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Last week’s edition of Friday Night Smackdown saw Adam Pearce get one up on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as Kevin Owens came back and signed the contract for a last man standing match at The Royal Rumble.

We also saw the debut of Bayley’s new talk show “Ding Dong, Hello” and her first guest was the EST of WWE Bianca BelAir.

What’s next for the blue brand as we sit just NINE DAYS away from the Rumble?

Here is everything advertised for tonight’s show: 

Bianca BelAir Competes in Bayley’s Ultimate Athletic Obstacle Course:

Preview (via WWE) - With a great deal of animosity already existing between Bayley and Bianca Belair, The Role Model welcomed The EST of WWE as her special guest on the premiere episode of her talk show, “Ding Dong, Hello!”

During a war of words, Bayley claimed all Bianca’s athletic accolades occurred before she journeyed to WWE and used her recent victory over her adversary to question Bianca’s claims that she is The EST of WWE. Then, when Belair challenged her to a rematch to settle the dispute, Bayley rejected it and instead challenged Belair to compete in an “Ultimate Athlete Obstacle Course Challenge” to provide her athletic superiority. That was a challenge that was enthusiastically accepted.

Don’t miss when The Role Model and The EST of WWE compete in Bayley’s Ultimate Athletic Challenge, next Friday at 8/7 C on SmackDown.

Big E vs Apollo Crews(Intercontinental Championship):

Preview (via WWE) - After Big E successfully defended his Intercontinental Title against Apollo Crews on the Jan. 8 edition of SmackDown, the defeated challenger was left reeling from a stern pep talk he received from Paul Heyman on Talking Smack over how he screwed up in his pursuit of the illustrious title.

Then, after being spotted the following week having a serious discussion with Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Crews went into his match against Sami Zayn with a new resolve and grabbed his opponent's tights to prove he was going to win at any cost.

Next Friday, Big E will once again look to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Crews, who appears determined to do anything to win the title. But does he have what it takes to topple The Powerhouse of Positivity? Don’t miss the Intercontinental Title Match at 8/7 C on Friday Night SmackDown!

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