMahon's "fall guy" but we aren't exactly sure what happened. Things were a mess backstage as I heard as of 7:45 PM EDT a large portion of this week's Raw was still being written.

While things have been extra chaotic lately, they took a serious turn for the worse when last week's Raw and Smackdown put up abysmal ratings.

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