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WWE Elimination Chamber Results (2/23/14) - Wyatts Beat The Shield, Randy Orton Retains Title

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WWE Elimination Chamber Results

Sunday, February 23, 2014
From the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Report by Sean Hopkins & Richard Gray of


The WWE TV opening starts promptly at 7:30 PM EST as we're live for Elimination Chamber. WWE Network is the official sponsor of the Kickoff as Josh Mathews gives us the welcome to a sold out Target Center with over 15,000 expected. He plugs the Chamber match and welcomes us to the panel of Mark Henry, The Miz and Rey Mysterio. Henry says his son Jacob has briefed him how the panel has gone, The Miz is introduced as the newly-wed and Rey Mysterio welcomes the others. They're debuting an all-new Kickoff set that will be used on upcoming WWE Network programming. Mark wants to see what's going to happen in the Chamber but The Miz plugs the Intercontinental Championship bout and the WWE Tag Team Championship bout. Mysterio plugs The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family as a group of the crowd chants "Sexual Chocolate."

Coming up next, Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel. Miz says anytime you have brothers, they have the chemistry and picks them to go over. Mysterio says they have it in their blood and seemingly picks them as well. Mark Henry says there hasn't been this much excitement in the tag division since the Attitude Era.

We go to the Social Media Lounge with Renee Young. She reads Tweets of people giving their predictions for the bouts. She gives it back to Josh Mathews, as he questions who will be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion heading into Wrestlemania. He explains the rules, two workers start and new entrants come in and timed intervals. Cue video tape from Monday's Raw with The Shield interfering and breaking up the show's main event.

Mysterio said he experienced a lot of anxiety and adrenaline prior to the Chamber. The Miz says they're thinking about the pain their about to endure. He said it doesn't just hurt for weeks but sometimes years. Henry says there will be a victor but there is no winner. He's still suffering from injuries from last year's Elimination Chamber match. Henry says it's worth it but it's painful.

Backstage, Zeb Colter talks up The Real Americans about the new opportunity for America. To have one less illegal sneaking across the border, an opportunity for more hellos and a lot less ollas. He had Swagger and Cesaro put their hands over their hearts and say "We the People." It's time for announcer introductions as JBL is shown making his way to ringside. They promote Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio with video footage.

After the package, we see WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler come out to a big ovation from the Minneapolis crowd. They go to the video of The Bella Twins explaining how to signup for the WWE Network on Monday. We have the video at this link.

We're back and Michael Cole gives us the ringside welcome to Elimination Chamber. The WWE Network will launch at 9 AM EST on Monday. Jerry Lawler shows us on his iPad how to watch and loads SummerSlam 2013.

Tag Team Match
- Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

The entrances:

Goldust and Cody Rhodes enter to a pop. Goldust has his shirt on over his smock save the wig. Curtis Axel and Ryback come out to a heel reaction. Ryback is wearing this.

The start:

Goldust and Curtis Axel start things out but quick tags are made by each. It's Cody Rhodes and Ryback as the lockup. Ryback rolls Cody up for a quick one count.

Mid-match notes:

Ryback whips Cody off the ropes, puts him up for a press slam but Cody counters. Ryback elbows Cody to the face and backs him into their corner. He tags Axel to continue with control. Axel bangs Rhodes' head off the turnbuckle. He follows with backhand chops.

Cody Rhodes counters with a big boot and clotheslines Axel to the outside. Ryback gets involved and the Rhodes Brothers perform a sensational high risk maneuver (Rhodes out of the ring, Goldust off the apron) onto their opponents on the outside.

Back from a quick break and Ryback is stomping away at Goldust in the ring. Axel is tagged in. He gives an elbow to Goldust as the crowd tries to get behind the Rhodes Brothers. Larry "The Axe" Hennig is now ringside in the corner of his grandson, Curtis Axel.

Ryback picks Goldust up for a snap suplex. He holds for a considerable amount of time, releases and gets a two count. Axel tags in and a double team maneuver ensues. Goldust and Axel go at it in the ring. Goldust counters and gets a cover for a two count on Axel. Another move and both men are down, Axel gets the hot tags. Goldust can't get to his corner.

Ryback picks Goldust up and burns him into the mat. Goldust counters and hits a Hurricanrana on Ryback! Ryback is on the outside, Goldust needs a tag and gets it. It's now Rhodes and Axel. Cody Rhodes hits a moonsault and gets a two count on Axel. Cody goes to finish him but Ryback interferes. Cody hits a Disaster Kick on Ryback on the outside. He gets back in and Axel lands some offense and a two count.

The finish:

Axel goes for the Perfect Plex but Cody counters. Goldust and Ryback fight on the outside as Cody Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes on Axel. He gets the pinfall victory.

Winners Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Larry "The Axe" Hennig is shown on the outside trying to regroup Axel.

Backstage with Byron Saxton and The Usos. They proclaim they respect The New Age Outlaws but it's a new year and a new day. They have two words for the NAO regarding their title reign, it's over.

Renee Young reads more Twitter predictions for the Social Media Lounge. Josh Mathews wants predictions from the panelists. Mysterio picks Cesaro, Henry picks Sheamus and The Miz picks Cesaro. That's it for the Kickoff, I now leave you in the capable hands of Sean Hopkins.

We kick off the show with a video package highlighting the brutality of the Elimination Chamber match, the six men who will be competing in the match, and the reward of going on to WrestleMania as WWE Champion.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. The fans are on their feet, and look to be ready for some action. The first match of the night will be for the Intercontinental Championship, and Jack Swagger makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Zeb Coalter. Coalter has a mic and says Swagger's opponent is Big E, and Coalter figured out that the E stands for 'enough'. Enough of him being the Intercontinental Championship. Coalter asks for the fans to come up with one thing Big E has done to positively impact North America, but he's done nothing, and things have gotten worse in the three months he's been champion. Illegals are crossing the border, and we're surrounded by a polar vortex. Coincidence? Zeb doesn't think so. He asks everyone to stand and say in a clear voice, 'We the People'.

Big E is out next, and he doesn't get much of a reaction out of the fans in the crowd.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Big E vs. Jack Swagger

The bell rings, and we're ready to kick off the show. Both men circle each other before locking up. Big E takes Swagger into the corner, and the two jockey for position. After a break, we get another lock up and Swagger gets in a couple of quick shots before connecting with a shoulder block. Swagger avoids a body slam, but walks right into a huge flying shoulder tackle that sends Swagger out of the ring. Zeb tells Swagger to keep his eyes on Big E. Swagger slowly gets back into the ring and kicks Big E in the gut before hitting a couple of right hands, backing Big E into the corner. Big E comes back with a giant belly to belly suplex. then another, and Swagger pulls himself up in the corner just in time for Big E to bury his shoulder in Swagger's midsection. Swagger bails to the outside, and Big E follows, slamming his head on the steel steps.

Zeb has a couple of words with Big E, and Swagger tries to take advantage, but E shrugs him off and spears him against the ring post. Big E rolls Swagger back into the ring for a two count, and Swagger heads right back to the outside. Big E grabs Swagger, but Swagger pulls him from the apron down to the floor. Swagger connects with a running clothesline that puts Big E down, and Zeb gloats. Swagger rolls E back into the ring and goes for the cover, getting a one count. Swagger pushes E into the corner and charges in with a running knee to the stomach. Swagger continues the assault with more knees until he's pulled off by the referee. Swagger comes right back with a quick clothesline for another near fall. Swagger goes to work on E's arms, but Big E is quick to stand, and back Swagger into the corner to break the hold. Big E hits the ropes and runs right into a big boot from Swagger.

Swagger goes for another pin, but can't keep E down. Swagger clamps on a front face lock, grinding Big E into the mat. E makes it to his feet and picks Swagger up, tossing him off with ease. Both men are slow to stand, and both connect with simultaneous clotheslines.

When they get to their feet, E hits a couple of right hands, but misses a spear in the corner, running shoulder first into the ring post. Swagger goes for the roll up, but only gets two. Swagger lays the boots to E, and the fans are almost completely behind Swagger. Swagger tosses Big E into the corner, but he runs right into a back elbow, and a couple of kicks from Big E. E follws up with a couple of clothesline, and a big belly to belly suplex. E hits the ropes and Swagger pops up, planting him with a spinebuster for two.

Swagger goes for the Swagger bomb, but he's caught by Big E. Swagger holds on to the ropes and drops to the apron to avoid the Big Ending, but Big E spears Swagger through the ropes and both men fall to the floor. E rolls Swagger back into the ring and goes for the cover, getting a two count. Big E connects with a splash for another two count.

Big E heads to the outside and begins climbing to the top turnbuckle. Swagger stops him, but Big E is able to fight Swagger off. Swagger charges back up the ropes and connects with a belly to belly from the top that's good for another two count. Swagger hits the ropes and hits Big E with a chop block to the knee. Swagger is able to lock Big E into the Patriot lock in the middle of the ring. E crawls for the ropes, but flips to his back and kicks Swagger off instead. Both men trade rights, and Swagger connects with a kick to the gut. Swagger goes for the gut wrench but can't connect. Big E jumps right into another kick to the gut, but he comes back quickly with a quick jump right into Swagger. Swagger locks in the patriot lock again, but Big E gets to his feet and connects with an enzugiri. Big E hits the Big Ending, and this one is over with a three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E

After the match, Bad News Barrett is out, rising up on his podium. He bangs his gavel and says he's got some bad news. To the surprise of nobody, Russia has won more gold medals than the Americans at the Olympic games. And they'll have to wait for four more years before going back, and having Russia prove European sporting dominance again.

Cole , JBL and Lawler bring up Hulk Hogan coming back to WWE, and hosting WrestleMania 30 with a quick video package, and look at some of the news that's been reported about his return

We get a recap of Daniel Bryan vs. Christian on Monday Night Raw, and Kane letting Bryan know he had one more match that night, against Kane himself. We also get a look at Bryan fighting against Swagger and Cesaro on Smackdown, with more interference from Cesaro.

This sends things backstage where Daniel Bryan is shown. Bryan is asked about being less than 100%. He says his mindset is that he'll go all out, all the time. He says he can't answer whether he'll walk out of the Chamber as champion. This match will be painful, his opponents will go after his shoulder. And he'll fight, claw, and scratch to win this match and go on to WrestleMania. He leads the crowd in some yes chants before the interview is over.

The New Age Outlaws are out in the arena, walking to the ring to a bit of a pop from the crowd. Road Dogg welcomes fans to the Dogg house. He gives a quick run down before going into his tried and true spiel, getting the crowd going right along with him. He hands off the mic to Gunn, who lets the fans know what they can do if they're not down with that.

The Uso's are out next, and they too get a pretty nice pop out of the fans in attendance.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos

Gunn and Jimmy kick things off with a lock up. Gunn goes to work on the arm, going right into a headlock. Uso pushes him off but falls to a shoulder block before being put right back down to the mat. Another lock up, and Gunn goes back to work on Jimmy's are before popping him with a right hand, then a clubbing blow to the back. Gunn ducks a clothesline from Jimmy, but falls to a drop toe hold, then a couple of arm drags and a hip toss. Gunn avoids a superkick by heading to the outside. Road Dogg comes in and almost gets a superkick as well. The Uso's tease a double dive, but the Outlaws are able to get out of the way. Jey and Road Dogg tag into the match.

Road Dogg catches Jey with a kick to the gut, and Jey comes back with a big right before dancing around a bit and coming up with a couple of quick shots to Dogg. Dogg runs into a kick in the corner before hip tossing Jey into the corner hard. Dogg hits a clubbing blow to Jey's back before tossing him out to the floor. Gunn tags into the match and goes out after Jey, hitting him with a huge clothesline on the floor. Billy brings things back into the ring and goes for a cover, but only gets two. Billy stomps away at Jey before picking him up for a quick right hand. Billy picks Jey up in the corner and kicks at his gut before hitting a big right. Here come the 'CM Punk chants'. Dogg tags back into the match and kicks Jey in the gut. Jey tries to fight back, going for a hip toss, but Road Dogg fights it off. Dogg goes for another pin, but he can't get three. Dogg traps Jey in a rear chin lock, but Jey is quick to fight up to his feet, stomping on Dogg's foot to break the hold. Dogg blocks a kick, but Jey is able to connect with a spinning kick to Dogg's face.

Both men make the tag, and Jimmy comes in with a couple of quick explosive moves on Billy before hitting him with a Bubba Bomb, then tossing Road Dogg over the top and to the outside. Jimmy hits a sort of Samoan drop, and charges Gunn in the corner, but Road Dogg pulls Billy to the floor. Jimmy leaps over the top rope, taking Road Dogg out, then Billy comes in, taking a quick shot before bringing things back into the ring. Jimmy avoids the fameasser, and connects with a superkick for a two count. Jimmy heads to the top rope, and leaps over Billy. Jimmy misses a high kick, and catches Road Dogg with a superkick, but Billy is in to roll him up for the three count.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws

Following the match, Bad New Barrett is back. This time his podium isn't up high. He says he's come down to their level to deliver bad news to Daniel Bryan fans. Bryan won't be winning the Championship this evening, and of course that means the fans will turn on Bryan, and the Yes movement will cease to exist. Barrett gives the fans a 'yes' chant, while they chant 'no' back at him.

Lawler and Cole give a quick run-through of how to access the WWE Network, something that will likely be re-hashed more times that I can count over the next few weeks.

Darren Young makes his way out to the ring for the next match, and it doesn't seem as though the fans are doing to care too much about this one if the initial reactions are any indication.

Titus O'Neil is out next, also getting no reaction from the fans.

Singles Match:
Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

The bell rings and we get a quick lock up with Titus backing Young up into the corner. Titus shoves Young and goes through the ropes before coming back out and knocking Young down with a forearm to the face. Titus puts Young in a headlock before tossing him aside. Young is able to come up with a headlock of his own, but Titus pushes him off, coming up with a big shoulder block. Titus picks Young up to his feet and buries his knee in Young's midsection. Young comes up with a big forearm, a low dropkick, and he clotheslines Titus over the top rope, sending both men out to the floor. Young brings things back into the ring and he goes to the top rope, coming off with a big flying clothesline for a one count.

Young hits a couple of uppercuts, but Titus comes back, whipping Young into the corner, over the top, and out to the floor. Titus goes to the floor and picks Young up, driving his back into the ring post a couple of times before bringing things back into the ring for a near fall. Titus traps Young in a bear hug, but Young won't give up. Young fights Titus off with a series of elbows, then a quick back elbow. Young goes to the middle rope, but leaps off and gets caught by Titus. Titus hits a backbreaker before effortlessly tossing Young aside. Titus locks in an abdominal stretch, slapping at Young's ribs.

Young tries to fight out, elbowing Titus' thigh. Titus catches Young with a kick to the gut, then splashes him in the corner. Young avoids a charging Titus in the corner, and connects with a kick to the face to put him down to the mat. Young psychs himself up, and connects with a couple of right hands, and an uppercut. He hits Titus with a knee lift and a quick clothesline, then connects with a back body drop. Young mounts Titus and hits him with a series of rights. Titus rolls out to the apron and Young follows. Young hits a nasty neckbreaker on the apron, which is good for a two count.

Young shoulders Titus, but Titus drops down and hits him with a shot to the lower back. Titus connects with a sit-out spinebuster to get the three count.

Winner: Titus O'Neil

Bad News Barrett is back once more, banging his gavel again. He says it would appear that Minnesota's electricians are as bad as their NFL teams, so he'll be on the crowd's level all night as his podium isn't working. It was announced that Hulk Hogan is returning to the WWE and will host WrestleMania, but his once hot spotlight will forever be dimmed by the extraordinary skills of Barrett himself.

We check in with the Expert panel, which consists of Mark Henry, The Miz and Rey Mysterio. Josh Matthews talks a bit about the pre-show match of the Rhodes brothers vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel, which was won by the Rhodes brothers when Cody hit CrossRhodes on Axel. Matthews asks what has stood out the most so far. Henry says he's happy for Titus O'Neil, but he's not happy with what's going on for those two after mentoring them. Miz liked the Intercontinental match, while Mysterio preferred the Tag Team Championship.

We get a video package that highlights the recent history between The Shield and The Wyatt Family, beginning with what happened on a recent Raw when the Wyatt Family cost the Shield a shot at going into the Elimination Chamber, along with some of the dissension that's been brewing within the Shield. The six man tag match is up next.

The Shield is the first trio to make their way to the ring, of course coming out through the crowd. They get a nice reaction from the fans on their way to the ring.

The Wyatt Family is out next, slowly making their way to the ring to a bit of a subdued reaction.

6 Man Tag Team Match:
The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

The lights come up and Bray screams at the Shield while flanked by Harper and Rowan. We get 'this is awesome' chants before anyone's even been touched. All six men are in the ring, staring each other down, and it looks like the ref will have his hands full for this match. Bray and Ambrose jaw with each other for a bit while Reigns holds Ambrose back. Things break down as Ambrose goes after Wyatt, and all six men are brawling before the bell. The Shield send the Wyatts out to the floor pretty quickly.

The bell rings and Rowan and Rollins look to kick things off. Rollins ducks a shot from Rowan, then ducks another. Rollins scores with a couple of quick shots, hitting a nice dropkick counter. Rollins backs Rowan into the corner and tags out to Reigns, who works Rowan over for a bit before tagging back out to Rollins. Rollins falls to a giant shoulder block from Rowan, flying head over heels. Rowan tags out to Harper, who comes in and head butts Rollins, sending him into the Wyatt corner. Harper rips at Rollins' face before tagging out to Bray. Bray comes into the ring and scores with some rights, and a back elbow, but Rollins ducks through Bray's legs and makes the tag to Reigns.

Reigns comes into the ring and Bray laughs. Reigns blocks a right, and backs Wyatt into the corner, going crazy with repeated right hands. Wyatt comes up with a big right to Reigns' face, and Reigns is staggered, but comes up with a giant swinging backfist. Wyatt is able to get Reigns in a front face lock and make the tag to Harper. Harper tries for a suplex, but Reigns blocks it three times, coming up with a suplex of his own. Reigns is able to tag out to Ambrose, who comes in with stinging jabs before being pulled away by the ref.

All three men from the Shield are in the ring, triple teaming Harper, and Reigns makes the tag to Ambrose. Ambrose grinds Harper's face against the top rope before hitting a dropkick for two. Rollins comes back into the match and punches and kicks at Harper before we get another tag from Ambrose. Ambrose takes Harper into the corner and grinds his forearm against Harper's face before leaping off the second rope with a back elbow. Rowan provides a distraction and Harper comes up with a big dropkick to turn the tide. Bray tags in and mounts Ambrose with a series of right hands to the face. Bray follws up, taking Ambrose into the corner and hitting a big headbutt. Wyatt goes across the ring and charges back, splashing Ambrose in the corner.

Rowan tags in and slams Ambrose to the mat, following with a knee drop. Rowan digs his fists into the sides of Ambrose's head, but Ambrose is able to fight out. Ambrose hits the ropes and walks right into a sidewalk slam. Rowan makes the tag to Harper who comes in and grinds his boot into Ambrose's head. Ambrose and Harper trade rights, and Harper comes up with a suplex for two. Harper pulls Ambrose to his feet and rakes his eyes. Ambrose is able to come up with a swinging neckbreaker, that allows him to tag out to Rollins. Rollins comes in with a dropkick, a side kick, and a flurry of shots in the corner before connecting with a leaping forearm. Rollins goes to the top, but another distraction by Rowan allows Harper to stop Rollins in his tracks. Harper goes up after Rollins and tries for a belly to back superplex, but Rollins lands on his feet, clotheslines Harper over the top, and follows with a dive through the ropes. Rollins brings things back into the ring and connects with a springboard knee to the side of Harper's face. Rollins misses a big boot, and walks into a black hole slam from Harper.

Bray tags in and takes things outside, burying his knee in Rollins' face and hitting a quick running senton splash on the floor. Bray takes things back to the ring, slamming Rollins against the apron before trying for a pin and getting a two count. Rowan tags in and hits a couple of clubbing blows and a big head butt. The fans seem completely split down the middle. Rowan picks Rollins up and slams him to the mat before hitting a diving forearm to Rollins' back for another two count. Harper tags back into the match and hits a huge right to Rollins' face. Harper lets Rollins get to his feet and slaps him right back down. Harper backs Rollins into the corner and hits him with a big uppercut, before sending him across the ring and following with a big splash. Harper traps Rollins in between the middle and bottom rope, slingshotting him up into the middle rope hard. Bray tags in and stomps at Rollins before clamping on a rear chin lock.

Rollins struggles to his feet, fighting out of the hold, but Bray connects with a head butt. Rollins tries to fight out of the Wyatt corner. Bray sends Rollins into the corner, but runs right into a big boot from Rollins. Rollins leaps from the middle rope, and Bray puts him to the mat with a urunage. Ambrose comes into the ring but is immediately wiped out by Harper. Harper tags into the match and stomps Rollins before jawing with Reigns. Harper continues to stomp at Rollins' chest, then he pulls Rollins from the ropes. Rollins lands on his feet and connects with a kick to the side of the head.

Reigns and Rowan tag in and Reigns goes crazy, attacking all three men before hitting a Samoan drop on Rowan. Harper tosses Reigns from the ring and Reigns connects with a single leg dropkick to Rowan's face before low bridging Harper. Reigns goes for the pin, but it's broken up by Bray. Ambrose is in attacking Bray, and he goes to the outside after the Wyatt leader. Harper dives through the ropes to take out Ambrose, and Rollins leaps over the top to wipe out Harper. Back in the ring, both Rowan and Reigns connect with clotheslines. On the outside, Rollins tosses Harper into the ring post, then immediately begins taking apart the Spanish announcer's table. Bray attacks Rollins, and he and Harper set something up, but Ambrose flies in, taking out Harper, and fighting Bray over the barricade and out into the crowd. In the ring, Rowan and Reigns trade big right hands. Reigns is stopped with a knee to the gut before Rowan tosses him shoulder first into the ring post. Reigns comes back with a giant clothesline for a two count.

On the outside, Rollins catches Harper with a shot with a monitor, but Bray is back, and he stops Rollins cold. Bray and Harper begin taking apart the main announcer's table while Rowan hits a fall away slam on Reigns that sends him to the floor. Rollins is places on the main announcer's table on the outside and Harper and Rowan stand along with him. Reigns and Harper picks Rollins up and send him flying backward through the Spanish announcer's table. The crowd is loving this match.

Reigns is back in the ring, and all three members of the Wyatt family surround the ring. Reigns tries to fight off Bray, but Rowan pulls him back into the corner, beating on him. Harper makes a tag and sends Rowan flying into the corner, splashing Reigns. Rowan tosses Reigns in for a big boot from Harper. Bray does his spider walk toward Reigns before kissing him on the head for Sister Abagail. Reigns posers out of the move, but Bray comes up with a couple of head butts. Reigns shakes them off and hits a big Samoan drop. Reigns tosses Harper over the top, then connects with a superman punch on Rowan, and one for Bray. Reigns waits for Bray to stand, but Harper is in. Reigns hits a spear on Harper. Bray knocks Reigns down, then hits Reigns with Sister Abagail for the three count.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Renee catches Christian backstage and asks him about his recent losing streak. Christian says no one will remember those losses when he wins Elimination Chamber. Christian beat himself. He's desperate, and that makes him more dangerous than anyone. Everyone can underestimate him tonight, he dares them.

AJ Lee makes her way into the arena for a bit of a breather after the AMAZING Shield/Wyatt match. AJ doesn't get much of a reaction, but nothing is going to be able to follow what just happened.

AJ says for 252 days she's been your Divas Champion. She is the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, and it's ok to cheer. Despite the fact that she's got zero competition, she's been informed that she's got to defend her title, but she doesn't care who she has to face, because she's defeated everyone. It's just too bad Naomi broke her face. The Funkadactyl's music hits, and Cameron makes her way to the ring.

WWE Divas Championship:
AJ Lee vs. Cameron

Cameron tosses her pom poms at AJ, and AJ just smiles. The bell rings and both women begin circling each other. We get a lock up, and Cameron takes AJ down for a quick pin for one. Cameron then rolls her up for another one count, and Cameron skips around the ring. Cameron sweeps the leg and hits a leg drop, but AJ comes back, hitting a kick to the gut for a two count of her own. AJ picks Cameron up for a neckbreaker that's good for a one count. AJ traps Cameron in a modified rear chin lock, but Cameron is able to fight out. AJ slams Cameron back down toward the mat. AJ sends Cameron into the corner, and shows the fans how you skip. AJ misses a splash in the corner and is rolled up for one before being driven to the mat face first, and hit with a couple of clotheslines. Cameron connects with a dropkick for a two count.

Cameron tries for a sort-of Thesz press, but AJ comes right back, dumping Cameron out to the floor. AJ grabs the pom poms and mocks Cameron before tossing the pom poms into the ring. Cameron pulls AJ down from the apron. Cameron ducks a kick from Tamina, and Tamina connects with AJ. Cameron brings things back into the ring, and goes for the pin, but Tamina breaks it up. Tamina brings Cameron out to the floor hits a big clothesline, causing the DQ.

Winner: Cameron
STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

Bad News Barrett is back again. He says the good news is that Barrett has more time to deliver bad news since his podium is broken. Tomorrow, the WWE Network goes live, but the problem is everyone will be so overwhelmed by the content available, you won't be able to turn it off. People will lose their jobs and be expelled from school. People won't even have time to take out the garbage. Rats will move in, and places will be even bigger pigsties. The government will come in, condemn houses, and everyone will be homeless.

Santino is shown backstage playing with some WWE merchandise, Emma, Khali, El Torito, and The Matadores join him, and Santino runs off, embarrassed, before everyone else plays with what he's set up.

Batista is out into the arena, getting a bit of a pop from the fans, who still may be a bit worn out from the awesome Shield/Wyatt's match. There are a couple of audible boos as the Animal makes his way into the ring. We get a recap of Batista coming into the ring to take the fight to Del Rio a couple of weeks ago on Raw, culminating in a Batista bomb through the announcer's table.

Alberto Del Rio is out next, and he too doesn't draw much of a reaction out of the fans in attendance.

Singles Match:
Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio comes out in a tracksuit with a neckbrace on. He's hobbling toward the ring using a crutch for support. Del Rio hops up the steps and slows makes his way into the ring.

Del Rio has a mic and he says Batista brutally attacked him, and because of that, he won't be able to compete tonight. Del Rio kicks Batista in the gut and hits him repeatedly with the crutch. Del Rio strips off the tracksuit and he's dressed to compete. Del Rio jabs the crutch into Batista's gut a couple of times before attacking Batista's leg. Del Rio pulls off his neck brace a smiles before laying in one more shot with the crutch. Del Rio calls for the bell to be rung.

The ref checks with Batista, and then has the bell rung. Batista scores with a couple of rights, and gets a huge amount of boos. Del Rio is able to send Batista shoulder first into the ring post, then score with a dropkick to the side of the head. The crowd is chanting 'boo-tista'. Del Rio traps Batista in the cross arm breaker, while Batista is trapped in the ropes. Del Rio heads back into the ring and stomps away at Batista.

Del Rio goes back to work on the arm, wrenching away. 'Daniel Bryan' chants, and more 'CM Punk' chants from the crowd. Batista gets to his feet and fights off Del Rio. Del Rio comes up with a single arm breaker before kicking at Batista's back. This match is probably the most I've ever seen Del Rio get cheered. 'Y2J' chants. Del Rio misses Batista in the corner and crashes shoulder first into the ring post. Batista buries his shoulder in Del Rio's midsection, but Del Rio is able to knock Batista to the mat, coming off the middle rope with a double stomp to Batista's chest.

'RVD' chants from the crowd as Del Rio scores with an enzugiri for two. Another pin from Del Rio, and another two count. Del Rio hits the ropes and dropkicks Batista, sending him rolling under the bottom rope and out to the floor. 'We want Lesnar' chants. Del Rio heads to the outside, bringing Batista back into the ring. Del Rio charges back in, running right into a spear. Batista pins Del Rio, but Del Rio kicks out at two. Batista hits a short-arm clothesline, then another to a ton of heat from the crowd. Batista shoulders Del Rio, but Del Rio fights out and connects with a backstabber for a two count.

Del Rio heads to the top rope, and leaps off with a senton, but Batista rolls out of the way. Batista connects with a spinebuster before shaking the ropes a bit. Batista goes for the Batista bomb, but Del Rio counters out and kicks Batista in the side of the head for another near fall. Del Rio calls for the cross arm breaker, but Batista counters out, sends Del Rio into the corner, and connects with the Batista bomb. Batista pins Del Rio, and gets the three count.

Winner: Batista

We get another check in with the expert panel. Miz says he's changing his pick to Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry wants to stick with his pick of Sheamus, saying no one is fresher than he is. Mysterio says all of these men except for Cesaro has been in this match, but Mysterio still believes Cesaro will win. Henry says Orton hasn't won in a month, and no one expects with to win this one. The Chamber is shown being lowered to the ring as Josh Matthews talks about the winner of this match going on to WrestleMania.

Cole says tonight marks the 17th Chamber match in WWE history, and only 10 men have won a Chamber match. The winner will go on to face Batista at WrestleMania, and that leads into a video package highlighting some of the history behind the Chamber, and some of the factors that will play into tonight's match.

John Cena is the first man to make his way out to the Chamber. He gets his trademark mixed reaction from the fans. Cena makes his way into his Chamber pod, getting locked in until his number is called.

Christian is the second man out into the arena, and the fans don't seem all that excited to see him this evening.

Randy Orton enters third, carrying both titles over his shoulders. Cole notes that Orton has never won a Chamber match before in five previous attempts. Orton hands off his titles before heading over to his pod.

Daniel Bryan is the final man to enter a Chamber pod. He makes his way out to what is easily the reaction of the night. Bryan has his shoulder taped up. He stares down his opponents already in their pods, before climbing into his own.

Cesaro is the fifth man to make his way to the Chamber, and he's accompanied out by Zeb Coalter. Cesaro leads the fans in a 'We the People' pledge before testing the Chamber chains, and heading into the ring.

Sheamus is the final man to make his way into the arena, and he gets a nice reaction from the fans, who seem to have bounced back a bit, and are showing a bit more life, and interest in the actual match at hand.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match:
Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Christian vs. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro

The Chamber door is closed and locked up. The bell rings and Cesaro and Sheamus circle each other. Sheamus is distracted by Christian, and that allows Cesaro to attack, stomping away at Sheamus and sending him out of the ring. Cesaro attempts to slam Sheamus head first into the Chamber wall, but Sheamus fights it off and clotheslines Cesaro over the top and back into the ring. Cesaro fights back with a big uppercut, and he back drops Sheamus out to the Chamber floor. Cesaro connects with a big forearm, but runs into a slingshot shoulder block from Sheamus. Sheamus kicks Cesaro in the back and follows up with a neckbreaker for one.

Sheamus whips Cesaro across the ring and follows with a shoulder to the gut before hitting a low knee and clotheslining Cesaro over the top rope. Cesaro fights off Sheamus, but Sheamus is able to turn things right back around and hit a series of clubbing blows to Cesaro's chest. Sheamus clotheslines Cesaro and sends him crashing to the Chamber floor. Sheamus attempts to suplex Cesaro back into the ring, but Cesaro fights it off and brings Sheamus out to the floor with him. Cesaro sends Sheamus crashing into the turnbuckle, then he heads to the middle rope and leaps off with a double stomp to the chest.

Cesaro heads back into the ring after Sheamus, and hits him with a big uppercut, then a kick, and another uppercut. Cesaro mocks Cena before continuing the assault. Sheamus tries to fight back, but Cesaro charges into the corner with a huge European uppercut to drop Sheamus. Sheamus is able to come up with a couple of weak kicks, and he pulls himself to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Cesaro stops Sheamus cold, but Sheamus fights him off and hits a shoulder tackle from the top. The clock counts down and the next man in is Daniel Bryan.

Bryan comes in with a double missile dropkick to both men, then a series of knees to Cesaro, and a running knee to the gut. Bryam kicks Sheamus repeatedly in the corner, backflips over him, and hits a flying clothesline.

Bryan kicks both Sheamus and Cesaro in their chests, trading kicks between the two. Bryan hits a kick to the side of Cesaro's head. Sheamus is able to catch Bryan out of nowhere, but Bryan comes back, taking Sheamus down and trapping the leg. Bryan also catches Cesaro with a Northern lights suplex, holding both men down. Bryan rolls up Sheamus for a quick near fall. Bryan goes to the middle rope and leaps off, but he's caught by Cesaro and taken to the mat with a backbreaker for a near fall. Sheamus and Cesaro square off with Sheamus scoring with some uppercuts of his own. Sheamus hits a clothesline on Cesaro, but Cesaro comes back with a series of knees and a clothesline back over the top to the Chamber floor. Cesaro grinds his knee against Sheamus' face on the Chamber floor. Bryan is out and he attacks Cesaro, but Cesaro whips Bryan through the pod that Bryan started out in.

Cesaro and Sheamus trade big shots on the outside, and Cesaro seems to get the upper hand. Sheamus shoulders Cesaro and hits a rolling slam, bringing all of his weight down on Cesaro's chest. Sheamus brings things back into the ring for a two count. Cesaro rolls to the outside and Sheamus turns to Bryan, stomping away at him. Sheamus heads to the top, but he's stopped by Bryan. The clock counts down as Sheamus fights Bryan off. Christian is the next man in, and he pushes Sheamus off the top and to the outside.

Christian goes right to work on Bryan, stompin at his shoulder, and wrenching the arm. Christian tosses Bryan to the outside and brings Bryan's arm down across the top rope before shoving him repeatedly into the Chamber wall. Christian rips at Bryan's shoulder tape, hitting a series of clubbing blows. Christian uses the pod door to slam against Bryan's injured arm. Christian stands on the middle rope and waits for Bryan to stand, connecting with a tornado DDT for two.

Christian pulls Bryan up, and Bryan connects with a couple of kicks and a big enzugiri. Bryan goes for the dropkick in the corner, but Christian ducks and Bryan misses. Sheamus is up and he throws Christian into the Chamber wall repeatedly. Sheamus shoulders Christian, but Christian drops down and hits a reverse DDT on the Chamber floor. Cesaro is up and he's got Christian by the legs. Christian fights him off, and goes for the Killswitch, but Cesaro fights him off and tosses Christian up. Christian grabs onto the Chamber wall and leaps off, but Cesaro catches him, and powerbombs Christian into one of the pod walls. Cesaro goes for the pin, but Christian kicks out at two.

Cesaro turns to Sheamus, picking up the destroyed pod wall, and putting it in front of Sheamus before hitting a big uppercut. Sheamus fights back, but Cesaro gut wrenches him up and tosses him back on the Chamber floor. The clock counts down once more, and the next man out is Cena.

Cena catches a leaps Christian, and shoulders him, hitting the AA to send him crashing into Cesaro. Bryan stops Cena climbing to the top, and hits a top rope hurricanrana. Bryan kicks Cena's chest repeatedly, but Christian stops him with the Killswitch. Christian pins Bryan, but Bryan kicks out at two.

Cesaro grabs Christian by the legs, but Cena hits a cross body and Christian's slingshotted into the corner. Cena hits a belly to back suplex on Christian, and teases the five knuckle shuffle, but Sheamus hits Cena with White Noise. Sheamus kicks Cesaro in the gut, and the two trade more uppercuts. Sheamus takes Cesaro into the corner, and Cesaro whips Sheamus into a double kick from Christian. Cesaro tries for the Neutralizer, but Sheamus fights it off. Christian sends Sheamus out to the floor, and Christian hits a tornado DDT on Cesaro for two. Cena grabs Christian and sends him crashing into the cage wall. Cena catches Cesaro with the shoulder tackle, and Cesaro responds with a huge pop up European uppercut for two.

Cesaro hits Cena with an uppercut, Bryan hits Cesaro with a kick, and Cena hits Bryan with a right. The three men continue to trade strikes and kicks. Cena shoulders Cesaro, and Bryan kicks at Cena's gut. Bryan kicks Cesaro in the corner while Sheamus holds him up. Bryan goes for Sheamus, but Sheamus pushes Bryan back into the cage wall hard. Cesaro stands on the middle rope and suplexes Sheamus back into the ring. Cesaro gets a two count on Sheamus as the clock counts down one last time for Orton.

Orton goes after everyone, stomping away at all opponents. Fans chant 'boring' at Orton, but Orton just poses in the middle of the ring and points at the WrestleMania sign. Orton backs up and goes for the punt on Bryan, but Bryan moves. Orton is cornered by Cena, Sheamus and Bryan. Orton goes back into his pod and closes the foor. Sheamus stares Orton down while Orton talks smack. Sheamus backs down, then turns around and hits a brogue kick through the pod to knock Orton down. Sheamus pulls Orton out and slams him repeatedly into the Chamber wall before clotheslining him into the ring. Cesaro tosses Sheamus into the wall. In the ring, Cena hits Orton with a belly to back suplex and the five knuckle shuffly. Cesaro is in and tosses Cena from the ring. Cesaro takes Orton down and begins to swing Orton around.

Cesaro gets almost 30 rotations in, and Bryan hits the chaos theory on Cesaro. Sheamus knocks Bryan from the ring, and then takes Christian down to the mat. Sheamus hypes himself up and connects with the brogue kick on Cena. Christian rolls up Sheamus for two, then pins Cena for another two count. Sheamus looks at Christian angrily, and Sheamus follows Christian to the outside. Sheamus hits Christian with a right, then tries for the razor's edge. Christian grabs the cage wall and climbs to the top of a pod, but Sheamus follows. Orton follows up after Sheamus, and he brings Sheamus off with a superplex. Christian leaps from the top of the pod with a big splash. Christian pins Sheamus for three.

Sheamus is eliminated

Orton picks Christian up and tries for the suspension DDT, but Christian reverses with a backdrop to the outside. Bryan connects with a running knee to Christian and he gets the three count.

Christian is eliminated

All four men stand in each corner of the ring. Cena and Cesaro square off, while Bryan kicks at Orton in the corner. Cena and Bryan send their respective opponents to the outside, and crash them into opposing Chamber walls. Bryan and Cena both head back into the ring. Bryan and Cena trade kicks and punches, and Bryan almost gets the Yes Lock on. Cena fights it off and is about to shoulder Bryan. Cesaro is in and German suplexes both men. Cesaro pins Cena for two, then hits Orton with a big running kick. Cena hits a drop toe hold on Cesaro, but Cesaro fights out of the STF. Cena fights off the Neutralizer, and shoulders Cesaro, hitting the AA out to the Chamber floor. Cena locks in the STF and Cesaro taps out.

Cesaro is eliminated

Orton stalks Cena, going for the RKO. Cena pushes him off and is able to lock in the STF. The Wyatt's music hits, and the lights go out.

When the lights come back on, the Wyatt's are in the Chamber. The Wyatt's attacks Cena after Harper hits Bryan with a big boot. Harper whips Rowan into Cena, then Harper follows with a big clothesline. Harper and rowan pick up Cena and allow Bray to hit Sister Abigail.

The crowd chants 'thank you Wyatts'. Orton pins Cena for three.

Cena is eliminated

It's down to Orton and Bryan, and Kane comes down to the Chamber to tell the Wyatt's to head to the back. The crowd chants 'you sold out' to Kane. Kane heads into the Chamber to look after Cena. Bryan climbs to the top rope and hits Kane with a flying knee. Bryan grabs Bryan and sends him crashing into one of the pods. Orton tries for a superplex, but Bryan falls through and pulls Orton down into a tree of woe. Bryan kicks at Orton's chest, then backs up and hits a huge running dropkick, then another and a third. Bryan pulls Orton up and takes Orton down to the mat with a belly to back superplex from the top.

Bryan goes for the pin and gets two. Kane is still laid out on the Chamber floor. Bryan climbs back to the top, but Orton stops him in his tracks. Orton pulls Bryan by the beard and hits the suspension DDT. Orton drops to the mat and gets up, going for the RKO. Bryan avoids it and connects with the flying knee. The ref begins the count, but Kane pulls him out of the ring. Bryan kicks Kane in the side of the head, and he turns around into an RKO. Orton goes for the pin, but Bryan kicks out!

Bryan catches Orton in a small package for two, then kicks Orton in the side of the head. Bryan has the crowd completely in his hand, and is psyching himself up. Kane punches Bryan, and Orton follows up with the RKO. Orton pins Bryan for three.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

Orton grabs his titles and slowly staggers out of the cage, holding both belts high.

The show closes with Bryan looking dejected in the ring, the fans looking angry and upset, and Orton holding his titles high.

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