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WWE Extreme Rules Results (5/4/14) - New IC Champion, Wyatt Beats Cena, Daniel Bryan Retains

Welcome to our exclusive live play-by-play coverage of WWE Extreme Rules 2014. Please enjoy streaming live results below. Also, please head on over to our Extreme Rules Live Blog for complete discussion and analysis.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results
Sunday, May 4, 2014
From the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey
Report by Sean Hopkins of

Josh Mathews welcomes us to the Izod Center as fans file in for WWE Extreme Rules. He then introduces the other panelists: Booker T, Alex Riley, and Sheamus. Booker T says it's great to be in New Jersey. Riley says Booker was looking for Snooki earlier today. Sheamus asks the WWE Universe "Whats the craic?" and says he's excited for the show to begin. Josh then brings up the "Wee-LC" match coming up on the Kickoff show.

Booker says El Torito will win the match because he can fly. Sheamus says he's seen what Hornswoggle can do, and notes Hornswoggle's weight advantage, so Hornswoggle will win.

Josh then brings up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Kane and Daniel Bryan. A Raw recap is shown, in which Kane attempts to drag Brie Bella to "Hell," and Bryan makes the save, only to be chokeslammed.

Back at the panel, Josh says this match has become very personal. Booker T says the only way Bryan can survive tonight is if he leaves Brie at home tonight. Otherwise, Brie will be a distraction for him. Sheamus agrees, calling Brie his Achilles Heel. Riley brings up that Booker is married man, so he knows that no one messes with a man's wife. Riley thinks Bryan will be motivated to get revenge tonight.

Los Matadores are shown backstage, with El Torito running through their capes. Hornswoggle is also shown playing air guitar with 3MB backstage.

A Raw recap of the segment between John Cena and Bray Wyatt airs. Cena's promo from within the steel cage is interrupted by Bray and a choir of children.

Josh asks the panel how important this match is for Cena. Booker says tonight is when we see how much Bray's mind games have gotten to Cena. Sheamus says Cena's never taken on an opponent with the psyche of Bray. Riley says that more and more of the Cenation is following the buzzards, and the message keeps spreading. Booker says not to doubt Cena for one second.

Josh throws it to Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL at ringside ahead of the Wee-LC match. The commentators note a smaller announce table set up in front of them, complete with a 3-man team of little people. Cole asks who they are, and they tell cole that they are Micro Cole, Jerry "The Mini-King" Lawler, and Wee-BL. Cole notes that Lilian Garcia looks different as a little person serves as the ring announcer.

El Torito comes to the ring first, accompanied by Los Matadores. Lawler wonders if this will be a short match. He then calls one of the commentators "Jerry Smaller" and tells him to keep it down. Hornswoggle comes out next, accompanied by 3MB.

Wee-LC Match

Torito hits a hurricanrana early, sending Hornswoggle out of the ring. 3MB goes over to Hornswoggle, but Torito hits all of them with a splash over the ropes. Hornswoggle gets in the ring and goes for a splash of his own, but runs into the middle rope. Los Matadores help Torito get a steel chair. Hornswoggle is reeling in the corner and Torito brings in the mini-sized chair. Torito hits a modified Bronco Buster as Jinder Mahal gets into the ring. Hornswoggle grabs Torito by the tail and chases him around. Torito runs head-first into Jinder's groin, sending Jinder rolling out of the ring. Hornswoggle takes control and asks Slater for a stepladder. Slater hands him a slightly taller one and Hornswoggle goes to the top of it. Hornswoggle takes too long to jump and Torito rolls out of the way. Torito hits a small package for a two-count from the little person referee.


Back from commercial, 3MB is attacking Los Matadores outside the ring. Meanwhile, Hornswoggle tosses Torito back into the ring. Hornswoggle hits Torito with a chair. He then sets it up and jumps off of it onto Torito. Hornswoggle then puts the chair onto Torito and hits a "Rolling Blunder," a somersault splash, onto Torito for a two-count. Hornswoggle rolls out of the ring and removes the monitors from the little announce table. He lays Torito onto the table and goes to the ring apron. Hornswoggle jumps off and elbow drops Torito through the table. "This is awesome" chants as 3MB checks on Hornswoggle. 3MB sets up a ladder in the ring as Hornswoggle throws Torito back in. Hornswoggle directs traffic, telling them where to put the table, ladder, and chair. Hornswoggle hits Torito with a chair and tells Slater to hold him up so he can hit him again. Hornswoggle goes to hit him and Torito ducks, causing Hornswoggle to hit Slater, who goes falling through a table. 3MB then sets Torito up on a ladder, but Los Matadores get involved, picking Jinder Mahal up on their shoulders. Torito jumps from the ladder in the ring onto Jinder, sending Torito, Jinder, and Los Matadores crashing through two ladders and tables set up outside the ring. Drew McIntyre goes for a somersault plancha outside the ring onto Torito but Torito moves, sending McIntyre crashing through a table. Back in the ring, Torito gets onto the apron, jumps onto the top rope, and hits a springboard seated senton onto Hornswoggle through a table to get the win.

Winner: El Torito

Los Matadores celebrate with El Torito as the regular announce team says they like this new announce team, and says they should stick around.

Backstage, Byron Saxton introduces Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Zeb insults Rob Van Dam and says Cesaro and Heyman are backstabbers, which are killing America. Zeb says Swagger is going to win the Triple Threat Elimination match tonight, and then they are going to hop into a car and get out of this city as soon as possible.

The show opens with a video package highlighting the recent feud between Evolution and The Shield, as well as Daniel Bryan vs. Kane. We also get a bit of a look at Wyatt vs. Cena, and some of the mind games Bray has been utilizing over the past couple of weeks.

The pyro hits, and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. The intro is short-lived, as Rob Van Dam's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring for the first match of the evening.

Jack Swagger is out next with Zeb Coalter in tow. Swagger doesn't get much of a reaction out of the crowd at all, through there are still some 'We the People' chanters out there.

We get a quick look at the events leading to the match as a result various interferences in the Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender's Tournament on Raw.

Paul Heyman is out next with a mic in hand. He says tonight's event is a testament to the fact that he's the greatest visionary in sports entertainment. He stands in his synagogue of hardcore to tell the fans that WWE only gets it right one night a year. And that's the night that we as a tribe of extreme unite together to celebrate the fact that his client Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania. Heyman says the 11th commandment of extreme is 'thou shalt not boo Paul Heyman', asterisk, thou shalt worship the new Paul Heyman guy, and the new king of extreme, Cesaro. Cesaro stalks his way down the ramp toward the ring.

Triple Threat Elimination Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger

Cole mentions that the first man to get a pin will win, even though he billed it as an elimination match earlier. Things break down as soon as the bell rings with everyone going after everyone else. Swagger and Cesaro hit a double back elbow on Van Dam, then Swagger immediately hits Swagger with a series of uppercuts. Swagger is able to take Cesaro down with a spinebuster. Van Dam kicks Swagger in the face, then springboards off the middle rope with a single leg drop kick before hitting a monkey flip that launches Cesaro on top of Swagger. Van Dam continues with the kicks on Swagger, and ducks a clothesline from Cesaro. Van Dam goes for a cross body but Cesaro catches him. Swagger hits a big boot on Cesaro while he's holding RVD and sends both men to the mat for a near fall on Cesaro. RVD and Cesaro both roll out of the ring and Swagger brings RVD back in, burying his knees in RVD's midsection. Swagger charges RVD in the corner and is backdropped to the outside.

Cesaro attacks RVD from the apron, but RVD leaps over and hits a sunset bomb on Cesaro to the outside. RVD stands, only to eat a giant clothesline from Swagger. Swagger tosses RVD back into the ring and goes for the pin but only gets two. Swagger picks Van Dam up and launches him into the corner before pulling him out and slamming him back with a big wheelbarrow slam for another two.

RVD rolls to the outside and Swagger pulls him back in. Swagger slams Van Dam to the mat, then hits the Swagger bomb out of the corner for another near fall. Swagger turns around and is caught by Cesaro for the Cesaro swing. Cesaro gets 9 revolutions before Van Dam hits a spinning kick on Cesaro to break it up. RVD goes for the pin on Cesaro, but only gets two.

RVD goes back to work on Cesaro, picking him up and slamming him right back down. RVD heads to the top rope, but Swagger jumps up and pulls RVD down to the mat hard in a sloppy maneuver. Swagger goes for the ankle lock, but while RVD is kicking him off, Cesaro hits a springboard European uppercut to knock Swagger away. Cesaro goes to the corner with Swagger, knocking him off the top with another uppercut. Swagger stands on the apron and Cesaro superplexes him back into the ring from the middle rope. RVD hits the five star frog splash on Swagger, and he gets the three count.

Jack Swagger is eliminated

Cesaro takes RVD over with a huge gutwrench suplex. He holds on for a second, and rolls right over with a third before going for the cover. Van Dam kicks out at two.

Cesaro sends RVD into the ropes, Van Dam flips over Cesaro, but Cesaro takes him back down with a giant bridging German suplex for two. RVD rolls to the outside, but Cesaro is quick to follow. Cesaro stands on the middle rope and leaps to the floor with a double axe handle smash. Cesaro absolutely ragdolls Van Dam into the barricade. Cesaro stands on the barricade, but has his feet kicked out by RVD. RVD goes to the apron and leaps off with a spinning leg drop to the back of Cesaro and both men are on the floor.

RVD rolls back into the ring and poses for the fans, letting them chant his name along with them. Cesaro rolls back into the ring right in time for Rolling Thunder from Van Dam for another two count. RVD goes up and comes back down with a split leg moonsault to Cesaro for another two. Heyman is screaming encouragement at Cesaro as RVD goes to the floor and under the ring. RVD pulls out a trash can, to the approval of fans. RVD goes to head back into the ring, but Cesaro dropkicks the trash can right into Van Dam's face. Cesaro heads out and picks RVD up, rolling him back into the ring.

Cesaro tosses the bent trash can into the ring and follows. Van Dam avoids a trash can shot with a quick roll up. Van Dam tosses the trash can to Cesaro and follows with a kick, driving the can into Cesaro's face. Van Dam lays the trash can on top of Cesaro and goes for the Five Star Frog Splash, but Cesaro moves and Van Dam crashes into the trash can. Cesaro hits the neutralizer on top of the can, and he pins RVD for three.

Winner: Cesaro

Daniel Bryan is shown backstage being worked over by the trainer. Stephanie McMahon walks in. Bryan asks what she wants. She says as a member of the Authority, it's up to her to check on the wellbeing of Superstars and Divas. She says she can't control Kane. And Bryan was wearing a neckbrace a couple of days ago. Stephanie is afraid for Daniel, afraid for his wife, and afraid for his mother, watching him being torn limb from limb by Kane. And so he doesn't have to compete tonight. He could officially surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tonight. Bryan tells her to get out of his face. He's walking into the match champion, and somehow he'll walk out the same way. Stephanie says he won't be walking out champion, he'll be walking out 'Kane's bitch'. Stephanie leaves and Bryan mulls over her words.

We get a Bo Dallas promo really quickly.

'The Ravishing Russian' Lana is introduced, and she makes her way out to speak a little bit of Russian, dedicate tonight to the 'most powerful man in the world', Russian president Vladamir Putin, and introduce Alexander Rusev.

Handicap Match
Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods

Truth dedicates this match to the US and the two men hit the ring. Woods runs right into a huge kick and both are sent to the outside. Rusev launches Truth into the barricade, then sends Woods crashing into the ring apron. Rusev tosses Truth into the ring and belly to belly suplexes Woods on the floor. The ref finally rings the bell and Rusev goes on the attack, punching and kicking Truth in the corner.

Rusev sends Truth crashing into the corner hard, then follows with a big back splash. Rusev looks down on Woods, still laid out on the outside. Rusev runs right into double boots from Truth in the corner. Truth is able to cartwheel away from Rusev and hits a big spinning kick, and running clothesline in the corner. Truth connects with a missile dropkick from the middle rope, ducks a clothesline, and hits a spinning back elbow and axe kick, but Rusev won't stay down for three. Rusev catches Truth in mid air, and goes for a fall away slam, but Truth lands on his feet. Rusev knocks him down with a huge spinning back heel kick. Trainers check on Woods on the outside. Rusev takes Truth down with a spinning, standing black hole-like slam. Rusev clamps on the camel clutch, and Truth is forced to tap out.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

While making their way to the back, Lana points at Woods and tells Rusev to crush him. Rusev picks up Woods and plants him with a fall away slam on the floor before leaping up and screaming out.

Commercial break

In the ring, Lillian Garcia talks about the Special Olympics USA Games, which will be held in New Jersey. Lillian introduces members of the New Jersey Special Olympic team, who get a bit of camera time.

Backstage, Renee Young stands with Evolution. Young says tonight they'll finally get in the ring with The Shield. Hunter says they think Evolution's egos will be their downfall. Hunter says they have massive egos, but they're well deserved, because you're looking at 31 World Championships between these three men. Batista is the most powerful, destructive man to walk into a WWE ring. Then there's Randy Orton, the most naturally gifted athlete to ever walk into the squared circle. And tonight you'll find out why they call him the cerebral assassin. They have egos, but they're well deserved. Orton says you have to adapt or perish, and tonight, the Shield will perish, and you can believe in that. All three men put their fists in the middle to mock the Shield further.

Wade Barrett is out next for his Intercontinental Championship match, earned in the #1 Contenders tournament.

Barrett says he's afraid he's got some bad news. A big virus just made landfall in the US, and everyone here will be struck down with sickness, but that will pale in comparison to the sickness Big E will feel when he's defeated for his Intercontinental Championship.

Big E is out next, and he gets less of a reaction out of the fans than Barrett did.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Big E vs. Bad News Barrett

The bell rings and we're ready to begin. Big E tries for a slam, but Barrett lands on his feet, so Big E hits a shoulder tackle that sends Barrett fleeing to the outside. Big E follows, and Barrett scores with a couple of quick shots. Barrett tries to send E into the ring post, but E blocks it and sends Barrett into the ring post instead. Big E spears Barrett against the ring post and brings things back into the ring. Barrett kicks the rope into Big E low, then kicks him to the floor before dropping an elbow from the apron. Barrett brings things back into the ring for two, then mounts Big E with a series of punches.

Barrett goes for a suplex, but Big E blocks and reverses it. Big E runs into a back elbow from Barrett. Barrett sits on the top rope, and grabs Big E in suplex position. He drops down to the mat and uses the momentum to suplex Big E. Barrett clamps on a rear chin lock. It's not long before Big E fights out, but he runs right into a big cross body for two. Barrett kicks Big E in the chest, then lays him out with a running big boot. Barrett continues to kick and swat at Big E before choking him against the middle rope.

Barrett traps E in the ropes and lays in with knees to the chest before hitting another running big boot that knocks Big E to the apron. Barrett lays Big E out across the top rope and hits some clubbing blows to the back before gloating a bit. Big E responds by hitting a huge belly to belly suplex that sends Barrett across the ring.

Big E hits a clothesline, then another, and another belly to belly suplex. Big E hits a spear in the corner, and a running splash that sends Barrett to the outside. Fans are booing Big E. Big E tries to suplex Barrett from the apron into the ring, but Barrett fights it off. Big E hits the ropes and spears Barrett through the ropes, both men falling to the floor.

Big E sends things back into the ring for a near fall. Big E hits the ropes, but runs right into winds of change, but Barrett can only come up with two. Barrett stomps at Big E's head, then picks him up to his feet. Big E sends Barrett into the corner, but misses another attempt at a spear. Barrett hits the wasteland, but Big E still won't stay down for three.

Barrett pulls down his elbow pad and charges, but Big E counters with a urunage for two. Big E hits his splash, and pulls down the straps. Big E waits for Barrett to stand, and he shoulders him. Barrett drops down, misses the elbow, but connects with a second attempt. Barrett pins Big E, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett

Commercial break

Adam Rose gets a bit of time in the form of a video package, apparently he'll be debuting tomorrow night on Raw.

We get a good look at the recent history between The Shield and Evolution, the led directly up to this match.

Evolution is out to the arena first, making their way to the ring being led by Triple H.

After making Evolution wait just a bit, The Shield are out next, making their way through the crowd to a huge pop from the fans in attendance.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Evolution vs. The Shield

The ref is hesitant to ring the bell, and things break down almost immediately with the Shield clearing he ring and sending Evolution scattering to the floor.

Hunter heads back into the ring and is dropped by Rollins. The bell is finally rung as Rollins is beating down Hunter in the corner. Hunter connects with a kick to the gut, but Rollins is quick to respond with a flying single leg dropkick. Rollins splashes Hunter in the corner and clotheslines him over the top before flying through the ropes with a suicide dive to the outside. Rollins tosses Hunter back into the ring and catches Randy Orton with a right for good measure. When Rollins gets back into the ring he's met with a huge clothesline from Hunter. Batista tags in and launches Rollins into the corner hard, before burying his shoulder in Rollins' midsection and allowing his partners to get in a couple of cheap shots.

Orton tags in and distracts the ref to allow more cheap shots from Hunter and Batista. Orton sends Rollins out to the apron and stomps repeatedly before slingshotting Rollins throat first into the bottom rope. Orton heads to the outside and gets in a good shot before tagging Hunter back in. Hunter kicks Rollins in the face, then hits a big right hand. Rollins reverses a whip, but eats a knee to the face that puts him down for two. Batista tags back into the match and brings things out to the floor where he hits Rollins in the side of the head before kicking him hard right on the ear. Batista sends things right back into the ring for another two count.

Orton tags in and stomps down on Rollins' ankle, then his hand. Orton suplexes Rollins, setting him down hard on the top rope for another two count. Rollins struggles to reach his corner, but Orton stops him with a rear chin lock. Rollins fights to his feet, but Orton drags him back. Rollins connects with a belly to back suplex, and he crawls toward his corner. Batista and Hunter are in to knock Ambrose and Reigns from the corner. Orton grabs Rollins' feet and yanks, but Rollins uses his leverage holding the ropes to land on his feet and knock Orton back. Ambrose makes the tag and lays in with a series of shots on Orton, then a cross body and more punches and kicks in the corner.

Ambrose knocks Batista from the apron and hits a rebound lariat on Orton. Ambrose teases the figure four on Hunter, and locks it in on Orton. Hunter breaks it up and things break down. Reigns comes in and fights with Batista to the outside, launching him into the barricade. Reigns goes for the spear on Hunter, but Hunter avoids it and Reigns crashes into the ring steps. frequent tags from the Shield allow everyone to get shots in on Ambrose in the corner.

Batista sends Ambrose to the outside where Hunter sends him head first into the apron before sending him back into the ring for a short-arm clothesline from Batista. Orton is back in, and he sends Ambrose into the corner, then follows up with a clothesline for two. Orton stomps down on Ambrose's back and clamps on a rear chin lock.

Ambrose fights to his feet and forces his way out of the hold, but Orton responds with a big dropkick for another near fall. Hunter tags in and catches Ambrose with a big right to the side of the head. Ambrose misses a shot of his own, and Hunter puts him back down with another right. Hunter lays in with a series of rights and lefts in the corner. He charges in, but Ambrose gets his boot up. Hunter is quick to respond with a spinebuster for two. Batista makes the tag and kicks Ambrose in the gut. Batista is able to connect with a big back elbow, then he goes right into a rear chin lock of his own.

Ambrose is able to make it to his feet and drop down, driving Batista's chin into the top of his own head to break the hold. Batista comes back with a big boot, and tags out to Hunter. Hunter smiles at the members of the Shield on the apron and he tries for the pedigree, but Ambrose back drops him, and plants Hunter with a big DDT.

Ambrose is able to make it to the corner to tag in Reigns. Reigns clotheslines Batista, knocks Orton from the apron, and hits the superman punch on Batista. Reigns splashes Batista in the corner, knocks Orton over the top, ducks a clothsline from Hunter, and leaps into a kick to the head to Batista. Reigns sends Orton into the barricade and heads back in. Batista catches Reigns in Batista bomb position, but it's broken up by Rollins with a springboard kick. Reigns hits Batista with a superman punch, and the Shield hit a triple powerbomb on Batista. Hunter and Orton break up the pin. Ambrose fights with Orton, and Rollins misses a suicide dive on the outside. Back in the ring, Hunter hits a pedigree on Reigns. Ambrose attacks Hunter while Batista makes the pin, but Reigns kicks out at two!

Orton sneaks into the ring behind Reigns and hits an RKO. Batista crawls over and pins Reigns, but Rollins breaks up the pin. Orton pulls Rollins to the outside, and Rollins sends Orton crashing into the barricade. Rollins hits Orton repeatedly, then sends him crashing into the barricade again, knocking over a cameraman. Orton pokes Rollins in the eye, and he and Hunter take Rollins into the timekeeper's area. Ambrose runs across the announcer's tables and launches himself, taking out Hunter and Orton with double knees to their chests. Rollins, Hunter, Orton and Ambrose fight out into the crowd. Hunter sends Rollins into the fans, and they begin fighting their way up into the stands. Ambrose and Orton are right behind.

Hunter sends Ambrose crashing down a flight of stairs, and he and Orton stalk Ambrose down a level. Hunter sends Ambrose head first into some concrete, then a steel barricade. Orton and Hunter continue beating on him, and Rollins leaps off from a level up, wiping out Hunter, Orton and his own partner.

Back in the ring, Reigns runs right into a big spinebuster from Batista. Batista goes for the Batista bomb, but Reigns pushes him away and hits a superman punch. Reigns psychs himself up in the corner, and he comes out with a giant spear to take Batista down for the three count.

Winners: The Shield

The Shield stand over the bodies of Orton and Hunter, and put their fists in the middle.

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL talk a bit about satellite providers not offering Extreme Rules, using it as a chance to plug the WWE Network, before the cage begins lowering from the ceiling for John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. This leads right into a video package that shows the events between WrestleMania and tonight that led into this match.

John Cena is the first man out to the ring, and he gets his trademark mixed reaction on his way out. The 'Cena sucks' chants begin almost immediately, but Cena relishes it, putting his finger to his ear to ask for more.

The lights go out, and Wyatt comes on the screen. He lets the IZOD center know that they're here, and he comes to the ring flanked by Harper and Rowan.

Cage Match
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt psyches himself up on the outside, pacing and screaming before testing and shaking the cage. Wyatt walks up the steps, whispering something in Rowan's ear on the way, then whispering in Harper's ear as well. Wyatt walks into the cage, and the door is shut behind him.

The bell rings, and both men begin circling each other. Wyatt screams that this is what Cena wanted. Cena ducks a big right hand and puts Wyatt in a head lock. Wyatt fights out of it, and knocks Cena down with a shoulder block. Wyatt hits the ropes, goes under a leap frog, and clotheslines Cena in the back of the head before kicking at his head.

Wyatt connects with a big right hand, then calls out the fans chanting for him to Cena. Wyatt stomps on Cena in the corner, then chokes him with his boot. Wyatt goads Cena, which leads to Cena hitting a quick suplex. Cena climbs the cage, but Harper and Rowan head to the side of the ring and Cena stops in his tracks. Cena drops to the mat and turns around into a big right hand from Bray.

Wyatt hits another right, and he tries to launch Cena into the cage wall, but Cena blocks it and fights back. Bray hits a beck elbow, and successfully launches Cena into the wall. Wyatt hits Cena with another big right hand, and taunts Cena, scraping his face against the cage wall. Wyatt calls out to Rowan, and Rowan runs into Cena while he's squashed against the cage.

Wyatt hits the ropes and splashes Cena against the cage wall. Wyatt conducts the crowd for a bit before going for the cage door. Cena stops Wyatt and pulls him back into the ring, slingshotting him into the cage wall. Cena begins to climb again and Rowan and Harper stand and wait for him. Cena hesitates, and it's enough for Wyatt to pull him back into the ring. Both men fight on the top rope and Cena bashes Bray's head into the side of the cage, sending him crashing to the mat. Cena begins climbing the cage again. Wyatt is up and he pulls Cena down to the top rope. Cena knocks Bray back again with a series of punches, but Wyatt hits the ropes and crotches Cena on the top rope before splashing him in the corner. Wyatt goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Wyatt picks Cena up and dances with him for a bit before planting him hard with a urunagi. Wyatt for for the pin but still can't keep Cena down for three. Cena shoulders Wyatt out of nowhere, but Wyatt fights out. Cena comes up with a dropkick out of nowhere and both men are down.

Cena pulls himself up on the ropes and begins the climb once more. Wyatt spider walks toward the door. He almost makes it out but Cena yanks him back to the center of the ring. Wyatt kicks him into the cage wall, then hits a big cross body to knock Cena back to the mat. Wyatt throws Cena into the cage wall hard.

Wyatt picks Cena up and sends him into the wall another time. Once more, and Cena is able to reverse it, sending Wyatt crashing in this time. Cena hits a flying shoulder block, then a second, and a belly to back suplex. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle and connects. Cena tries for the AA, but Wyatt grabs the cage wall and stands on the top rope, kicking Cena away. Cena pulls Bray off and hits a sit-out powerbomb in the middle of the ring for two.

Cena calls for the door, but Rowan closes the door slowly in Cena's face, shaking his head no. Cena pushes on the door, getting his foot on the top step, but Harper comes in to help Rowan. Cena pushes back against both men, but Wyatt scores with a right hand to stagger Cena, and Harper and Rowan slam the door on Cena. Wyatt hits Cena with an interesting rib breaker type maneuver. Wyatt goes for the running senton, but misses. Cena goes to climb the cage again, making it to the top. Rowan climbs up, catches Cena on his shoulder, and he pushes Cena back over the top and into the cage. Wyatt climbs up on the top rope, and Cena and Wyatt trade blows, with Cena hitting a flying bulldog to send Wyatt to the mat. Cena climbs up again and this time Harper interferes. Both men straddle the top and Harper hits a series of rights that send Cena back in. Cena pulls Harper into the cage and slams him head first into the wall, knocking him to the mat. Cena goes over the top and the door is open as well. Cena kicks the door into Wyatt's face, and he sees Rowan with a chair. Cena heads back into the ring.

Wyatt suplexes Cena, tossing him across the ring before hitting a running senton for two. Wyatt tries for Sister Abigail, but Cena counters into the STF. Wyatt crawls for the door, dragging himself and choking Cena on the bottom rope. Wyatt continues to crawl, but Cena's got a hold on him. Rowan grabs Wyatt's arms, but Cena is able to pull Wyatt back into the ring. Cena sends Harper face first into the wall, but Wyatt returns the favor, sending Cena crashing face first into the wall. Wyatt begins climbing the cage, but Cena is right up after him. Cena and Wyatt fight on the top rope. Cena shoulders Wyatt on the middle rope and hits the AA.

Cena gets the cover, but Harper is there to break up the pin. Cena hits a running clothesline on Harper, then begins the climb once more. Rowan climbs up the side of the cage, punching Cena in the side of the head. Cena grabs Rowan's beard and pulls him face first into the top of the cage. Cena leaps off the top rope and his a rocker dropper on Harper. Cena crawls for the door slowly. Cena looks back at the Wyatts, and he starts to head out of the door, but the lights go out.

A slowed down version of 'he's got whole world in his hands' plays, and a child is shown singing it, sending Cena back into the cage. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail, and walks out of the cage, touching down with both feet on the floor.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Wyatt grabs the singing child and hugs him before laughing, and walking up with Harper, Rowan, and the child.

Wyatt lets Cena know that he can't see him, then poses at the top of the entranceway before heading off to the back.

Cole sends it over to the expert panel, consisting of Booker T, Sheamus, and Alex Riley. Booker T says he never expected to see something like that. Riley says he's got no words, and Sheamus says he should say he's stunned, but after seeing Wyatt over the past couple of months, he's not shocked. Matthews asked what stood out so far. Riley says The Shield vs. Evolution, and calls out Rollins as the MVP for the dive from the stands. Booker calls out the same, and Cesaro's performance earlier. Sheamus calls out Barrett's performance earlier, winning the Intercontinental title.

We get a quick recap of the WeeLC match that happened on the pre-show, which was really just an excuse for the announcers to cram as many short-jokes into five minutes as possible.

Tamina Snuka is out to the ring for the next match, getting no reaction from the fans on her way to the ring.

Paige is out to the ring next, for her first PPV appearance ever.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

The bell rings and we get a quick lock up. Tamina shoves Paige off. Paige head butts Tamina in the midsection, and charges in with a series of strikes and boots in the corner. Paige sucks a clothesline and dodges shots from Tamina, tripping her up and hitting a single leg dropkick. Tamina sends Paige into the corner, and runs into a big boot. Paige is able to roll up Tamina with a victory roll for two. Paige avoids a charging Tamina and lays in with knees into Tamina's face. Paige goes to the top, but Tamina catches her with a kick to knock her to the arena floor.

Tamina throws her jacket at Paige and backs her into the ring apron hard. Tamina covers Paige for two, then knees her in the side of the head. Tamina sends Paige into the corner hard. Tamina picks Paige up and slams her to the mat for two.

Tamina slams Paige down again, and does it a third time for another near fall. Paige catches Tamina with a kick to the gut, then charges, knocking her through the ropes and out of the ring. Paige heads to the apron and kicks Tamina away. She goes for a hurricanrana, but Tamina catches her and slams her head first into the barricade. Tamina brings things back into the ring, shouldering Paige and climbing the ropes. Paige counters, dropping to the mat for a sunset powerbomb for two.

Paige hits a headscissors to Tamina while she's on her knees, and that's good for a near fall of her own. Paige ducks a clothesline, but is caught when she tries a cross body. Tamina slams Paige to the mat hard, but it's still not enough to keep Paige down. Tamina tries for a superkick, but Paige counters, twisting Tamina up in the modified scorpion crosslock, and Tamina is forced to tap out.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Paige

The lights go out, and the Wyatt's are shown in the back. Wyatt tells 'little Johnny' that he did a great job. Everything John Cena stood for is trapped in a tiny little box. He's vanquished, and the lonely souls that have nowhere to go will end up with him. Wyatt asks what everyone will end up doing. Little Johnny says, 'follow the buzzards'.

It's time for the main event of the evening, as we get a recap of Daniel Bryan winning the World Heavyweight Championship last month at WrestleMania, and some of the trials he's faced over the last month with Stephanie McMahon and Kane.

Daniel Bryan is the first man out to the ring, and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion gets a great reaction out of the fans as he makes his way down toward the ring.

The pyro hits, and the Devil's favorite demon, Kane, makes his way down the entranceway.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Bryan is down the aisle before Kane can make it halfway and he attacks. He hits Kane with a series of rights, but Kane tosses Bryan into the barricade, then head butts Bryan, sending him back. Kane slams Bryan's head into the ring apron, then goes under the ring.

Kane pulls out a kendo stick and uses it to crack Bryan across the back. Bryan fights back, but Kane stops him with another big right. Kane heads to the top rope, but Bryan stops him with a flying dropkick. Bryan heads up after Kane and hits him with a series of rights before taking him over with a hurricanrana. Bryan hits a dropkick in the corner, then a cross body that sends both men over the top rope. Bryan stands, only to walk into a big boot from Kane.

Kane kicks Bryan in the chest, then sends him crashing into the barricade. Kane grabs a chair, and slams Bryan down on top of the barricade, holding Bryan with the chair against his back.

Kane sends things back into the ring and tosses in a couple more chairs for good measure. Kane wedges a chair into the corner between the middle and top ropes. Bryan slides to the outside and whacks Kane with the kendo stick when he comes to check on him. Bryan leaps off the top with the kendo stick, but Kane catches him with a big right hand to stop him in his tracks. Kane grabs a chair and buries it in Bryan's midsection, then cracks him across the back.

Kane sets up the chair, then drops Bryan down across it with a sidewalk slam for two. Kane calls for the chokeslam, grabbing Bryan by the throat, but Bryan fights out of it and hits a drop toe hold, sending Kane face first into the chair wedged in the corner. Bryan goes to the top and comes off with a big missile dropkick. Bryan hits the ropes and takes Kane out with a suicide dive through the ropes. Bryan kicks Kane a couple of times before taking the top off the Spanish announcer's table and using it to blast Kane. Bryan hits Kane with a monitor, then the top of the regular announcer's table. Kane hits a right hand, then slams Bryan into the Spanish announcer's table before hitting him with the top section of the table. Kane begins taking apart the regular announcers table.

Kane stands on the Spanish announcer's table with Bryan, but Bryan fights him off. Bryan kicks Kane and leaps off the announcer's table, driving Kane face first into the floor with a big tornado DDT.

Bryan hits a couple of kicks to Kane's chest, but Kane throws Bryan into the ring steps. Kane takes apart the steps, tossing the top half aside. Kane sets up for the tombstone on the steps, but Bryan fights out of it and shoves Kane into the ring post. Bryan begins looking under the ring, grabbing another kendo stick which he uses to tattoo Kane, hitting him repeatedly. Bryan sends Kane up the entranceway with multiple shots, but he's stopped by a right hand from Kane. Kane grabs Bryan and runs with him, sending him into some of the entranceway setup. Kane drags Bryan back to the gorilla position. Kane throws a TV, but misses Bryan. Kane slams Bryan head first into some equipment cases, then through a set of double doors.

Bryan and Kane fight out to the parking lot where Kane sends Bryan crashing into the production truck. Bryan retaliates with some shots from a snow shovel. Bryan sends Kane head first into the production truck, and then mounts him on a car with a series of punches. Bryan backs up, and is backdropped into the hood and windshield of the car. Kane picks up a fire extinguisher and launches it at Bryan, but Bryan ducks and it goes through the windshield. Kane goes to punch Bryan, but Bryan ducks and Kane's hand goes through another car's window. Bryan goes into a car's trunk and grabs a tire iron. Bryan cracks Kane with the iron and lays him out. Bryan drags Kane over on top of a fork lift, hitting him with the iron several more times.

Bryan starts up the forklift and drives Kane toward the ringside area. Bryan lifts up the forklift as high as it will go, then drives it so Kane is hanging above the top rope. Bryan leans the lift forward and dumps Kane into the ring. Bryan begins climbing up the forklift, standing atop it, and leaping off with a flying head butt.

Bryan goes for the pin, but he only gets two. Bryan begins psyching himself up, getting the fans behind him once more. Kane sits straight up. Bryan charges in, but Kane grabs him and chokeslams him. Kane pins Bryan, but is only able to hold him down for two.

Kane picks up a chair and tosses it to the mat before signaling for a tombstone. Kane shoulders Bryan, but Bryan counters it into a DDT, planting Kane on the chair. Bryan covers Kane for another two count. Bryan grabs a chair and winds up, hitting Kane's back repeatedly, probably about ten or so times. Bryan traps Kane in the yes lock, but Kane won't give up. Kane grabs for a kendo stick, and he uses it to hit Bryan, but Bryan grabs the stick and uses it to apply extra leverage to the hold. Kane reaches and pulls himself out of the ring to break the hold.

Bryan hits the ropes and dives through, but Kane catches him by the throat and chokeslams him immediately through the announcer's table.

Kane picks Bryan up and tosses him into the ring. He goes back under the ring, grabbing a table. Kane sets up the table on the floor, then he goes back for a canister of gasoline. Kane pours gas on the table, then lights it on fire. Kane and Bryan fights on the apron, but Bryan pulls back on the ropes, sending Kane crashing through the table. Kane is extinguished, and staggers back into the ring, where Bryan connects with the flying knee. Bryan pins Kane for three.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

Bryan celebrates with his title and walks up the entranceway, but in the ring, Kane sits right up and calls for his pyro. The PPV ends with Kane looking furious in the ring, and Bryan looking concerned in the aisle.

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