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2020 was a rough year for everybody and wrestling companies were heavily affected by the year too but it is a new year and Friday Night SmackDown kicked off wrestling in 2021. The person to open up wrestling in 2021 was of course the Tribal Chief, the face of FOX, the Universal Champion, the on the only Roman Reigns and his manager Paul Heyman and his cousin and crony Jey Uso. Reigns then hyped up himself, Heyman, and Jey until he was interrupted by Owens. Owens did not go out to challenge Reigns though but Jey Uso the man who cost him in his last two Universal Title matches with Reigns. 

Last week Big E beat Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship on Christmas day and he entered this show a champion ahead of a singles match with King Corbin. It did not seem that his rivalry with Sami Zayn was over though since Zayn joined the commentary team for this match. Odds seemed to be stacked against E since the distraction of Zayn being out there existed and Corbin had his faction members the Knights of the Lone Wolf. Zayn of course attacked E mid match causing a disqualification. The Knights and Zayn then continued attacking E after the bell until Apollo Crews came out to rescue E. 

Corbin and Zayn then battled Crews and E in tag team action and Zayn constantly kept pissing of his tag team partners and the Knights of the Lone Wolf who were ringside. Eventually Corbin and his men left the match abandoning Zayn leading to Crews pinning Zayn and getting the win.

Owens then asked Adam Pearce to book the match between him and Jey Uso and Pearce at first declined but a stubborn Owens would not take no for an answer. He kept at it until Pearce finally made the match official. The prizefighter was a man on a mission.

Big E then was interviewed by Kayla Braxton and declared that he would be a fighting champion. Crews who was still with him then said the open challenge for next week was now closed and he then said that he would face E. It should be a great clash between these two athletic powerhouses if Zayn does not interfere.

Riott Squad then prepared for tag team action and it seemed like they would be facing Billie Kay and somebody yet again but then when Tamina came out she ignored Kay and Natalya came out and she teamed with Tamina instead. Billie Kay then during the match then kept switching off between the two teams trying to help both but neither team wanted her around. Riott Squad then won and Kay tried to celebrate with them but they were not having it and just left.

Guess what time it was next? BOSS TIME baby. The Boss Sasha Banks teamed up with Bianca Belair to face off against Bayley and Carmella in tag team action between what seemed to be the four upper cards of the SmackDown women's division. It was a decent little match that propelled the singles rivalries in it well and even let Carmella's manager, her sommelier Reginald shine with his athletic moves he performed to distract the Boss. I have no clue why but Reginald entertains me so much.

The Street Profits the entered the ring but before their segment began a commercial break began... When the break ended though we did not go straight to the Street Profits segment but instead Sonya Deville was shown walking the halls backstage and the commentary team announced that she was reinstated! The return could have been better but at least she is back. Attention returned to the Profits and they had a drum set and started to make predictions until Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler attacked them continuing their feud.

Daniel Bryan and Otis then took on Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro in tag team action and Bryan and Otis won the bout keeping momentum in the favor of the men not as a team but just as competitors. 

The main event had Kevin Owens finally get his hands on Jey Uso. Owens dominated Jey getting his revenge and truly making Jey suffer for his constant interference in the title matches that Owens had with Reigns in the past weeks. After the match Owens kept attacking Jey trying to lure Reigns out and eventually Reigns did come out to help his cousin but not until Owens was distracted and gave up on thinking Reigns was coming out, bad move Owens. Reigns and Jey then together as cousins did some family bonding by once again brutalizing Owens to close out the show.

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