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Welcome to our exclusive live ongoing play-by-play coverage of WWE Elimination Chamber 2012. The following story contains detailed play-by-play results to the match written by Sean Hopkins.
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WWE Divas Championship Match
- Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Tamina Snuka

The entrances:

Beth Phoenix makes her way out to the ring first, holding up her title the whole way. Tamina is out to the ring next, and neither woman really gets much of a reaction, as they’ve got a tough act to follow.

The start:

The bell rings, and before they get started, Beth offers Tamina to get out of her ring. Tamina responds by hitting her with a couple of big chops to the back and chest, and slamming her to the mat. Beth tries to head butt Tamina to no effect. Tamina responds with a head butt of her own to lay out the champion. Tamina heads up to the top, but she’s pushed outside to the floor by Beth.

Mid-match notes:

Beth slams her head repeatedly into the ground and hits her with a series of punches before rolling back into the ring and mocking her with a superfly pose. Tamina is able to beat the count back into the ring, but Beth lays in with a nasty series of elbows to the kidneys before locking in a rear chin lock.

Tamina is able to fight up to her feet and out of the hold, but she’s thrown right back down to the mat by Beth. Beth kicks away at Tamina’s back before locking in a dragon sleeper and bending Tamina backwards.

Beth stands to her feet to get more leverage, but Tamina is able to fight out of the hold. Tamina shoulders Beth and hits a Samoan drop. Tamina heads up to the top rope, but she’s stopped by Beth, who hits her with a couple of big forearms before heading up after her. Beth lays in with a couple more forearms to the back before hitting a big superplex out of the corner.

Beth hits Tamina with a couple of rights, and Tamina fights back with some of her own, then some chops. Tamina takes Beth into the corner and hits a big splash, then a superkick. Tamina drags Beth into position and heads back up to the top rope. Tamina poses and hits the superfly splash, but Beth kicks out at two.

The finish:

Tamina heads back up to the top rope, but Beth rolls to the outside. Tamina heads after her and sends Beth back into the ring, but She’s thrown into the turnbuckles, and caught with the glam slam. Phoenix covers Tamina, and this one is over as she gets the three count.

WINNER AND STILL WWE Diva’s Champion: Beth Phoenix

Beth celebrates with her title before we go to a Be a STAR promo.

Santino is shown backstage again, still dressed as Rocky, and he’s boxing what looks to be a ham. Santino hits the ham with the cobra.

Josh Matthews is backstage nearby Chris Jericho who is getting checked out by doctor’s. He says they’ll try to get a word with him as soon as they can.

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