YES! YES! YES! The leader of the yes movement Daniel Bryan kicked off the show with a promo talking about how he will win the Royal Rumble! It fell a bit short though because he sadly stumbled on his words a few times. He was eventually interrupted by AJ Styles and Omos from RAW though. Styles talked a lot of smack to Bryan which led to Bryan challenging Styles later in the night. Styles who has been on a run beating opponents recently then accepted and pushed Bryan down. Then Omos got between them to stop Bryan from retaliating. Bryan then provoked him saying if Styles was a real man he would come out with Omos but Bryan would win either way. Once Styles came out Bryan was better with the words so that is good but it was not the former champs best promo work.

Bianca Belair then finally got her rematch against Bayley in the ring an definitely wanted revenge against the person who brutally attacked her last week. Yet again I was confused an had no clue who to root for. These two are my two favorite current women wrestlers right now and I don't like seeing either lose. Belair got the win bringing it to 1-1 so some 50/50 booking unless they have a rubber match soon... Belair was then interviewed on the ramp and got very emotional about her big win. I truly believe she will win the Women's Rumble.

Cesaro was then shown backstage talking with Styles and Omos and we all know Cesaro is beginning to feud with Bryan. King Corbin then entered the ring and then was attacked mid entrance by Dominik Mysterio! A match then between the two began after a commercial break with Rey Mysterio joining the commentary team to cheer for his son. The two had a pretty solid match that ended with a Corbin win and when Corbin tried to attack Dom more, Rey saved his son.

Big E was then shown talking to Sonya Deville until Miz and Morrison from RAW came and interrupted and Miz then hinted he might cash-in on the winner of Owens and Reigns. Deville then left and Big E was about to leave to then Miz and Morrison provoked the pair. Big E then countered their words then Morrison attacked. Big E took out Miz easily then he and Morrison continued to go at it until officials tried to break them up leading to a commercial break.

Banks and Reginald then encountered each other. He finally spoke and spoke French because he is a sommelier and I guess a sommelier has to speak French. He tried to give her a bottle of win from Carmella but she refused and then talked some smack. Before Owens and Reigns would have a split screen interview Sami Zayn then went up to Shinsuke Nakamura asking for Nakamura's help in Sami's upcoming title match but he chose the wrong words and Nakamura rejected him harshly.

Owens and Reigns then started their interview. It was personal and brutal. Reigns had plenty of great jabs and Owens got quite passionate and loud at the end leading to Reigns just turning his own screen off to not have to listen to Owens talk. Which threw off Owens for second but he continued to finish his promo!

Styles and Bryan then started their match next. Omos was told by Styles to not join. Cesaro was on commentary. Then Sami Zayn entered with his film crew and his justice for Sami Zayn sign. Later Big E entered ringside and attacked Zayn and accidently threw Zayn into Cesaro. Cesaro then attacked Big E. Bryan who was still in a match then dove onto Zayn. Bryan then returned to the ring to continue fighting Styles until Zayn attacked Bryan from behind ending the match in disqualification. Brawling continued and Nakamura entered the ring.

When order was restored Bryan, Nakamura, and Big E faced Cesaro, Styles, and Zayn in a three versus three tag match. That did not last long because the Miz and Morrison came out and attacked Big E. Then Otis came out for the save. A five versus four match then began with the heels facing the faces. Then Sheamus just inserted himself in the match leading to a great series of moves to showoff multiple stars with it all ending with Sheamus ending the match with a pin on Zayn. Miz and Morrison then attacked Sheamus more brawling ensued until Braun Strowman returned! The RAW giant superstar then ran through everyone and ended the show alone in the ring and on top. Maybe a possible spoiler for the Men's rumble match on Sunday?

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