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WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER LIVE COVERAGE: World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Welcome to our exclusive live ongoing play-by-play coverage of WWE Elimination Chamber 2012. The following story contains detailed play-by-play results to the match written by Sean Hopkins.
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Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
- Daniel Bryan (c) vs. The Great Khali vs. Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella vs. Wade Barrett

The Chamber begins to lower again as Cole sends things backstage where Matthews is standing alongside the Big Show. Show says his track record at WrestleMania is terrible. He says it’s not how many times you fall off the horse, but how many times you ride. The only thing he can think of is walking out of tonight as the World Heavyweight Champion.

The entrances:

Back out at the ring, the chamber is on the floor, and The Great Khali is the first man to make his way out to the ring for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.

Cody Rhodes is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and he takes off his title, kissing it and handing it to the ref before heading into the chamber and staring down Khali. Rhodes heads into his own pod.

Santino Marella is the third entrant into the match. He gets a pretty big pop as he makes his way out to the ring, still with his Rocky hoodie on. Santino celebrates for the crowd before heading into his pod.

The last man to head into the pods will be the World Heavyweight Champion himself, Daniel Bryan, who comes out to quite a bit of heat from the crowd.

Bryan shows off his title to all the other men already locked in pods before continuing to gloat in front of the crowd. Bryan hands off his title and heads into his pod.

The first who’ll be starting things off in this match is Wade Barrett, who comes out to a bit of a non-reaction from the crowd.

The Big Show is the final man to make his way out to the chamber. He gets a decent pop from the crowd as he makes his way to the chamber.

Show heads into the ring, and he heads right over to Daniel Bryan’s pod, staring him down before playing to the crowd. The ref holds up the title and then hands it to officials on the outside. The door is closed and we’re ready to begin.

The start:

Show and Barrett lock up and Show tosses Barrett to the mat. Show chops Barrett across the chest hard, then hits him with a right hand to the stomach. Show continues the assault on Barrett by beating him up and hitting a big clothesline. Show takes Barrett into the corner and beats on him further, but when he whips Barrett into the ropes, Barrett attacks Show with kicks to the knees, chest and face to bring the big man down for a one count. Barrett kicks away at Show, who rolls to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Barrett sends Show crashing head first into the cage door, then does it a second time. Show falls to the chamber floor. Barrett continues kicking away at Show, who rolls back to the inside.

Show tries to fight back against Barrett, but Barrett continues to work on the knee, tying it up on the bottom rope and leaping down on top of it with all his weight. Barrett wrenches away at Show’s ankle, putting pressure on his knee, but he’s kicked away by Show who sends him to the outside. Show heads to the ropes and suplexes Barrett back into the ring, but a pinfall attempt only gets a two count.

Show continues the assault on Barrett, chopping at his chest in the corner. Show tosses Barrett over the top rope, and Barrett crashes out to the chamber floor. Show stands on Barrett’s chest with all his weight. Things move back into the ring as the clock counts down, and Show drops Barrett down to the mat again.

Show walks over to Bryan’s chamber, waiting to see who’s released. Cody Rhodes is the first man to be released into the match.

Rhodes heads into the match reluctantly, and he’s taking into the corner and chopped hard in front of Bryan.

Rhodes tries to fight back, but he too is tossed over the top rope to the chamber floor. Show heads to the outside and he chucks Barrett into the chamber wall, then tries to splash Cody against the wall. Cody moves and Show crashes. Cody heads up to the top, but he’s caught by Show and tossed hard into the cage wall. Show heads back into the ring and tries for a chokeslam on Barrett, but Wade gets out of it and attacks Show’s knee, taking him off of his feet where he can continue to kick away at and wrench the knee.

Wade drops to the mat and wrenches the leg, but Show drops his leg across Barrett’s face. Cody and Barrett are able to team up temporarily to work over Show, but Show fights off a pin from Cody, then Rhodes is tossed to the outside by Barrett. Wade heads to the outside and tosses Cody into the chamber wall three times in a row before pointing at Bryan.

Wade and Cody trade blows before Wade slams Cody head first into one of the chamber pods, then whips him into the ring post. Barrett picks Cody up, but he’s shoved back first into the chamber wall. The clock counts down again and Santino is the next man in the match. Santino heads into the ring and hits Barrett with a series of punches, a hiptoss, and a flying head butt. Santino gets a big pop, but turns around to see Big Show. Santino is taken into the corner and hit with a chop before being thrown across the ring. Rhodes attacks Show from behind with a chop block, taking him off his feet.

Rhodes continues to stomp away at Show, wearing him down, before turning to Santino and choking him with his boot. Show is able to catch Rhodes with a chop, and punches Barrett in the gut before sending Rhodes, then Barrett over the top rope to the outside. Show points at Bryan before heading to the outside. Show tries for a double chokeslam, but Rhodes and Barrett fight it off and counter with a double suplex on the chamber floor.

Wade and Cody try to pull Show back into the ring, but he’s dead weight at the moment. Bryan is screaming at the men to bring him in the ring and cover him. Rhodes and Barrett fight each other. Rhodes head to the top and hits a moonsault press that’s good for a two count before he tosses Barrett over the top. Rhodes turns his attention to Santino and takes him to the outside where he whips him into the chamber wall. Rhodes beats on Santino in the ropes before kicking and stomping at him.

Rhodes slams Santino’s arm into the cage wall as the clock counts down once more. The lights dim and flash and The Great Khali is the third man to enter the match. Khali enters the match and hits Barrett with a big punch. Khali beats on Rhodes and Barrett in the ring. Khali hits Rhodes, the Barrett with choke bombs. Khali hits Santino with a brain chop, and Big Show is able to connect with a spear on Khali. Show gets the three count.

The Great Khali is eliminated.

Show heads over and continues to stare down Daniel Bryan, who smiles and asks what Show’s going to do. Show heads up to the top turnbuckle and leans on the pod, reaching down into the pod and trying to reach Bryan. Bryan taunts Show, so Show rips at the chains, tearing them away. Bryan doesn’t look too thrilled with this development.

Show kicks away the chains and Bryan yells for them to open the door. Bryan heads into the pod with the champion and begins beating on him relentlessly, hitting him, headbutting him, and choking him against the wall with his boot. The clock counts down and the door is opened. Bryan pokes Show in the eye, but he’s caught by Show and thrown THROUGH one of the pod doors.

Show picks Bryan up and tosses him into the ring over the top rope. He fights away Barrett and drops Bryan with a couple of big clotheslines and a back splash in the corner followed with a huge shoulder block. Show calls for the chokeslam. He catches Bryan and hits him with a giant chokeslam, but he turns into a big boot from Barrett. Barrett catches Show with a series of knees to the face and a running big boot to the face. Santino catches Barrett in a roll up but doesn’t get two. on the outside Rhodes hits the beautiful disaster kick to Show, then hits it again off the cage wall to send Show into the ring. Rhodes plants Show with a DDT and Barrett hits an elbow drop from the second rope. Rhodes pins Show and gets the three count.

Big Show has been eliminated.

Rhodes celebrates, but he’s immediately rolled up by Santino Marella who gets the three count.

Cody Rhodes has been eliminated.

Rhodes drops Santino with the cross Rhodes before leaving the match. Barrett heads in and pins Santino, but Santino kicks out at two. Barrett tosses Santino to the outside, and follows, tossing him into the chamber wall repeatedly. Barrett ties Santino’s arms in the chamber wall and kicks away at his chest before hitting him with a big boot to the face.

Barrett and Bryan trade blows. Bryan misses the back flip out of the corner, but he’s able to catch Barrett in a roll up. Bryan almost locks on the LaBell lock, but Barrett fights it off. Bryan kicks at Barrett’s chest in the corner repeatedly before seating him on the top rope. He heads up after Wade, but he’s pushed away and crotched on the top rope. Barrett lays out Bryan with a clothesline while he’s seated on the ropes a la Nigel McGuinness.

Barrett pickes up Bryan and powerbombs him hard into the chamber wall before slamming him into one of the pods, and tapping his neck in the chamber pod door, choking him, then slamming the chamber door against his neck. Barrett pulls Bryan back into the ring and goes for the pin but he’s only able to get a two count. Santino is up but he’s knocked right back down by Barrett. Barrett goes for the wasteland, but Santino fights it off, so Barrett hits Santino with a huge boot that sends him flying to the outside. Barrett sends Santino into the wall and hits him with a forearm to the back, then again. Barrett turns around into a flying knee to the face from Bryan, who comes off the top rope. BRyan sends Barrett into the pods twice, but when he goes to the top he’s stopped by Barrett. Barrett slams Bryan back hard into the pod, tearing away more of the wall.

Barrett heads up to the top with Bryan and shoulders him, but Santino breaks it up. Santino heads up after Barrett and tries for a superplex, but it’s fought off by Barrett, who tosses Santino to the mat. Barrett stands on the top and tries for the elbow drop again, but misses. Bryan comes down with a flying head butt, and Santino makes the pin for three.

Wade Barrett has been eliminated.

Bryan has a big smile on his face as he realizes what the match has come down to.

Bryan laughs at Santino as he raises the roof. Santino takes Bryan down with a Sambo throw, but eats a dropkick in the corner. Bryan has a crazed look on his face. Bryan hits Santino with a nasty kick to the spine and a big kick to the chest. Bryan winds up and this another big kick to the chest. Santino gets up, so Bryan kicks him again. Santino’s up again, so Bryan hits him with a kick to the temple. Bryan goes for the pin, but Santino kicks out at two. Bryan misses a second corner dropkick and he’s rolled up for two. Bryan lays Santino out and heads to the top for the head butt, but Santino moves. Santino pulls out the cobra, and the cobra strikes, but Bryan kicks out of a pin attempt. Bryan is able to lock in the LaBell lock, and Santino holds on for as long as he’s able to. Santino tries to fight to his feet and the crowd is going nuts, but Bryan pulls back on the hold and Santino is forced to tap out.

WINNER AND STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

Bryan celebrates with his title in the ring. Sheamus' music hits, and the Irishman makes his way out to the ring. Bryan begs off, but goes for a kick. Sheamus stops him, and grabs him by the throat. Sheamus shoulders Bryan, and drops him with an air raid crash. Sheamus' music hits, and he's apparently made his intentions clear as to who he's like to face at WrestleMania. Sheamus makes his way to the back, and it looks like the match that wasn't even allowed to happen on the preshow at WM last year, will be one of the main events.

Backtage, Hornswoggle is talking about how much he loves cheese. He asks Natalya to cut some cheese. Natalya swears that wasn't her. She grabs her stomach, and farts again. She says, "Oh my God," and runs off. Justin Gabriel comes in asks if Hornswoggle likes it. Swagger and Vickie come in. Swoggle says he likes that they have Jack cheese, and cottage cheese (pointing at Ziggler and Vickie). Teddy Long makes his way in and says the two can settle their differences in the ring tonight. Swagger says he agrees that there should be one man who runs Raw and Smackdown. Long agrees, but says it should be him. Before Long leaves, he lets Swagger know that his match tonight will be for the US Championship.

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