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Friday Night SmackDown or the KO Show? The show kicked off with Kevin Owens own “talk show” and his guest for KO Show was Daniel Bryan, YES! The reason Owens asked Bryan on the show to ask him about forming a tag team with him so they could go after the SmackDown Tag Team Championships! I would rather have Owens and Bryan stay singles, but they would be a fun team to watch. Since wrestlers talk shows are almost always interrupted the team of Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler came out to proclaim they are the only tag team that matters, then the SmackDown Tag Teams Champions the Street Profits came out. As the Street Profits ripped a promo the team of Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro came out to put their names in tag team gold claim. Fighting then broke out and Adam Pearce quickly came out waving other officials out to help him stop the chaos.

The chaos from the KO Show then led to a four versus four tag match with the faces Owens, Bryan and the Street Profits on one side and the other side being Nakamura, Cesaro, Ziggler, and Roode. The match seemed to focus heavily on Bryan since it was his in ring return and at one point it seemed like he actually hurt his leg but then Cesaro kept working on it so it seemed like he was just selling the pain. Cesaro seemed to win while pinning Dawkins but the referee noticed Cesaros legs on the ropes and called the count off. Then the good guys took advantage turned momentum and Ford of the Street Profits used his Frog Splash to end it and win the match for his team.

Law & Otis then began in a long-awaited trial for the Money in the Bank contracts fate. Ron Simmons was there as a Bailiff and the judge was no other than another legend, John Bradshaw Layfield or JBL. Miz and Morrison came with a lawyer that Miz caught off at the opening statement for some reason and Otis represented himself. When Otis said his opening statement and just said he deserves the contract because he won it, the lawyer of the Miz said that was a good argument then was swiftly fired by the Miz.

Finally, what I have been waiting for Bianca Belair finally had a match and not just a vignette. This was Belairs’ SmackDown debut match since she was drafted by SmackDown two weeks ago. Before the match would begin the Street Profits and Owens and Bryan then celebrated their win and then Sami Zayn went up to Bryan. During the KO Show Bryan said he wanted to go after the Intercontinental Championship so it could be defended every week and Zayn acknowledged that saying he is the champ and he will decided how and when it is defended. It will be interesting to see if Bryan goes after the Intercontinental Title or the SmackDown Tag Titles or both. Attention returned to Belair where she began her match with Zelina Vega. Belair sported white ring gear with the SmackDown logo all over and big blue lips in the chest area. I wonder if she designed her gear herself since she usually does. Belair quickly squashed Vega as she should have, and I really hope she feuds with Bayley after the Bayley and Banks rivalry ends and any Interbrand Survivor Series stories end. 

Lars Sullivan the freak then had a match with Shorty G and Shorty G put up more of a fight than I expected but was still squashed. It is sad to see Chad Gable or Shorty G used like this. He is a great wrestler and deserves more. After the match so he had a microphone to his face and said “I quit” so maybe he will have a redemption story soon, we can only hope!

Seth Rollins was then shown backstage being interviewed by Alyse Ashton where he said he will define Murphys’ role that same night for him and that, that role is to be a Disciple. So that interview confirmed a Rollins versus Murphy match that night. Roman Reigns was then shown in his dressing room sitting at his desk with Paul Heyman standing behind him.

Pearce was shown in the medical room with Shorty G and asked if he really quit and Shorty G said he quit being Shorty G and that he no long believes in what the character stood for. He no longer believed in that no matter how small you can always achieve your dreams and then said his name is Chad Gable. Let us celebrate the death of Shorty G! The character not the man, the man is amazing can can't wait for him to be free of the Shorty G moniker.

Bayley then was shown in the ring and said she did not sign the contract not out of fear but because she wants to do things on her terms. Sasha Banks then came out with the contract demanding Bayley sign the contract. Bayley then tried to attack with a chair Banks dodged and then grabbed Bayleys’ title. Bayley agreed to sign then tried to grab the title. She failed and her neck was put in the chair and Banks continued to work oner her neck until Bayley signed, which she did. So, the match was finally made official and Banks promised Bayley her former best friend that she would take the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The trial of the century then continued with John Morrison on the stand being on the stand then Rey Mysterio was on the stand and took the side of Otis. Asuka then was on the stand and talked ferociously in Japanese and JBL turned after she finished and asked Teddy Long if he understood that which he said, “I sure did, playa.” The Long cameo using his catchphrase was brilliant. Tucker then was examined by Miz and things got personal as Tucker threatened to attack and Simmons then settled them all down and JBL called recess. I might be the only one who enjoys this storyline and everything about Otis as Money in the Bank contract holder and that is fine by me. The trial then continued after a commercial break and JBL then issued his verdict and he was about to side with Otis and bring down the gavel until Miz interrupted and presented new evidence. Miz then brought a black briefcase to JBL and he opened it an we did not see the contents but heard the Ca-Ching money sound so it is same to assume it was a bribe and JBL accepted it siding with Miz. JBL then said Otis and Miz would fight at Hell in a Cell for the contract. The trial ended and the segment of course ended with Simmons saying his catch word DAMN!

Rollins and Murphy then took the ring to deal with their issues. A great match then ensued between these two studs. It was full of spots including a very impressive Meteora by Murphy. This match was a back and forth thriller, but it ended with a stomp from Rollins for the win. After securing the pin Rollins then went out and grabbed a kendo stick to cause further damage. Throughout the entire match Aalyah Mysterio watched and when Rollins grabbed the kendo stick, she pleaded with her father and brother to help and when they refused, she went out alone to help. Dominik then came out to help his sister and so did Rey and the segment ended with Aalyah helping Murphy to his feet. 

Reigns then entered the ring to address the fans and Jey Uso but Jey was then shown on the TitanTron in the dressing room of Reigns, but when he took off his hat and facemask revealing himself to be Jeys twin Jimmy and Jey then came out and attacked Reigns getting the better of the Universal Champion. Jey then left and celebrated his minor moral victory with his brother. Reigns then took the microphone and said this was not a game to him like it is to the Usos. Reigns then demanded that if he wins at Hell in a Cell on Sunday the pair will have to fall in line and acknowledge him as the head of the family or the twins and their wives and children are out. The red cell then lowered and Jey climbed the outside of the cage to look down on his cousin Reigns who stood in the ring. 

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