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WWE Fans Protest To Have Donald Trump Removed From Hall Of Fame

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Donald Trump WWE Hall of Fame

Following a tremendously controversial press conference this past week where Donald Trump equated Nazis and the counter-protesters, WWE fans headed to the Barclays Center and protested to have Trump's name removed from the WWE Hall of Fame.

One of the protesters was quoted as saying the following:

“We were talking about how Trump gave that crazy press conference, and then thought about how he’s in the WWE Hall of Fame even though Hulk Hogan got kicked out over racism,” Stevens told us. “What Trump has done is remarkably worse than what Hogan did, since he’s dividing the country by siding with neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

I was sickened by that press conference, and his response to Charlottesville. Basically WWE is endorsing those comments by having [Trump] in their hall of fame. I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that they’d leave him in there, take Hogan out and claim they say they care about racism.”

The rally also had a problem with WWE's use of racism in and out of the ring in the past.

UPDATE: A large number of protesters plan to disrupt Takeover and SummerSlam if nothing is done soon, noting that they have "prime seats" and their chants will easily be heard and will "exist on the WWE Network forever."


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