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WWE Developing TV Series Around Monday Night War Of The 90s; Vote On The Name

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WWE has revealed plans for another television series on their upcoming WWE Network. This show will take a "controversial" look at the Monday Night War between WWE and WCW. As the company has done with other shows, they are letting fans vote on the name. Below are full details:

Name WWE Network's New "Monday Night War" TV Series!

WWE Network launches in 2012, but we're already taking names for our new slate of shows, including a controversial look back at the Monday Night War. Waged between WWE and WCW during the 90's, this battle for TV dominance unfolded live each week, giving rise to some of the most iconic Superstars and storylines of our time. And you get to relive it in one action-packed television season.

What would you name this new WWE Network show?

1. Battleground: Raw vs. Nitro
2. Battleground: The Monday Night Wars
3. The Monday Night War
4. WWE Raw vs. WCW Nitro
5. Monday Night Warfare

Click here to vote on the name.

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