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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Recap 07/31/20

Smackdown Live from the Performance Center started out great with the promos from the wrestlers hyping the matches and then right into the Firefly Funhouse. Bray Wyatt is still looking for Braun Strowman in the swamp. He tells us that The Fiend wants the belt and no one is safe.

Opening match of the night was the Intercontinental Championship match between AJ Styles and Gran Metalik. This match had lots of near finishes. Gran Metalik is very good in the ring, very entertaining and crazy on the ropes. Styles worked on Metalik’s leg the whole match, it was no surprise that he would tap out to the calf crusher. Styles retains the belt and then delivers a message to the back by giving a Styles Clash to Lince Dorado.

We see Jeff Hardy backstage getting love from the locker room after his win over Shaemus in the Bar Fight. In the ring, what is next for Hardy? He delivers an aspiring speech about this fight helping his sobriety. At this time, I believe that Hardy is being a great advocate for anyone who is struggling or has issues with addictions. Baron Corbin interrupts and rips apart Hardy. Very interesting that seeds are being set for a Hardy versus Corbin feud and a Hardy versus Matt Riddle feud. Drew Gulak who he is wrestling against next interrupts Corbin. During the match, Riddle comes out to distract Corbin. Gulak almost gets the win but Corbin pulls out the win with the End of Days. The celebration doesn’t last long though Riddle attacks Corbin. The Kings Ransom comes into play when Shorty G suplexes Riddle out of his shoes. This is an interesting pairing since Corbin put a bug in Short G’s ear backstage earlier saying that he is overlooked and how is Riddle getting a shot over Chad. Yes, Corbin referred to Short by his real name. If we are going to see Corbin and Chad to team together this could get amazing. Chad needs an edge and working with Corbin will bring that out of him.

In Big E’s first match singles match and its against The Miz. Big E is so entertaining. He logrolled the whole entrance ramp and his ring gear has Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston on it. The commentator team did a great job putting over Big E from his singles run in NXT. Miz isn’t far from John Morrison that means outside interference. On Morrison’s third attempt attacking Big E, the referee catches him and kicks him from ringside. Showing off a new submission, Big E gets Miz to tap out. Big E better be in a title picture soon, I’d love to see him dethrone Styles for the Intercontinental and then challenge for the Universal Championship.

We continue with the feud between Lacey Evans and Naomi. Evans is very stron of the microphone and will be a top contender for the Smackdown Women’s Championship here soon. Evans continues on hair spots. She lifts up the steel steps and puts Naomi’s hair in between to try and trap her for the count out but to no avail. She also goes for the hair tied around the rope again. Naomi ends up pulling out the win against Evans this time.

Finally, after about a month we see the return of Mandy Rose and Otis. They are walking backstage talking about a dinner date. I couldn’t help but notice that Otis was not carrying his Money in the Bank briefcase. Where was it? I need to know because I will be loosing my mind if they just take it away from Otis and Money in the Bank just gets erased for this year. This backstage segment leads to the most heinous attack every on Mandy by Sonya Deville. Sonya’s stock just went up into the heel stratosphere. Sonya was waiting in the wings to attack Mandy from behind while she was getting ready for her date. Sonya said I’m going to make you as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside and hot damn she did. She smeared her make up all over her face and then pulled out the scissors. My goodness you never go after a ladies hair but Sonya cut chunks out of Mandy’s hair. She then finds clippers but the officials step in to stop her. The commentators then throw to the back to get an update from Kayla Braxton. They show Mandy laid out with the officials, Otis and Tucker around her. Braxton gives a quick update but is taken over by The Miz and Morrison who are gold with their hair puns. Dad jokes are the best and I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m excited to see Mandy’s new look and where is this is going to go.

Bayley gets to main event another WWE show. Nikki Cross gets a second chance at the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Did Crosses ribs heal in a week? She had no tape on them this week. During the match, Cross finds the Boss ring again in the ring and throws them back to Sasha Banks. Then Banks decides to get on the apron to interfere but Alexa Bliss comes over to knock her down. Bayley retains the belt but why didn’t she use her finisher. Are finishers a dying art? Cross was very upset in the middle of the ring after the match. Bliss was trying to cheer her up but Cross wasn’t having it and shoves Bliss down to the mat to storm out of the ring. Boom! The lights start to fade out to black and The Fiend emerges near her. He kneels beside a completely terrified Bliss and slowly starts to move his hand towards her to give the Mandible Claw. Once on her the lights go out again. My goodness, how great was that ending? Where is this going to go? Will Bliss come back as a resurrected or a possession of Sister Abigail? Will Bliss be a sacrifice to help find Strowman? So many questions are out there now and this feud between Strowman and Wyatt/Fiend was just hit out of the park! Follow me @ms_wiper for more wrestling insight and some great interview/wrestling talk on @puttinguover.

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