WWE Elimination Chamber Live Coverage and Discussion (02/25/18)

Men's Chamber

WWE Elimination Chamber
T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada
Live Results by: Sean Hopkins

The show opens with a video package highlighting tonight as a stop along the Road to WrestleMania. The immediate focus is on the two Elimination Chamber matches happening tonight, and the WrestleMania implications. There is also a focus on the arrival on Ronda Rousey to Raw, and what that could mean for the Women's division.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, and the Elimination Chamber is already surrounding the ring, having been shown being lowered on the pre-show. Michael Cole calls this the next step in the Women's Revolution, as we kick things off with the Women's Elimination Chamber match.

Jojo runs down the rules of the match before Alexa Bliss makes her way down to the ring looking a bit apprehensive. Alexa hands over her title to the ref and looks around the Chamber nervously before entering her pod.

Sasha Banks is the second woman to make her way to the ring, and Banks gets a great reaction from the fans in the crowd. Banks stares down Alexa before making her way into the ring and posing for the fans quickly. Banks steps into her pod and also takes her time to look around the Chamber.

Mickie James is next woman to make her way down the aisle, and Mickie gets a good pop from the fans. She smiles at Alexa, then flashes a '7' at Sasha before making her way into a pod.

Absolution is out next, escorted to the ring by Paige. Paige introduces Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville before letting the two walk down to the Chamber on their own. Sonya and Mandy walk around the ring together, demonstrating their unity for their opponents. They hug, and ultimately Mandy is the one who enters the pod while Sonya looks to be kicking things off in this match with our next entrant.

Bayley is the final entrant, and the fans are excited to see her and the wacky waving inflatable waving arm tube men. Bayley looks nervous making her way to the ring, but she enters the Chamber confidently, making the rounds to stare down her opponents.

Raw Women's Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley vs. Mandy Rose vs. Mickie James vs. Sonya Deville vs. Sasha Banks

The door slides closed and is locked. The bell rings and Sonya and Bayley take it all in for a moment before circling each other. Sonya tries to go behind Bayley, but Bayley shakes it off. Deville is able to take down Bayley for a one count. Bayley is back up on her feet, but Sonya takes her down another time. Both women back up and stand. Bayley is able to connect with a drop toe hold and running bulldog. Bayley slams Sonya's head into the turnbuckle in front of three separate opponents. Sonya fights off Bayley in front of Mandy, and drives her head into the turnbuckle instead. Sonya and Bayley both fight for dominance and Sonya blasts Bayley in the midsection and knocks the wind out of her. Sonya drags Bayley out on the Chamber floor and she slingshots Bayley into the side of the cage, but Bayley hangs on and starts to climb the cage wall. Bayley and Sonya both try to slam each other's head into the Chamber wall, but neither woman is able to connect. Bayley is finally able to shove Sonya into the wall, and she brings things back into the ring for a two count. Bayley connects with a knee drop, but misses with an elbow drop, and Sonya is able to recover. Sonya runs into the corner and Bayley plants her chin on the top turnbuckle before connecting with a side belly to back suplex for a two count.

Bayley climbs up to the top rope and Sonya crawls out of the ring, but Bayley just turns course and launches herself out to the Chamber floor with a big elbow drop that takes out Sonya. Bayley brings things back into the ring for another near fall, and then the clock counts down. Mandy Rose is the first person to enter the match.

Bayley immediately attacks Mandy coming through the ropes before turning back to Sonya. Bayley charges both women in the corner with consecutive splashes. Bayley whips Sonya into Mandy in the corner, but she misses when she charges in with a big elbow. Mandy and Sonya begin to fight back and the numbers become too much as Mandy scores with a big right hand and Sonya spears Bayley on the Chamber floor. Mandy and Sonya pick up Bayley and ram her back into the Chamber wall repeatedly. They talk smack to their opponents for a bit before turning back to Bayley and kicking her into the ring. Sonya covers Bayley and gets a two. Rose tries as well and gets the same result.

Sonya connects with a running knee on Bayley. Rose goes to the top rope and tells Sonya to hold Bayley up. Mandy launches herself from the middle rope with a flying knee for another two count. Mandy and Sonya continue the assault with repeated knees and they take Bayley out and tie up her arms in the Chamber wall. Rose and Deville taunt Bayley while laying into her with punches and kicks. They stop when the clock counts down and they look to the pod that's going to open. Sasha Banks is the next woman out, and she goes to work beating down Sonya before grabbing Mandy and bouncing her off the pod. Sasha stomps Rose against the Chamber wall until she's thrown into the wall by Sonya. Sasha turns things around immediately and plants Sonya against the Chamber wall with double knees to the chest. Sasha brings Sonya into the ring and she takes her out with another double knees to the chest, but Sonya won't stay down for three.

Sasha blocks a kick in the corner from Sonya and slams Mandy's head into the middle turnbuckle on the outside before coming back in and connecting with double knees to the midsection on Sonya. Sonya is able to turn things around, but Bayley has recovered and when she makes her way to the outside, Bayley backs Sonya into the ring post hard. Sasha and Bayley slam Sonya into the Chamber wall a couple of times before dropping her to the floor. Mandy Rose is back in, slamming Bayley into the Chamber wall and bringing Sasha into the ring for a quick beatdown. Sasha is able to avoid a big knee and she hits a backstabber on Rose before sliding into the Banks statement. Bayley fights off Sonya, and Mandy is forced to tap out.

The clock counts down and Mickie James is the fifth woman to enter the match, taking on all opponents very quickly. She wipes out Sasha and Bayley with a double clothesline before kicking Sonya in the chest. Sasha rolls up Mickie out of nowhere and Mickie turns things around before connecting with a neckbreaker on Bayley.

Mickie heads to the outside and Sonya tries to stop her, but Mickie responds with a series of kicks. Sonya powers through and slams Mickie into the Chamber wall repeatedly, but Mickie hangs on to the wall, then connects with a headscissors off the wall the takes Sonya down ton the Chamber floor. Mickie begins to climb the Chamber wall, and she fights off Sasha who attempts to stop her. Mickie is determined to climb the Chamber, and Bayley follows her up. Mickie fights off Bayley, knocking her off the wall. Mickie climbs on top of a pod and she leaps off on top of Sonya Deville. Mickie pins Sonya and gets the three count.

Sasha Banks connects with a backstabber on Mickie, and Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly. Bayley pins Mickie and gets the three count. Mickie looks distraught and Alexa looks very concerned.

Bayley and Sasha take their times to catch their breath. There's a bit of heat from the crowd. The clock counts down and Alexa tries to keep her pod closed. She opens the other side and immediately climbs up to the top of a pod and tries to avoid Sasha and Bayley. Alexa climbs out between pods, and Bayley and Sasha climb up on either side. Alexa climbs down, then back up as she continues to avoid both women. On top of a pod, Alexa is cornered by Bayley and Sasha. Sasha knocks Alexa down, then she goes to help Bayley before kicking her in the chest down to the Chamber floor. Sasha brings Alexa down to the floor and Bayley attacks Sasha from behind, slamming her into the middle turnbuckle. Alexa staggers Bayley with a right hand and brings her in the ring for a near fall. Alexa hits Bayley with a couple of clubbing blows to the back before standing on her back and stomping her face into the mat repeatedly. Alexa pins Bayley for a two count. Bayley connects with a side belly to back suplex, and she knocks Alexa back with a big forearm before burying her shoulder in Alexa's midsection in the corner. Sasha comes back in and unloads on Bayley in the corner. Sasha charges Bayley in the corner, but she's placed in the tree of woe by Bayley, who them stomps away at her chest repeatedly. Bayley heads to the top, and Alexa stops her while Sasha is still in the tree of woe. Alexa connects with a superplex to take Bayley to the mat. Sasha pulls herself up and stands on the top rope, connecting with a frog splash on Bayley that's good for a two count.

Sasha slams Bayley's head into the corner, and she tries for the double knees in the corner. Bayley attempts to counter, but Sasha slams her head into the turnbuckle using her feet. Sasha stands on the middle rope and Bayley comes in with a giant Bayley to belly. Alexa rolls up Bayley and is able to get the three count. Bliss immediately tries to pin Sasha, but is only able to get a two count.

Alexa goes for Twisted Bliss, but Sasha is able to get up her knees to counter. Bayley is shown staggering up the ramp while Sasha jams her knee into Alexa's face repeatedly. Sasha winds up for a big kick, but Alexa moves and Sasha's leg goes through the Chamber wall. Alexa uses the opportunity to pull Sasha down and slam the back of her head into Alexa's knee. Sasha crumples on the Chamber floor with her leg still stuck in the wall. Alexa climbs the Chamber wall again and stands on top of a pod, launching herself off with an amazing Twisted Bliss. Sasha locks in the Banks statement out of nowhere and rolls Alexa into the ring to attempt to finish the match. Alexa is able to break the hold, but she runs into a big double stomp to the chest from Sasha.

Sasha climbs to the top rope, but she's shoves face first into one of the corner pods by Alexa. Alexa pulls Sasha down off the top rope and plants Banks' face into the mat with a huge DDT that puts Sasha down for three.

Winner and STILL Raw Women's Champion: Alexa Bliss

Renee Young is in the ring following the match. Alexa says this victory means everything to her, and the crowd chants 'You deserve it'. Alexa thanks the crowd, and she says this is about every little girl at home, or woman in the audience who ever dreamed big. She says this victory is for all of them, and this proves that you can be whatever you want to be. She tells the crowd to dare to dream and dream big. She says she's looking out at everyone here tonight and the reality is that none of them will ever accomplish their dreams. She came out and proved to the entire world that there's no one better than her. And you know what, the odds were clearly staked against her and she still won. Even though not a single person in the arena thought she would win, she did. And tonight she proved that there's only one true goddess in WWE. Alexa holds the title high and points at the WrestleMania sign. Sasha is shown recovering on the floor while Alexa celebrates with her title in the ring.

Kurt Angle is shown backstage knocking on Ronda Rousey's dressing room door. We immediately cut to a quick Braun Strowman promo where he says his hands are all he needs to win, then stomp to WrestleMania where he'll make Brock his little Beastie Boy. The announcers turn their attention to the Raw Tag Team Championship match, and this segues into Titus O'Neil and Apollo making their way to the ring accompanied by Dana Brooke.

Sheamus and Cesaro are the next team out, and the Raw Tag Team Champions get a nice pop from the crowd while Cole welcomes the Spanish and German announce teams.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The Bar vs. Apollo and Titus O'Neil

Sheamus and Cesaro jump Titus and Apollo right off the bat, sending Titus from the ring. Apollo ducks a double clothesline, and Titus charges back into the ring. Titus and Apollo send the Bar to the outside and Apollo launches himself off the top rope to take out both of his opponents. Titus slams Cesaro back in the ring and Apollo leaps off the top rope with a splash that's good for two right off the bat. Cesaro is able to send Apollo outside of the ring, and Sheamus attacks while the ref is distracted. Sheamus tags in and connects with a series of uppercuts on the outside, then inside the ring. Cesaro tags in and connects with some uppercuts of his own. Cesaro goes for a pin on Apollo, then immediately clamps on a rear chin lock when he kicks out at two. Sheamus tags in while Apollo struggles to make it to the corner. The bar send Apollo into the ropes and connect with a double clothesline. Sheamus hits the ropes and drops a giant knee and puts Apollo down for two, then he goes right to work on Apollo's arm, wrenching it behind his head. Apollo is able to fight to his feet, but he's taken to the corner by Sheamus. Cesaro tags in and mocks Titus, allowing Apollo a small window of recovery. Apollo struggles against Cesaro to make the tag, back dropping Cesaro. Sheamus tags in and quickly jumps on Apollo to prevent the tag, going right back to work on Apollo's arm.

Cesaro is back in the ring and the Bar work on Apollo in the corner before Cesaro clamps on a side headlock. Apollo is able to make it to his feet when the hold is transitioned into a rear chin lock. He sends Cesaro out of the ring, and Cesaro pops in and tags Sheamus, allowing Sheamus to cut off the tag once more. Apollo attempts to push back against Sheamus, struggling to reach his corner once more. Dana screams on words of encouragement, but Sheamus breaks the hold and cheap shots Titus, sending him off the ring apron and to the outside. Apollo is able to roll up Sheamus for two, and he avoids a splash in the corner, causing Sheamus to crash shoulder first into the ring post. Titus is able to make the tag and he shoulder tackles Sheamus before taking Cesaro into the corner for a series of right hands, and a massive Beale toss. Titus splashes Cesaro in the corner before knocking Sheamus off the apron. Titus pins Cesaro for a two count. Titus eats a back elbow in the corner from Cesasro, but he's able to catch him coming off a splash, and he puts Cesaro down with a body slam. Sheamus makes a blind tag and Cesaro is sent from the ring. Sheamus jumps off the top rope, but Titus catches him and plants him with a sit out powerbomb. Titus is able to pin Sheamus, but Cesaro breaks it up. Apollo comes in and sends his opponents from the ring, launching himself out on both men with a big splash. Apollo tags in and works over both men for a bit before the numbers catch up and Cesaro launches himself off the bottom rope, assisting Sheamus with White Noise. Cesaro pins Apollo, and this one is over.

Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions: The Bar

Following the match, we get a quick look at the upcoming Andrea the Giant documentary on HBO. It looks pretty fantastic.

We get a recap of Nia Jax attacking Asuka on Raw before an Asuka mask is shown on the ground. A foot steps down on the mask, and when the camera pans up, Nia is shown walking to the ring. This leads into a video package that runs down some of Asuka's stats, including being a sole survivor in a Survivor Series match, along with being a Royal Rumble winner. The package also focuses on Nia's role in the match, along with her recent claims that she's the only woman in the division not afraid of Asuka.

Nia Jax is the first woman to make her way out to the ring for the next match. Cole uses this as the opportunity to introduce all of the other foreign announce teams.

Asuka is out next, and the Empress of Tomorrow seems to be very well liked here tonight. The announcers speculate whether or not Asuka's streak will end tonight. Coachman is a bit wishy washy, but Cory is confident that the streak will end tonight.

Singles Match
Nia Jax vs. Asuka

We get a lockup and Nia shoves Asuka away. Asuka charges in with a dropkick, and she tries for an arm bar, but Nia shoves her away again. Nia pushes Asuka into the corner, and Asuka attempts to fight out, but Nia slams her into the corner. Asuka continues to fight, but Nia slams her to the mat a couple of times in succession. Nia charges, and Asuka is able to low bridge Nia, sending her to the outside. Asuka tries to charge in with a rear bump to Nia, but Nia sidesteps her, then slams her down into the mat again. Nia stands on Asuka's back and slams her face down into the canvas. Nia picks up Asuka and drops her over her knee with a backbreaker before splashing her in the corner. Nia hits the ropes and connects with an elbow drop that's good for a two count.

Nia slaps at Asuka's head. Asuka stands and tries for a knee bar, but Nia simply stands and fights it off by picking up Asuka and slamming her into the corner. Nia shoulders Asuka in a torture rack. Asuka fights out of it and charges into Nia with a guillotine. Nia fights off the hold and falls on Asuka with a jackhammer. Nia stands and walks over to Asuka. Asuka connects with a couple of kicks to the head from her back. She stands and charges in with a couple of big kicks to the chest to Nia. Asuka runs the ropes and charges right into a Samoan drop from Nia. Nia hits the ropes and tries for a leg drop, but Asuka moves. Asuka hits the ropes and goes for a quick shining wizard to knock Nia to the mat. Asuka kicks Nia, then connects with a couple of back fists, more kicks, and a knee to the side of the head. Asuka pins Nia, but Nia shoves her off at two.

Asuka climbs to the top rope, and she's stopped by Nia. Nia shoulders Asuka, but Asuka drops down. Nia is able to drop Asuka to the mat, and she tries for a Banzai drop, but Asuka moves and Nia connects with the mat. Asuka stand, but Nia recovers and takes Asuka to the mat before somersaulting on top of Asuka's legs. Asuka avoids a splash in the corner, and she's able to lock in the arm bar in the center of the ring. Nia stands and she pulls Asuka up, slamming her hard into the corner and forcing Asuka to break the hold. Nia picks up Asuka by the hair, then screams in her face that she's going to WrestleMania. Nia picks up Asuka in powerbomb position, but Asuka reverses with a hurricanrana into a pin for the three count.

Winner: Asuka

Nia attacks Asuka from behind right after the match, then dumps her to the outside quickly. Asuka attempts to fight back with punches to the midsection, but Nia shoves her into the ring post. Nia charges in and splashes Asuka through the barricade, crashing right into the timekeeper's area. Alexa Bliss is shown smiling backstage, happy that her opponent for WrestleMania is left laying. Nia stalks off to the back, obviously very upset.

Alexa is interviewed after the match, and she says she knows Nia is upset, but Alexa isn't upset with what Nia did after the match. Alexa says at WrestleMania no one, not even Asuka is ready for Alexa.

Asuka is helped to the back by officials after the match. The announcers comment that they hope she's ready for WrestleMania.

Charlie is backstage with Roman Reigns. Roman talks about Paul Heyman claiming Lesnar will walk away from Mania with the Universal Championship. Reigns says he doesn't care much about what Heyman says. He says that tonight he's going to win the Chamber. He claims he'll also be going to WrestleMania, beating Brock Lesnar, and winning the Universal Championship.

The announcers throw things to a video package showing how Bray Wyatt pushed Matt Hardy into his current 'Woken' state, along with crazy promos between the two leading up to tonight.

Matt Hardy is the first man to make his way to the ring, and the crowd seems excited to see him, with many deleting right along with Hardy.

Singles Match
Woken Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt

The lights go out and when they come back on, Bray is in the middle of the ring, but Hardy's robe is there, without Hardy. Matt laughs before singing that Bray will fade away and classify himself as obsolete. Bray stalks around the ring furiously while Hardy chants delete. Bray looks under the ring for Hardy, but he's not able to find him. When Bray turns around, Hardly leaps off the ring steps and attacks. Wyatt shoves Hardy away and runs into the ring. Hardy follows and takes down Bray with a Russian leg sweep. Matt cracks Bray with a couple of big right hands in the corner. Bray reverses a whip into the corner, but then he misses with a big splash. Hardy applauds Bray Wyatt, and he calls on the crowd to cheer as well. Bray charges into a boot to the gut and a twist of fate that's good for two. Matt leads the crowd in a delete chant. He's shoved into the ropes, and Wyatt takes him out with by launching himself into Matt chest first.

Bray grinds his palm into Hardy's face, then swipes hard. Matt tries to fight back, but he's planted on the mat by Bray, who then transitions right into a rear chin lock. Hardy tries to fight out of the hold, and there's very obviously something happening in the crowd that has their attention. Hardy fights to his feet, then he's wiped out with a shoulder block from Bray. Hardy rolls out to the apron, and Bray follows. Matt and Bray fight on the apron and Bray drives Matt down to the apron by wrenching his arm and dropping to the floor. Bray climbs into the ring, and the crowd chants for beach balls. Wyatt grabs Hardy on the outside and teases a urunagi on the ring steps, but Hardy fights it off. Wyatt slams Hardy into the announcers table before bringing things back into the ring for a two count.

Bray takes Hardy into the ropes and chokes him against the middle rope before slamming him to the mat. Bray sends Hardy into the corner, posing for a bit before charging right into a big boot to the face. Hardy connects with a tornado DDT out of the corner. Hardy blocks a big right and connects with several of his own before slamming Bray's head into the corner repeatedly. Hardy ducks a clothesline and connects with a side effect for another two count. Hardy goes up to the second rope, and leaps off with an elbow to the back of Wyatt's neck. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, but Bray fights it off with a urunagi, then he lands on Hardy with a giant senton that puts Matt down for another two count.

Bray blasts Hardy with a series of forearms to the back of the head. Bray climbs to the middle rope and leaps off with a senton, but Matt rolls out of the way and Wyatt crashes to the mat hard. Bray is able to shoves Matt into the corner and connect with a splash to the back. Bray tries for Sister Abigail, but Matt fights it off and connects with a Twist of Fate. Hardy goes right for the pin and he's able to get the three count.

The announcers recap Ronda Rousey interrupting Asuka's win at the first ever Women's Royal Rumble, and the amount of press the WWE received covering the arrival of Rowdy Ronda to the WWE. This leads into a video package recapping that same event, and some of Ronda's training.

Kurt Angle's music hits, and the GM of Raw walks out to loads of loving 'you suck' chants from the crowd. Angle has Ronda's contract in hand.

Triple H's music hits, and he and Stephanie McMahon also make their way out to the ring.

Stephanie says they're about to be part of history as they sign one of the greatest athletes today. Hunter says they scour the world to look for men and women who can do great things in this ring. He says he can't remember an athlete of this caliber walking through the door since Kurt Angle. He runs down Rousey's accomplishments in Judo and MMA, saying that she's earned her reputation as the baddest woman on the planet. Hunter introduces 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey, and she makes her way out with a huge smile on her face. Rousey slaps hands with the fans on her way down to the ring before giving Hunter a big hug. Stephanie says allow her to be the first to welcome her to the WWE. The crowd wants to hear Ronda. Ronda starts with 'hey guys'. She says that she's not often speechless, but to be in the ring with Hunter, Stephanie and Kurt, it's an honor. Ronda smiles at the 'Ronda Rousey' chants from the crowd, and appears to be fighting back tears. She says she wouldn't be here at all without her hero Roddy Piper. He's been her inspiration for her MMA career and her journey here. She hopes to do his family and his memory proud. She also hopes to earn the fan's respect in this ring. Hunter says let's get down to business. Hunter says to Rousey's credit, she didn't want anything special in the contact. Hunter confirms she wanted no special travel, no private cars, and Ronda says she doesn't want to be treated any different. Hunter says that Ronda wanted a ticket to WrestleMania, and she'll be in a match, but it won't be a title match. Ronda says she wants to earn a title match. Stephanie hands over the contract and Hunter and Kurt talk while Ronda looks things over. Ronda asks if Kurt wants to say anything. Kurt says Stephanie and Hunter are brilliant. He's heard them talk about Ronda since she came back. They wanted to manipulate Ronda for what she did to them at WrestleMania 31. They want to keep their thumb on her and keep her down. Angle insinuates that Hunter said '3 years and now we own the b--' earlier this evening. Hunter says Kurt isn't feeling well, he was in the hospital earlier this week with the flu. Hunter leads Angle out of the ring and Stephanie talks about how bad the flu has been. Stephanie confirms that they've been talking about her since that WrestleMania, and they were embarrassed, but they were also impressed, and they wanted her as part of WWE, so they wanted to make her a WWE Superstar. Kurt pipes up on the mic and asks Stephanie didn't she say that Ronda was a has-been and even Steph could take her. Hunter backs Angle off and sends him to the back. Hunter makes his way into the ring and puts himself between Ronda and his wife.

Ronda suplexes Hunter through the table, and Stephanie slaps Ronda across the face. The crowd chants that Steph f'ed up, and Ronda looks on angrily as Steph bails from the ring and heads to the back. Ronda picks up the contract and signs it before dropping it across Hunter's chest.

The announcers talk a bit about Smackdown's Fastlane featuring a Fatal Five way match for the WWE Championship before quickly recapping John Cena's promo this past Monday regarding his path to WrestleMania. The announcers toss it to a video package that highlights the importance of competing in the main event at WrestleMania, and quickly touches on how that path runs through the Elimination Chamber.

Elias is the first man to make his way out, and he's already seated in the Chamber, guitar in hand. He introduces himself to the crowd, then begins playing. He has one question for everyone here tonight, who wants to walk with Elias? He gets a great reaction, then says it's a little strange performing inside the Elimination Chamber, then again we're in Vegas, so he's sure the crowd is used to seeing someone they love behind bars. But tonight is the final stop on his way to giving the greatest performance of a lifetime when he defeats Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania. And the entire world will know that WWE stands for 'Walk With Elias', he calls for it again and the crowd chants in unison. Elias says he's going to come into tonight's match and feast on the scraps, but he wants to start with a song. This song is not for Vegas though, because he doesn't like to dedicate songs to those who sin, he holds himself to a higher standard. He says this one goes out to him, and he can't wait to hear it. He tells the crowd to silence their phones, and shut their mouths. The lyrics are hard to make out, but he sings something about how the winner is sure to not be Finn. The crowd turns on Elias, and he complains, saying the least they could do is listen. He says why doesn't he stop and go sit in his pod. The crowd cheers, and Elias says the thing is, he just hit the right pitch so he's going to keep going. He says Miz is delusional, and should stick to Miz TV. Elias says he beat John Cena and Roman doesn't want to face him again. He's afraid of nothing, not even the monster among men. Elias' face says it all as Braun Strowman makes his way down to the ring.

Unsurprisingly, Elias makes his way into his pod by the time Strowman makes it down to the ring. Strowman stares down Elais before making his way into his own pod.

The third man out to the ring is John Cena who gets a mixed reaction with a lot of fans singing 'John Cena sucks' on his way down the aisle.

Roman Reigns is the last man to make his way into one of the pods, and he gets a mixed reaction on his way down to the Chamber.

The Miz is the fifth man, and the first of those who will be starting the match, to enter the arena, and Miz doesn't get much of a reaction at all on his way to the ring. Cole notes that only Miz and Cena have previous Chamber experience in this match. Miz stares down Strowman, but flinches when Braun bangs against the glass.

Seth Rollins is out next, and Rollins gets a great pop from the crowd. Cole talks about Rollins' amazing performance in the gauntlet match, along with his record of more PPV matches in the last 5 years than any other wrestler.

Finn Balor is the final entrant to the ring, and Balor is very well liked, making his way to the ring in bright blue gear reminiscent of 'Bluetista'.

Universal Championship #1 Contender's Elimination Chamber Match
Braun Strowman vs. Elias vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. The Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins

The bell rings and Miz, Rollins and Balor all are slow to begin. Miz tries to team up with Rollins against Balor. Balor smiles as Rollins shakes off that idea. Miz catches Balor's eye and talks teaming up, holding up a two sweet for Balor. Miz is frustrated when Balor won't respond. Rollins asks Balor if he wants to team up against Miz. They double boot Miz in the gut, then catch him with double elbows before Finn tosses Miz to the outside. Rollins rolls up Balor for two and they square off once more. Balor locks in a headlock, and Rollins pushes him off. Balor catches Miz with a forearm, and Rollins takes Balor down with a side headlock. Balor pushes Rollins off and Rollins connects with a forearm on Miz before Balor tosses him into the ropes and connects with a dropkick. Miz leaps over Balor and connects with a sunset flip, but Balor rolls through and connects with a basement dropkick that's good for a near fall. Miz tries to whip Balor into the corner, but Balor leaps over Miz and delivers a chop to Rollins' chest. Miz misses his corner clothesline on both men, and Rollins is able to slam Balor down to the mat for a couple of pins.

Balor rolls up Rollins, Miz rolls up Balor, and Rollins rolls up Miz before Rollins delivers a backbreaker to Balor. Rollins heads to the outside, then springboards in with a big forearm to Miz. Rollins connects with a Falcon Arrow on Miz that's good for another two count. Rollins catches Miz with a big kick. Rollins misses the stomp, but counters the SCF. Rollins connects with a boot to the face of Miz in the corner, then connects with a double blockbuster on Miz and Balor. The clock counts down and Cena is the next man to enter the match.

Cena enters the ring and immediately stares down Rollins. Both men talk smack to each other for a bit before shoving each other. Cena connects with a couple of shoulder tackles, but Rollins avoids the belly to back suplex. Cena counters the knee with a belly to back suplex. Cena calls for the five knuckle shuffle. Rollins tries to counter with a kick to the face but Cena connects with another belly to back suplex. Cena also plants Miz with a belly to back suplex before connecting with a double five knuckle shuffle. Balor takes Cena to the mat and connects with a quick double stomp. Miz tries to pin Balor quickly but Balor fights out and connects with a sling blade. Balor runs into a stiff kick from Rollins that crumples him to the mat. Rollins charges back and forth with forearms to Miz and Balor. Cena stops Rollins and shoulders both Rollins and Balor. Cena uses Rollins feet to blast Balor in the face when he escapes, and Rollins lands on his feet when Cena tries for the AA. Miz jumps in and takes Rollins to the mat, trying for another pin, but he's not able to get a three count. Cena and Balor fight on the outside and Balor stomps at Cena from great height on the wall. Back in the ring, Cena and Rollins try for superplexes on Balor and Miz respectively. Both men hit superplexes right around the same time. The clock counts down and Reigns enters the match.

Roman makes his way into the ring and begins dropping his opponents one by one with right hands. Rollins stands across the ring from Reigns and Miz charges in from behind, attacking Roman and kicking him hard in the chest. Miz plants Rollins on the mat with a kneeling DDT, but he's not able to get the three count. Miz is the only man standing in the middle of the ring, and he points at all of his opponents, trying to figure out who he should kick. Miz goes in a circle, kicking everyone at least once, then really focusing in on Roman. Miz misses the last kick and Reigns connects with a couple of big clotheslines, then a leaping clothesline off the ropes. Balor takes down Reigns from behind, then sends Rollins out of the ring. Reigns takes out Balor with a flying clothesline, but it's only good enough for a two count. Roman connects with a series of clotheslines in the corner. Reigns misses a kick to the chest, but he's able to score with a big powerbomb on Miz, then a Samoan drop on Cena. Reigns plants Miz with a sit-out powerbomb, but Miz will not stay down for three.

Roman calls for the Superman punch and the clock begins to count down. Braun Strowman is the next man to make his way into the ring.

Strowman whips Rollins into the Chamber wall, then stops Reigns with a big right hand. Cena eats a right hand, then Strowman head butts Balor. Rollins and Cena try to team up for a suplex, but Strowman turns it around and suplexes both of his opponents instead. Braun picks up Balor and slams him into Reigns. Miz climbs to the top of a pod to get away from Braun, but Braun climbs up after him, slams him into the plexiglass wall, then throws Miz down on top of all of his opponents.

Strowman climbs down and he stares down Elias before turning back to Miz and stomping him across the spine. Braun connects with a giant clubbing clothesline across Miz's chest. He connects with a clubbing clothesline across Roman's chest. Braun turns and stares at Elias once more. Rollins attacks Braun from behind. Braun presses Rollins overhead, then tosses him out to the floor. Strowman shoulders Miz and plants him with a powerslam for three.

Elias is the final man to make his way into the ring, and he tries to close the door like Alexa did earlier.

Rollins, Reigns, Cena and Balor all team up against Strowman, punching and kicking away. All four men attempt a giant powerbomb, but Strowman kicks out at two. Cena shoulders Strowman and connects with an AA, but he only gets a one count. Roman connects with a spear, but he only gets two. Rollins connects with a curb stomp on Braun, and Balor connects with a coup de grace on the outside. Elias finally enters the ring after Balor connects with a sling blade on Rollins, when everyone is down. Elias is not able to pin anyone, and he takes out his frustration by beating on Roman in the corner, connecting with running knees on Rollins and Cena, and connecting with a flying elbow from this middle rope.

Reigns shoulders Elias, but Elias drops out. Elias traps Reigns in Electric Chair position, then he turns it around into a sit-out powerbomb. Strowman misses a splash in the corner and connects shoulder first with the ring post. Elias tries to powerbomb Braun, but Braun stop him, shoulders him for a powerslam, and pins Elias for three.

Strowman picks up Reigns and shoulders him, but Rollins is in to drill Braun with a flying knee. Balor continues the assault, and Cena tries, but Strowman stops Cena with a big powerslam for three.

Reigns and Rollins try to step up to Braun, but are stopped with big right hands. Balor steps up to Braun and connects with a series of strikes, and a couple of big boots out of the corner. Balor attempts to use his speed, but Braud catches him by the throat and shoulders him. Finn fights out and hits a couple of shotgun dropkicks before connecting with double boots to the back of Brauns head.

Rollins and Balor square off, and Balor connects with 1916, but it's not enough to keep down Rollins. Balor stops Roman and connects with the coup de grace on Reigns, but Strowman picks up Balor and powerslams him to the mat for three.

Reigns and Rollins fist bump to show they've teamed up, and both men go immediately to work on Strowman. Rollins low bridges Strowman and he and Reigns go outside to continue the assault. Rollins and Reigns slam Strowman into the corner. Rollins slams Reigns into the wall out of nowhere, and hits a couple of flying clotheslines. Rollins connects with the buckle bomb and Reigns responds with a Superman punch.

Seth pulls himself up the side of the cage while Braun follows him up. Reigns pulls Strowman down and drops him with a Samoan drop. Braun rolls back into the ring and Rollins is standing on top of the pod. Rollins jumps with a big frog splash, but he's only able to get two.

Strowman fights off both Rollins and Reigns, connecting with a dropkick on Roman. Rollins connects with two superkicks in a row, then Strowman shoulders Rollins and pins him for three.

Strowman pulls down his straps, and he calls for Reigns to bring it on. Roman slowly steps toward the middle of the ring. Braun hits Roman a couple of times before bringing things to the outside and trying to slam him face first into the ring post. Roman is able to send Braun crashing through a pod, and he also connects with a Superman punch. Roman brings things back into the ring, and he connects with another Superman punch and a spear. Reigns connects with another immediate spear when Strowman stands, and he gets the three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Following the match, Roman looks at the Mania sign for a bit, but when he heads toward the back, Strowman stops him with a big powerslam. Braun connects with another powerslam, then he throws Roman through one of the pods. The show ends with Reigns recovering in one of the pods with the Mania sign looming over him in the background.

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