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The Universal Champion Roman Reigns started off SmackDown once again and announced how unhappy he was that on Monday Edge decided he would wait until after Elimination Chamber to make a decision. Adam Pearce was out and it seemed like he was out to announce Reigns five opponents in the Elimination Chamber since Reigns would have to defend his table in the Elimination Chamber Match just like Drew McIntyre. Reigns and company did not like that though and instead declared six superstars would compete in the Elimination Chamber Match and on that same night the winner of that match would face Reigns. Seems pretty unfair but Reigns is head of the table and he made it very clear he calls the shots not Pearce. Pearce then announced there would be qualifier matches but two men would already be in the Elimination Chamber Match and they would be Kevin Owens and Jey Uso. It's pretty unfair that Reigns last two title challengers have a free entry into the match when they both should be in back of the line. JeyUso is also  Reigns ally so shouldn't he have a choice in the matter? 

Pearce was then scrambling backstage to determine the participants in the qualifier matches but luckily Sonya Deville his assistant had it handled. She proposed King Corbin and Sami Zayn versus Rey and Dominik Mysterio and that the winning team would be added to the Elimination Chamber Match. Pearce liked the idea and said to move on with it and Deville announced each team was already headed to the ring and ready to go. The tag team match then began after a Sami Zayn injustice promo.

It was not the best match with a couple mistakes on both sides but my boy Sami Zayn got the pin on Dominik to secure himself and Corbin a spot in the Elimination Chamber Match! The SmackDown Tag Team Champions Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler or the Dirty Dawgs then asked Deville and Pearce to be placed in the Elimination Chamber Match. Deville and Pearce made some jokes about them sharing a pod together but eventually gave them a match against Daniel Bryan and Cesaro with the winning team being added to the match of course as separate competitors like the previous match.

Sasha Banks then had an encounter with Reginald who tried to smooth things over with her and give her a drink. Banks shooed him away and was also shown with Kalisto once again. In a previous week they had an interaction and now they are shown together again. Maybe they will be together in some capacity who knows. 

Big E the Intercontinental Champion then extended an open challenge to the locker room to continue being a fighting champion. Apollo Crews who has had multiple chances came out and Big E denied him and then asked for the real challenger then Shinsuke Nakamura came out to face the champion. 

Crews being a bitter boy of course got involved. Big E and Nakamura were giving a solid performance then Crews interfered delivering a drop kick to Big E ending the match in dq. Crews you lost several times move on bro.

The entire SmackDown locker room then made their way to the ring area ahead of the return of Seth Rollins the Savior of SmackDown. Does SmackDown need saving no it's been great but he's back and that will add a lot. Rollins came out to Burn it Down his old face theme song. Is he no long the Messiah? The promo seemed to be heading to him turning face but then he talked about how great he was and seemed to still be the man who thinks he is the leader. When the leader talk started all the wrestlers that surrounded the ring left because they heard enough. One person stayed though and that one person was Cesaro who Rollins thought saw his vision but did not and he started to leave late. Rollins was angry though then chased Cesaro and attacked him and insulted him. Daniel Bryan eventually came out to check on Cesaro and stared daggers at Rollins. Maybe my Bryan versus Rollins Mania feud prediction might come true at this point it is looking good.

Bayley then entered the ring ahead of a match with Liv Morgan of the Riott Squad. Last week she beat Ruby now this week she seeks out another win over the Riott Squad. Eventually Billie Kay came out with resume in hand and had a confrontation with Riott which led to the referee handling the two who stood outside the ring for some reason which led to Bayley raking Morgan's eyes. Bayley capitalized and won the match keeping her momentum and adding to the fall of Riott Squad.

The Street Profits then had a match against Otis and Chad Gable of Alpha Academy. Alpha Academy gave a great effort but when a tag team move attempt failed by them Street Profits took advantage took out Otis and Gable was against two men and lost the match for his team. As the Street Profits were leaving the SmackDown Women's Champion Banks entered the ring and started dancing with the exiting Street Profits. 

Banks then began to talk then Bianca Belair went out to speak with the person she might challenge at Mania. As they were talking the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler from RAW came out and started talking some trash but the Boss was prepared. She had footage rolled and showed Baszler getting beat by Naomi then showed the infamous My Hole footage of Jax. The Tag Champions then enraged attacked but were countered quickly and yet again Jax landed on her hole! Belair has still yet to make a challenge to a champion of her choice.

A main event to decided the last two entrants in the Elimination Chamber Match then started between the Dirty Dawgs and Cesaro and Bryan. Cesaro was banged up from the Rollins attack but went out anyway because he is a badass. The two teams had a battle but Cesaro and Bryan came out on top but did not get a chance to celebrate. Jey Uso then attacked Cesaro with a chair and Zayn and Corbin who watched the match got involved. Then Kevin Owens came out and just stunned almost everyone then grabbed the chair sat on it and declared he was not done with Reigns! 

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