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Boss Time! The show opened with Sasha Banks entering the ring where Adam Pines waited beside a table ahead of a contract signing. Carmella did not enter and Banks went to look at the contract for the upcoming TLC title match and it was not there! She smelled a trap and was ready to attack Pearce for being involved! Carmella then appeared on the TitanTron and had the contract, she was also with her sommelier or just general servant. She signed then sent the sommelier to the ring with the contract while continuing to talk trash with Banks. Banks then just demanded the match be moved up to later in the night. Carmella accepted and Banks attacked the sommelier who had the TLC contract. That could have been poor Pearce.

Montez Ford then took on Ziggs in singles action and both men had their respective tag team partners with them as managers. A mid match celebration with solo cups pouring down from the sky kind of sealed the defeat of Ford. Ziggler won the match off of a distraction by Roode and earned a tag team championship opportunity next week for him and Roode.

Big E and Sami Zayn then had a match after some backstage antics involving the two and others where Crews and Kalisto revealed a Sami Zayn t-shirt that you can see in the feature image of this recap. Big E a non champion getting his own shirt is just unfair and Big E got his come-up-its when Zayn got the win after he and Big E went underneath the ring causing the 10-count to begin and Zayn was able to get back barely in time. 

Bayley was then shown backstage talking trash about Banks and then turned the talk to Belair who came up from behind and started trash talking with Bayley. Their long awaited face-off will happen next week on SmackDown and I CAN NOT WAIT!!! Carmella shown with her sommelier then talked more trash about Banks and none of it made much sense to me to be honest. She went on about how Banks was irrelevant before Carmella attacked her and well that just is not true.

Owens, Reigns and Jey Uso then had a segment where Owens delivered a fantastic promo, Jey attacked Owens leading to Owens actually getting the upperhand, and Reigns finding and attacking Owens before Owens found him and Reigns even talked to the camera directing his words to the Owens family.

Last Tuesday on Talking Smack Lisa Morgan and Ruby Riott challenged Billie Kay to a tag match and this week the match occurred. Kay got Natalya to help her and the Riott squad won and Natalya, the B.O.A.T did not take the defeat well.

Chad Gable then was shown coaching Otis in a vinegar and after that was shown they took on Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. Gable and Otis lost when Otis who seemingly had the match won was forced by Gable to tag out. Gable not too much longer then lost the match and after the match backstage he said he was testing Otis and Otis failed and that Gable did not actually want to be tagged in. 

Corbin then had a promo where he hyped up his new kids Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake and he also talked trash about the Mysterio Family. After that our main event began between Carmella and Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women's Championship. Carmella entered to a new theme song and had champagne, wine and ice buckets surrounding the ring. Presumptious of Carmella to assume she would win. It was a decent match with a really bad ending. Misses Graves won like she predicted but by disqualification when the referee ended the match for Banks just beating up Carmella against the corner. The sommelier then tried to save Carmella and as he was being put in the Banks Statement this gave Carmella a chance to attack Banks and start a brutal attack that led to her shoving Banks face into a ice bucket. Carmella then started talking trash, drinking bud light, and she ended the show standing over Banks and standing tall.

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