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WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Updated Betting Odds

Despite airing in July and not October, WWE is airing a special 'horror' edition for this year's Extreme Rules event. Betting odds are out, as a few matches have unique stipulations - which may make betting a bit tricky on Sunday. 

Let's break down the event's best bets and ones to possibly avoid. As usual, WWE betting is only legal in the U.K., but still fun to discuss for Americans. 

Asuka vs Sasha Banks Betting Odds

My heart wants Sasha Banks to win this match, but the oddsmakers feel differently. Asuka is the favorite at -265 with 888sport, which makes sense depending on the specific route WWE elects to go with the Sasha-Bayley story.

If Asuka wins, it'll more than likely be because of another Bayley accident that costs Banks the match. This will create obvious friction between the two, as Bayley has cost Banks by mistake a few times this year.

If Banks wins as the +175 underdog, it will more than likely set up a 'who's better?' story between Banks and Bayley. This decision would probably see the friction between Banks and Bayley burn at an even slower pace then what we have already seen.

For WWE bettors, this match comes down to when you think WWE will try to push Bayley vs Banks. If WWE is pushing for a SummerSlam match between the two, Asuka will probably win. If WWE sees Banks vs Bayley further than that, then Banks should win and give time to develop a 'who's better?' story between the two. 

The 'submission' is also favored to end the match at -150, which could come from either Banks or Asuka. The end of this match will be very telling of what WWE plans to do with Banks and Bayley moving forward. Overall, the prices are a bit expensive for a match that can go either way. Stay away.

UPDATE: Asuka is now the favorite at -400

Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins Betting Odds

The story points towards Rey Mysterio winning this match. The man 'lost' an eye, has suffered multiple losses and has a son he wants to make proud. So Rey should win, right?

Oddsmakers have Mysterio as the underdog at +160, while Seth Rollins is favored at -230. What makes this a bit surprising isn't necessarily the fact that Seth is favored, it's that he is favored by so much. As this is written, Rollins' odds continue to grow higher.

The odds translate to Rey Mysterio's son possibly turning heel and joining Rollins as one of his followers. The conviction oddsmakers have in Rollins is the biggest surprise when reading the Extreme Rules odds, but should also be very telling. Feel free to take Rollins, but based on the story Mysterio might be a compelling underdog for some.

UPDATE: Rollins is now the favorite at -295

Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler Betting Odds

Stay away from this match when betting, as Drew is an overwhelmingly expensive favorite at -2000. Dolph enters as the underdog at +700. Feel free to take a chance on Ziggler at valuable odds, as ratings in WWE are very low. When that occurs, Vince McMahon usually switches his top champion. 

With no audiences, there is an excuse for the low ratings and keeping the WWE Championship on McIntyre. Don't take McIntyre to win, only because he is so expensive but if Dolph wins don't be surprised either. 

The idea Dolph pulls off an upset only for Otis to cash-in his contract and win the title is compelling as well. Bet accordingly, but Drew's odds aren't worth the thought. 

UPDATE: No odds have changed 

Apollo Crews vs MVP Betting Odds

If you are comfortable with Apollo Crews given odds to win at -295, take him. There is no real reason MVP at +200 should win, but its WWE so never say never. Crews is a tad expensive for a scenario that could easily see him lose the belt.

Oddsmakers and fans agree that Crews will win it seems. So feel free to take Crews if you are someone convinced in his current title reign. Personally, at -295 my conviction isn't there.

Crews should win. His odds could be viewed as expensive or cheap though, depending on your confidence in WWE's confidence in Crews. The likely scenario sees Crews vs Lashley for the belt at SummerSlam, which is why I won't say 'don't take Crews at -295' if you really like him.

UPDATE: Crews is now the favorite at -335

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Betting Odds

Champion The New Day enter this match as the betting favorite at -167. Those odds are worth locking up, even if Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura (+120) win as underdogs. 

My heart wants the underdog to win here, so if you want to take Cesaro and Nak feel free. For one of the greatest tag teams in WWE to enter a 'B' show event with odds under -200 though, it's hard to pass. 

You really can't go wrong betting a winner in this match, because both teams are so enjoyable. Of all the matches on the card for Sunday night, this is probably the best one to bet on. Both teams are cheap enough that a loss won't matter too much, and both teams are loved enough that a loss also won't matter too much. Sit back and enjoy this one.

UPDATE: The New Day is now the favorite at -278

Bayley vs Nikki Cross Betting Odds

Avoid this match all together. Bayley is a very expensive favorite at -625, while there doesn't seem to be a scenario in which Nikki Cross (+350) wins. Even Dr. Strange would have a hard time finding the 'one in 14 million' scenario in which Cross wins. Nikki is an overlooked gem without a doubt, but Bayley is a massive favorite and currently the top star in all of WWE and possibly all of pro wrestling.

UPDATE: No odds have changed

Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt Betting Odds

This is the first match in which I don't agree with the oddsmakers. Bray Wyatt is the favorite at -190, which is down considerably from previous weeks. Braun Strowman is the surprising underdog, entering the match at +134.

The reason Wyatt is a shock as the opening favorite is because his gimmick outside of The Fiend is easily beatable. Add that with Strowman's indestructible nature, it's hard to see why Wyatt would be the choice in oddsmakers' eyes.

You would think the only way Strowman drops the match to Bray is if we see The Fiend, right? Well what do you know, the random theme for a July event called Extreme Rules is... a horror show?

Why? Well, there is an eye for an eye match. Pretty horrific for sure. That can't be the only reason though, right? It would seem silly for WWE to have a horror-themed event without an appearance from The Fiend. The last time The Fiend fought during a similarly styled genre was on Halloween, when he beat Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.

Reading the odds, it seems oddsmakers believe The Fiend will not only show up in the match but actually be the one to win. 

Either, The Fiend arrives and beats Strowman - or Strowman beats Bray to set up a SummerSlam match between Braun and The Fiend. Wyatt is a bit expensive at -190 for a match that can go either way. Strowman is a compelling underdog here, but it's hard to argue either winning or losing. Go with your heart in this one or don't bet it at all.

UPDATE: Bray Wyatt is now the favorite at -177

WWE Extreme Rules Prop Betting Odds

Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins is favored to be the show's main event at -143. This is possible because of the 'horror' theme. Rollins vs Rey has garnered the most attention in terms of the event being labeled a horror show, so it would make sense to see them favored and go on last.

However, after The Fiend discussion, there is a possibility Strowman vs Wyatt goes on last. They have the third-highest odds at +325, as Asuka vs Sasha Banks has the second-highest odds at +200. The value here is with the swamp match.

UPDATE: Rey vs Seth / Strowman vs Wyatt is now the co-favorite at +110

The number of title changes is favored to be under 0.5 at -150. Over 0.5 titles changes (not including the 24/7 Championship) at +108 might be worth a look here. 

Then finally, the Smackdown Women's Championship is favored to last longer than the United States Championship match at -162. Those odds are worth looking at as well. 

************5:30pm UPDATE: The Swamp Match between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman is now favored to be the main event at -295. ************

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