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Hello and welcome to another SmackDown recap from me Juice! This episode started off with Kevin Owens ripping off a promo and again wanting to confront Roman Reigns. He then went backstage and while backstage Reigns went to the ring to do a promo. Owens eventually entered and it ended with him being attacked by Reigns and Uso. 

Reigns had a mission for his cousin Jey Uso on SmackDown and it was simple make Kevin Owens unable to compete. Street Profits then defended their titles successfully against Ziggler and Roode and it ended by a Street Profit roll-up win so the feud is most likely not over.

Jey Uso then committed his first of two attacks on Owens making sure to use a chair to keep a trend of preparing for TLC. Riott Squad then defeated Billie Kay and Tamina after Billie tagged herself in even though Tamina had the match won. Poor Billie but I do like seeing Riott Squad winning.

Carmella then had an early celebration of her win over Sasha Banks at TLC. Yes that is not a typo she celebrated a win that she did not get yet. She then talked smack about Banks and eventually Banks came out and attacked her but Carmella and her sommelier were able to turn the attack around and end it with Carmella on top.

Otis then defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in singles action. He had the win in the bag early when he was about to hit the Caterpillar but his manager and coach Chad Gable told him not to do it and instead use a suplex. This almost cost Otis the win but it he still got it by using a suplex then a Vader bomb. A bit later Gable again said Otis should have used the Caterpillar. Otis replied by saying he thought it was a test and Gable said it was and Otis failed. I don't know how everybody feels about this Otis and Gable story but I personally love it.

Sami Zayn then hosted the Sami awards. Sami hosted and even had a tribute video to himself open it which was amazing. Zayn won match of the year and comeback of the year but Big E who had the cards earlier planted one and Zayn read it an announced Big E as superstar of the year! What an outrage, Big E then attacked Zayn humiliating the Intercontinental Champion further.

Bianca Belair then battled Bayley and Bayley got the win! It was not as long as I would have hoped but it kept the rivalry alive and it gave a sneak peak of a much longer match I expect will come between the two.

The show ended with Reigns talking a bit before an injured Owens came out who was attacked by Reigns and Uso earlier, hit by a chair by Jey Uso, and put through a table by Jey Uso. Owens was limping but he still went out to brawl and defended himself a bit but eventually was taken down and massacred, Reigns and his posse then left and were about to talk to Kayla Braxton backstage when they saw on the screen that Owens was getting up. Owens then proclaimed he will still fight at TLC and that he is ready to die! Sounds extreme but it's wrestling exaggeration and over acting is the point. Should be a hell of a TLC match between KO and Reigns on Sunday!

Results of each match:

Street Profits retained against Ziggler and Roode

Riott Squad beat Tamina and Billie Kay

Otis beat Shinsuke Nakamura

Bayley beat Belair

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