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Who do you think kicked off Smackdown? It was of course the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. He boasted for a bit then called out the Usos for losing to the New Day last week while Reigns was away. Jimmy was pinned so Reigns asked how he planned to fix it and Jimmy said he would make the New Day acknowledge Roman Reigns as the head of the table.

The New Day members King Woods and Sir Kofi Kingston then came out and talked some great trash. A challenge was issued for later in the night. Woods vs Jimmy Uso. If Jimmy lost he had to bend the knee to King Woods and if Woods lost he would have to bend the knee to Reigns.

Naomi then faced off against Shayna Baszler while Sonya Deville watched from back. Naomi beat Baszler in a quick match then Deville came out and said Naomi touched the ropes and that the pin should not count and Deville then used her powers to restart the match. Baszler then used the Carifuda Clutch and knocked out Naomi winning the match. 

Next we had a bit of a rookie spotlight new faces to Smackdown and the main roster were highlighted. Xia Li's debut was teased then Ridge Holland was interviewed and put over Sheamus heavy so maybe a tag team coming? Then Shotzi the best, one of my favorites explained her actions after her match last week in how she attacked Sasha Banks who was trying to help her but Shotzi saw Banks actions as patronizing. Shotzi as a heel I do not love but I'll root for her no matter what she is one of my favorites!

Cesaro and Mansoor then battled the tag team of Los Lotharios who are Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo. Cesaro had a great sequence where he ran around the ring dominating both opponents using moves like the Swing and a Springboard Corkscrew Uppercut! It was not enough though because Los Lotharios did get the win when they pinned Cesaro. Remember when Cesaro battled Reigns for the Universal title and beat Seth Rollins at WrestleMania because I barely do.

Sami Zayn then tried to convince Aliyah new arrival to wear a pantsuit as Jeff Hardy watched. Seemed pointless but we will see I guess. Drew McIntyre then came out and wanted another open challenge and Ricochet came out and answered the challenge and smacked Drew in the mouth.

The match then began and Drew drove Ricochet into the corner and pulverized Ricochet for a bit. Ali was then shown watching the match backstage and said he and Ricochet had a lot in common. Drew beat Ricochet when Ricochet went for a moonsault off the middle rope and Drew got up and delivered a Claymore mid air and then got the pin!

Ali tried to recruit Ricochet to be his partner and Ricochet refused him. Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss then hosted Happy Talk and had the Viking Raiders as guests. The Raiders were dressed to fight and instead wanted to wrestle the pair and talked trash about Happy Talk. Just as Viking Raiders were about to win Happy Corbin and Moss just left the arena taking the count out they wanted nothing more from the Raiders.

Sami Zayn then tried to give more advice to new talents when he tried to tell Hit Row their entrance was flat and sucked. It's not clear what Zayn is trying to do he is still trying to be the locker room leader that he said he was a couple weeks ago. Top Dolla then asked for an example. Also I miss B-Fab. 

Zayn then entered the ring to show Hit Row how to do an entrance and he was flopping about and going wild. It was a sight to behold. He then boasted about his bad dance moves. He looked like he was trying to copy Shinsuke but didn't look as cool. He then introduced Hit Row and they mocked him talking some fire trash. Love me some Hit Row but still want B-Fab. 

The main event match between King Woods and Jimmy Uso then wrapped up Smackdown. This was a pretty good match and Woods keeps delivering great performances. Jimmy almost got the win when he pinned Woods and Jey leveraged it to help but was got then Woods capitalized on the argument with the ref and got the roll up. The crowd then demanded Jimmy bend the knee and so did Woods. Jimmy was slowly bending the knee to do so then Reigns superman punched Woods and attacked Kingston as well. Woods then got back up and took it to Reigns for a bit then Usos saved him. The Bloodline stood tall and demolished The New Day. 

That ends the recap follow me on twitter @juicecannon1. Also follow the twitter of my podcast Top of the Cage @TOTC_Pod. Go listen to some episodes too! Recently we had Levi Cooper fka Tucker and on Monday our interview with Jazz drops!

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