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WWE Drops The Ball Hard With Roman Reigns Update

I haven't heard from anyone backstage at #RawBrooklyn yet, however, Roman Reigns was originally scheduled to be at the show. In fact, he confirmed as much in a promotional interview with the great Sam Roberts.

While the company advertised he would be there, they aired a pre-tape where he was "live via satellite." For those that missed the segment, it was short and forgettable. He didn't provide a timetable for his return but said it's only a matter of time before he gets back in the middle of the ring and kicks ass.

Reigns didn't draw a strong babyface reaction from the crowd -- something WWE has been worried about -- but he wasn't there!

Richard Reacts: The pre-tape was so bad it felt like they were setting Roman Reigns up for a live appearance later in the show. They didn't. Horrible, terrible and it didn't do either of the things it needed to do (showcase Reigns in a prominent manner or provide a timetable for his return). Until I hear otherwise, I'll assume Reigns will be back in December but this was a missed opportunity. – T-shirts Sold By Pro Wrestlers


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