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The 2020 WWE Draft began on this episode of Friday Night SmackDown and the show jumped right into the draft picks. As per usual Chief Brand Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer of the WWE, Stephanie Mc The WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was the first overall pick and was drafted by RAW so my prediction of Smackdown getting the first pick and the round ending with two back to back picks was wrong! SmackDown with the second pick of the first round did not wait to ensure they got a world champion, and they drafted the Universal Champion Roman Reigns insuring he stay on SmackDown. RAW then drafted the WWE RAW Women’s champion Asuka, and then SmackDown made the first pick of someone that would have to switch brand when they selected the Monday Night Messiah himself Seth Rollins. The first round of the 2020 draft then ended with RAW selecting the Hurt Business faction.

After Stephanie McMahon announced the draft picks, we got to usual Friday Night SmackDown action as the current rivals Sheamus and Big E went head to head in a falls count anywhere match. It did not take long for them to go outside the ring as Big E tackled Sheamus out and while downed Big E went to grab a kendo stick but not without revealing a couple jumbo sized Booty O’s, the New Day’s cereal brand. Big E failed to hit Sheamus with the kendo stick when Sheamus countered and took control using the kendo stick on Big E instead. Sheamus would then try to get more weapons from under the ring and threw some rolls of duct tape from under the ring but as he searched Big E took advantage and taped together the ankles of Sheamus allowing him to finally use the kendo stick on Sheamus. The action would continue backstage and would even go into the parking lot and at one-point Sheamus poured cooking flour and smashed eggs on Big E, because for some reason those things were randomly on a table. It was a gimmick filled match that focused on environmental attacks and making the fight look as brutal as possible. The match ended when Big E stopped Sheamus from smashing a car trunk door hood onto his arm and brought Sheamus to a car where he slammed him onto the car windshield. Big E then got Sheamus back up on his feet to deliver a Big Ending from the car to a table securing the win with a pin right after. 

An interview by Kayla Braxton followed and as she began interviewing Big E about his grueling win a security guard interrupted them but it turned out to be Big E’s New Day faction brother Kofi Kingston in his return then a bigger surprise return happened when Xavier Woods returned after a very long absence due to a serious injury. Kingston and Woods then announced it was time to get New Day back into the tag team title hunt.

SmackDown’s current Universal title picture story the continued when Jey Uso was shown in the ring and tried to call Roman Reigns his cousin to the ring to learn the stipulation of their upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per view rematch. The TitanTron then turned on and on it was Paul Heyman the manager of Reigns then interrupted Uso and introduced his client, Reigns who sat at a table with his title on it. Reigns then declared that the upcoming title match between Uso and Reigns would be a I Quit match and Reigns then said after Uso says I Quit that there would be consequences.

Stephanie McMahon was then shown backstage showing the draft pick cards to Adam Pierce the unofficial general manager of both brands who was reacting with faces of surprise to the picks. As they were shown the commentators of SmackDown Michael Cole and Corey Graves declared that after a commercial break the second round of the draft would begin.

The first pick of the second round was AJ Styles to RAW and Styles and Heyman being separated was a prediction of mine so that came true. SmackDown then picked Sasha Banks keeping her on the brand. RAW then drafted Naomi making her have to switch brands, With SmackDown’s final pick of the second round the FOX produced show drafted Bianca Belair which is a perfect fit for her and hopefully her being the second woman SmackDown drafted overall means she will be a top contender. The final pick of the second round was the WWE RAW Women’s Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

In ring action would then continue when Matt Riddle would partner up with his childhood hero Jeff Hardy to take on Miz and Morrison in tag team action. The commentators kept saying “broetry” throughout the match in motion referring to a tweet where Hardy said if he and Riddle partnered up in a match it would be “broetry” in motion, combining the word bro, Riddle’s moniker, and poetry together. The term is quite goofy but things including Riddle usually are goofy but in a good, fun way. The match did not last long because Hardy delivered his finisher Twist of Fate on Morrison then Riddle delivered one of his signatures the Bro Derek on Miz finishing the match. The makeshift team did not get to celebrate long though when they were interrupted by a returning Lars Sullivan who has been absent because of injury for over a year. Sullivan in usual fashion massacred not just Riddle but Hardy and Miz as well. 

Round 3 of the draft would then begin and before the picks McMahon announced that Sullivan would be added to Monday Night RAW's draft pool. Ricochet headed the round off as he was drafted to RAW keeping him where he was. Jey Uso was selected by SmackDown, and then Mandy Rose by RAW. Dominik and Rey Mysterio were drafted by SmackDown ensuring the Mysterio and Rollins rivalry would continue but on a different brand. The final pick of the round was another shakeup pick as Miz and Morrison were drafted by RAW.

The long-awaited SmackDown Women’s title match between best friends turned bitter rivals yet again began. The greatest SmackDown Women’s champion of all time Bayley was rushed from the get-go by Sasha Banks and quickly into the match Bayley tried to just quit the match and leave since her title could only change hands by pinfall or submission. As expected by many including myself Bayley hit Banks with a chair shot to the ribs disqualifying herself, forfeiting the match but ensuring the title would stay with her. Bayley tried to keep damaging Banks with the chair, but Banks turned things around and began hitting Bayley with the chair. Banks then put the chair around the neck of Bayley attempting to damage the neck of Bayley like Bayley did to her a few weeks ago, but Bayley was able to escape and prevent this from happening. Bayley will be on Monday Night RAW’s pool of superstars and will most likely be drafted by SmackDown to ensure this rivalry will endure and so SmackDown can keep their brand’s women champion.

Alexa Bliss would go up to Kevin Owens backstage as he was taping his hands ahead of his match with the Fiend and would just say “LET HIM IN” referring to the Fiend of course. Before the Fiend and Owens would face of a second title match would occur as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro took on the New Day, Kingston and Woods to be specific. This was Woods first match in nine months, and it is great to have him back. New Day would shock us all or me at least and win back the SmackDown tag titles! Big E went to celebrate and as they were still in the ring Stephanie would return to her draft podium outside the ring and congratulate New Day on their title win and continue with the announcement of the draft picks. The first pick was the new SmackDown champions as they, but they were drafted to RAW! Woods and Kingston were confused when Big E’s name was not announced with theirs but the confusion ended when McMahon announced the next pick and it was SmackDown selecting Big E keeping him on SmackDown but also splitting him up from the New Day. Dana Brooke was then selected by RAW, Otis by SmackDown and Angel Garza by RAW with the only pick of the round switching brands being the New Day, After McMahon finished the New Day were shown still in the ring but no long celebrating the win but instead depressed over their split. Otis being selected and not Heavy Machinery might mean Heavy Machinery is done but we will see how it all pans out Tucker could end up being undrafted and having to choose the brand of his choosing. 

Otis and Tucker were shown backstage in suits talking about the draft results and their possible split up and as they were preparing for the trial with Miz to decide the fate of the Money In the Bank contract a woman delivered a letter to Otis and Tucker read it for him and told him the trial would be delayed.

The main event of the night would then begin with The Fiend’s amazing entrance followed by the entrance of Kevin Owens. The Fiend would control most of the match constantly targeting the head and neck of Owens. Owens was able to gain the favor of the match at one point though when he countered the Sister Abigail and there was quite a spot where Owens would damage the Fiend on the outside but the Fiend would keep getting up and Owens would keep exiting the ring breaking the referees counts so he could try to keep the Fiend down for good. Owens was unsuccessful and the Fiend returned to the ring but Owens was able to land a stunner but the fingers of the Fiend were in the mouth of Owens during the stunner and the Fiend no sold the stunner continuing to use his fingers to execute the mandible claw rendering Owens seemingly without breath unable to break the Fiend’s pin! The lights went out after the Fiend’s win and they turned back on, but the lighting was red, and the Fiend and his new partner or servant Alexa Bliss were shown face to face outside the ring. 

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