A recap of the events involving Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce from last week were then shown to start off the show. After the recap Paul Heyman was then advising Reigns as they both looked over the Royal Rumble Title match contract and Heyman was saying how the match should have a stipulation and one to truly teach Pearce a lesson for his interference into the matters of Reigns. Reigns said nothing the whole time and just signed and gave the contract to Heyman so Heyman could deal with the rest.

Jey Uso then entered the ring an hyped himself up and more so his cousin Roman Reigns. Jey talked about how his family has to extend power to RAW and he then declared for the Rumble match. He then said he would win then challenge Drew McIntyre and beat him down and Goldberg and anybody else. Jey then directed his attention to Shinsuke Nakamura who he would face next. He talked a lot of smack towards Nakamura until Nakamura entered. So I guess Nakamura and Cesaro are done as a tag team because Nakamura has not been entering with him the past two weeks and appears to be a face now which is fantastic but I hope Cesaro is seen soon and does some great things too, like maybe feud with Big E... Nakamura then said how Reigns was a big dog so Jey was his little puppy, oh snap! After that statement Nakamura kicked Jey in the face and a commercial break began.

The match then began between Nakamura and Jey. Speaking of Cesaro he then entered mid match as Nakamura was starting to get things going to join ringside. On commentary Cesaro said that the reason he did not save Nakamura last week when he got attacked was because Tropicana Field was too large and that by the time he got to the ring SmackDown was over. You got to love Cesaro dude is sneaky funny and just normal funny. Cesaro never interfered but Nakamura still won regardless and then he celebrated the win with Cesaro.

It was then announced that Bayley would have her own "talk show" later in the night called Ding Dong Hello! and that Bianca Belair would be her guest. WWE really loves heels having talk show segments don't they? Then Heyman gave the contract to Pearce to sign who was with his new assistant Sonya Deville. Heyman revealed the match at Rumble would be no disqualification and Pearce accepted knowing fully that the stipulation was there so Reigns could provided maximum punishment to Pearce with no consequences.

Jey Uso then approached the referee from his match who caught him doing a dirty pin using the ropes that cost him the match when he was caught. Street Profits were then interviewed and promised that they would get their titles back. Reigns was then shown in his dressing room talking to Apollo Crews! Heyman then came in and told Reigns that Pearce accepted the no dq clause but then Reigns said he did not want the match to be no dq. Reigns then declared that he wanted the match to be a Last Man Standing match. Heyman said Pearce would never go for it and Reigns then ordered him to make Pearce do the match.

Liv Morgan accompanied by Ruby Riott and Billie Kay then entered the ring to face Natalya who had Tamina in her corner and the entrance was great. Ruby and Liv don't want Billie there and during the entrance it was clear and it was just a hilarious entrance. Billie then joined Corey Graves and Michael Cole on commentary. Billie then joined Riott on ringside and then eventually was chased by Tamina into the ring distracting Morgan and leading to Natalya getting the quick roll-up pin win. Morgan and Riott were not to happy that Billie cost Morgan the match but they did not attack her or anything.

A majestic match then occurred when King Corbin took on Rey Mysterio. Dominik Mysterio was on commentary for a bit until he tried to help his father after Corbin kept provoking him. Dominik's interference then cost his father the match and the King ended up on top. Heyman then left the contract with Pearce to sign with the changes and told him he could address any issues he has with the contract with Reigns face to face later in the night.

Ding Dong Hello! The new hit wrestling talk show inside a wrestling show hosted by Bayley was up next in the SmackDown card. Right before the new talk show Rey Mysterio then talked to his son about how one has to be smart when fighting Corbin and then Rey said he knows the right person to help them deal with him. Bayley then entered the the door that was in the middle of the ring and she had her own fire talk show theme song and looked like if Ellen DeGeneres and Ringo Starr had their outfits fuse together. Belair then entered and was told by Bayley to ring the doorbell on the door and then Belair stole Bayley's chair. Bayley talked about her upcoming WWE Chronicle special and said she had a clip then showed Bayley pinning Belair instead. The two then had an incredible back and forth. Belair then challenged her to a match and Bayley instead challenged Belair to a obstacle course next week. Usually I think WWE does too many talk show segments but I'm all for Ding Dong Hello! becoming a mainstay.

Daniel Bryan were then shown with Chad Gable and Otis and it seems like Bryan is a official part of the Alpha Academy now. Bryan then talked to Kayla Braxton about how he and Nakamura respect each other after their match then Cesaro interrupted saying Nakamura shook his hand out of pity then the match between Bryan and Cesaro began. 

As expected Bryan and Cesaro put on a banger. It was back and forth and very technical. One move that really impressed me was a vertical suplex Cesaro did to Bryan from the top rope, he is just so strong and talented. Daniel Bryan tired and beaten then started yes chants to get power from the virtual fans. He then went in for the Running Knee but it was countered into a European Uppercut then the Neutralizer leading to a Cesaro win. What a banger these two always put on a show.

Carmella accompanied by her sommelier Reginald then was interviewed and talked about how Sasha Banks was afraid of her which led to Banks pushing her down then Reginald got between them. Banks then told Reginald to tell Carmella who was still right there that Carmella could have a title match if Banks could face Reginald first which makes sense he has consistently been getting in the way of the SmackDown Women's Champion Banks. Banks then did her signature laugh and left and Reginald looked quite terrified of facing the Boss which was a big change after he looked so confident a moment ago.

Apollo Crews then faced Sami Zayn in singles action. A clip from Talking Smack was then shown where Heyman hyped up Crews. Zayn entered the ring with his documentary crew. Big E joined the commentary team but instead of sitting at the desk he laid down on a sofa with a mini fridge next to it. Big E is now living the luxurious championship holder life at all times. The match itself was a lot different from there previous encounter. It was a lot longer and Crews actually got to show out instead of just falling quickly for a Sami Zayn trap. Crews this time got the win over Zayn propelling himself further in the title scene and Crews won by holding the tights of Zayn. Looks like Crews is turning heel. Crews and Big E then talked some smack.

Pearce and Reigns then had their contract signing. Reigns saw Pearce sitting in a chair then said he wanted that seat and he made Pearce move. Reigns signed the contract and Pearce as he left said he was waiting all night for Reigns to do that. Reigns looked confuse as Pearce walked away up the ramp he started limping, and he announced he would be unfit to compete for the Rumble and would have to be replaced. He then announced he found a suitable replacement then the music hit and Kevin Owens entered and signed the contract. Owens versus Reigns 3 is official!

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