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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Recap 07/10/20

Another Friday Night Smackdown from the Performance Centre in Florida has come and gone. The show opens up with Miz TV. This definitely is one of my favourite talk shows that WWE has. Miz and John Morrison are great together, play well off of each other and are funny in a corny way. Tonight’s Miz TV on the other hand is focused around the Jeff Hardy sobriety angle. This angle has gone on far too long. I’m hoping that the Bar Fight match that was announced during the segment will be the end. Jeff Hardy looks done and annoyed with the angle and Miz and Morrison didn’t seem their normal comfortable selves having to roast Hardy. In this segment though, Hardy gives a very powerful speech stating that he is going to be the HOPE that other people need who are struggling with addiction or who need the final push to start their recovery. As stated above, Hardy appears to be done with this whole angle and wants to have a match with either Miz or Morrison for them mocking him the whole time. The match gets under way with Miz facing off against Hardy. Great match with great back and forth action. Near the end of the match Hardy goes for the Swanton Bomb on Miz but Shaemus shows up on the big screen with a pint. Shaemus continues on his tirade of Hardy being a failure. Hardy the veteran that he is isn’t too affected by this distraction and rolls up Miz for the win.

The next match of the night goes to the workhorses of the WWE right now, Sasha and Bayley. They were not able to speak or get to the ring after their entrances before Nikki Cross attacked Bayley from behind. Alexa Bliss follows this up. The tag team match of Bliss Cross versus Bayley and Sasha is another great showcase for these ladies. All of them are top tier and always perform at the highest level. Cross is coming across from these segments and matches as a star. Bayley pins Cross to win the match but use the ropes to help with the win.

The second ladies segment of the night was a Karaoke Contest between Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke, Tamina and Naomi hosted by Jey Uso. Uso is always gold on the mic, he kept the segment light and airy. Each lady had 45 seconds to sing their favourite theme song and the audience will decide the winner. Evans was first up and sang ‘I can’t wait to be with my baby tonight’ she did a phenomenal job singing this, way better than Jeff Jarrett or Road Dogg. Brooke sings Honky Tonk Man and is cut off right away by Uso saying that was bad. I loved Brooke’s little part she showed a bunch of personality and needs to be featured more. Next up was Tamina who was so over this segment and looked like she didn’t even want to be out there. Her song choice was The Game this was really just a bunch of head banging by Tamina. Quickly, Uso stopped her right away. It was clear that this segment was put together solely for Naomi to shine and she did with her rendition of American Dream. The audience picks her as the winner and Evans attacks her from behind. This leads to a match in street clothes and bare feet. Evans had the clear disadvantage since she was wearing but that didn’t stop her from getting some good shots in on Naomi. Brooke and Tamina stay ringside to watch. Near the end, Evans gets lippy and pushy with Brooke and Tamina a melee ensues that cause a disqualification of the match. This segment was clearly just to highlight and showcase Naomi and Evans. It also appears that Evans is turning heel again.

The main event of the evening was a Tag Team Championship match between the champions, The New Day and Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. This was hyped up earlier in the night by two backstage segments with Sarah. The first was a great promo cut by Cesaro saying that it is only a matter of time before people stop forgetting about them and they receive tag team gold. The other segment was New Day and they are always great on the mic. These folks are just straight up entertainment. Corey Graves was awesome to quick the match off with saying it will be the best day ever since New Day are going to lose, he even didn’t mind when Big E whipped his coat at him. I was also very excited that Nakamura and Cesaro had matching gear on which indicates to me that this pairing will be around for a little bit and not just a thrown together team for the time being. I’m all in for Cesaro and Nakamura! Strong showing by both teams during this match but eventually bedlam breaks out and the match ends in a disqualification. The disqualification doesn’t stop Cesaro because he pulls a table out from under the ring. The show ends with Cesaro power bombing Kofi off the second rope onto Big E lying on top of the table. With being a week away from Extreme Rules: Horror Show, I believe that this will solidify the Tag Team Championship match to be a tables match.

The show also had a reshowing of the match between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman from Money in the Bank.

The best backstage segment of the night was the Intercontinental Champion, AJ Styles, speaking with Sarah. He started out confident burying Drew Gulak and stating that there is no one left for him to face. In comes Sarah with a little tidbit of information that actually, Styles will be facing off next week against the Brostallion, Matt Riddle. This match should be on a PPV but I will not complain and cannot wait for next Friday! For more wrestling talk please check out my twitter account @ms_wiper.

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